Futile Attempts to Discourage Bets Against the Yuan

February 5, 2016

The efforts of China to discourage bets against the Yuan have proven futile. The offered rate for Yuan loans dropped to 4.87 percent in the past week, which was lower than the fixing at the close of last year and the 10.42 level on Jan 12. Though the only way of frustrating speculators is to leave the interest rates to rise, this cannot be achieved without depressing China’s economy.

Borrowing costs for the Yuan had risen in early January following efforts by China’s central bank to buy the currency. This limited the supplies of the Yuan and increased the cost of borrowing it for short trades.
Yuan Hibor was introduced in 2013 by Hong Kong’s ‘Treasury Markets Association’. It is instrumental in pricing loans in the currency outside China. The overnight rate rose to 66.8 % on Jan 12 and by Monday it stood at 1.1 percent.
China’s recent attempts are a warning to short sellers and could discourage future bets. China officials downplayed fears that China’s currency was weakening and insisted that they wish to keep the rate of exchange stable and that those betting against the Yuan would fail.
James Dondero is the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management. With more than 30 years worth of experience in equity and credit markets, the future of Highland Capital Management could not be in more capable hands than those of Jim. Before joining Highland Capital Management, Dondero was a portfolio manager and bond analyst for American Express where he proved himself in the area of fund management.
Dondero started his career as a financial analyst in 1984 while in the ‘Morgan Guaranty’ training program. Jim graduated with high honors from the University of Virginia, majoring in Finance and Accounting. He is also a certified management account (CMA), financial analyst (CFA) and public accountant (CPA). Watch Jim and the Highland team ring the NYSE Closing Bell below.
Highland Capital Management was established in 1993 and ever since has focused in developing the Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) market. Highland Capital is also involved in coming up with credit oriented solutions to serve both retail and institutional investors globally. Some of the award winning products that have been offered by HCM include CLOs, REITs, ETFs, private equity funds, hedge funds and mutual funds. HCM deals with more than financial markets. It is invested in the society where its employees come from. HCM is dedicated to changing the community through advisory board involvement, financial donations and volunteerism. HCM focuses on programs that benefit those who are in need. HCM deals with programs that cover veteran’s initiatives, health care and education. Highland also focuses on getting involved in local and national philanthropic programmes. Since 2005, HCM has pledged over $10 million to institutions all over the world.

Kyle Bass Weighs In On Today’s Emerging Markets With Another One Of His Absurd Theories

February 4, 2016

J. Kyle Bass looks like he is in no mood to press pause on his tv appearances. In a recent video with Wall Street Week, he shared his views on the selloff in emerging markets, commenting that the BRIC nations have more tough times to endure before stabilization and recovery. Bass made this appearance after reports of the Emerging Markets exchange-traded fund falling in recent trading hit the market, with Brazil, Russia and China reportedly in down.

Bass is the founder of Hayman Capital Management, a Dallas based hedge fund founded in 2006. He is known for shooting to instant international fame when, in 2008, he predicted the subprime mortgage crisis correctly and emerged out of it having amassed significant fortune. Just when the world had begun wondering about his marketing genius, Bass promptly started on a career course of making extremely bad calls without fail, rapidly earning the status of industry’s biggest cautionary tale.

Kyle Bass has, in an example of repeatedly bad judgement, expressed public support for the unanimously despised Argentinian autocrat Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. He has gone so far as to defend her terribly incompetent and amoral economic policies which have resulted in poverty levels in Argentina skyrocketing under her regime. His absurdist theories have earned him an almost meme like reputation in the industry, be it his never ending predictions of the Japanese Economy crash or his claims of making healthcare affordable by suing pharma companies.

Bass seems to have a penchant for carefully disguising personal money-making agendas as altruistic concerns and making money while his trickery lasts. Shortly after suing several pharmaceutical companies in the name of doing the healthcare industry a favor, he was revealed to have been scooping cash from the short sales due of said companies. His prediction of the Japan Economic crash also revealed a hidden agenda: he was hoping to make money through investment advice deals in order to pay off a loan on his Japanese property. It ended badly, with the entire media, investment and healthcare industries calling out his fraudulent schemes.

Over recent years, Bass has assumed an almost comical status in the investment marketing industry. In what the market-following public is hilariously dubbing his side job, Bass now regularly moonlights as an eccentric market analysis expert on TV shows.

Recently, on a Wall Street Week video, he was seen analysing the state of the economy of BRIC nations. As per his assessment, Brazil needs to completely weed out its corrupt political systems to see recovery. He cited Brazil’s ‘operation car wash’ scandal as example, a scheme that moved about $2 billion to politicians from Petrobras. Bass also predicted China devaluing the yuan significantly in about a year, after going through their banking loss cycle. He warned Russia of experiencing a delay in recovery due to Putin’s global moves, while calling India a bright spot in the otherwise gloomy state of the markets.  Wikipedia delves a little deeper into Bass’ shady history.

The Success of Organo Gold

Coffee is a growing industry that has recently been proven to have several health benefits out of consumption. One company in particular has created a healthy coffee brand that not only energizes the individual, but also relaxes them for the day to come. This company is called Organo Gold and has already spread to be located in over 35 countries. The mission of this company is to implement education on the importance of healthy living as well as the benefits that compliment keeping the body and mind happy and focused. Organo Gold is growing exponentially with millions of consumers already praising this new brand.

Organo Gold was founded in 2008 by Bernardo Chua. Mr. Chua has a savvy business mind that has grown throughout all his business endeavors. Mr. Chua created Organo Gold for the purpose of introducing the public to a new special ingredient that is both natural as well as healthy.

Mr. Bernardo Chua’s special award winning ingredient to add to Organo Gold is Ganoderma which is a healthy herb that has been typically only used for Eastern medicine. Ganoderma is a natural remedy that provides those who consume this herb with moderate and a healthy amount of energy.

Ganoderma has several health benefits which include:

1.) Weight Loss

Ganoderma has been known to oxygenate the body. Oxygen is an important tool for weight loss. The more the body is oxygenated, the higher the metabolism will be. A higher metabolism equates to more overall weight loss. Ganoderma has been scientifically proven to both reduce cholesterol levels as well as increase the process of burning calories.

2.) Reduces Risk of Health Issues

Ganoderma can assist with several health conditions. These health conditions include cirrhosis of this liver, bronchitis and yeast infection, fibroid, high blood pressure, and above all, stress. Stress has been proven to be the number one cause of health conditions. Reducing stress directly correlates to improving sleep patterns, increasing energy and vigor, as well as strong immune system.

Ganoderma has been effectively used in Organo Gold products through a natural process that has turned the wood-like fungus into a fine powder. This powder is combined with a number of Organo Gold products such as tea, coffee, and hot chocolate. The overall product is both healthy and delicious and has praised by millions of consumers.

The unique concept of Organo Gold not only includes a unique secret ingredient, but also involves a unique concept of allowing anyone to sell the product. Those who are involved with the Organo Gold process do not need to have experience with selling products, but instead need to only have the requirement of enjoying the product. Organo Gold enables anyone to become a part of the leadership team.  Bernardo Chua breaks it down on SlideShare in greater detail.  Or you can also follow his Twitter account for Organo updates.

Sergio Cortes Moonwalks Across The Globe As The Best Micheal Jackson Impersonator In History

February 2, 2016
Imagine the feeling that you would experience if you were walking on the sidewalk and passed by Micheal Jackson, even before his untimely death in 2009, and imagine the emotion that you would feel if you were standing in the presence of the King of Pop. This is generally the scenario that Sergio Cortes invokes when he is in public. Micheal Jackson fans are extremely stunned when they first see Cortes because, for a moment, they ponder if Micheal Jackson had a twin, or if Jackson is still alive. The fact of the matter is that Cortes is regarded as the greatest Micheal Jackson impersonator of all time. He has stunning physical features and a body structure that is similar to Jackson’s, and Cortes is a naturally gifted singer and dancer.

According to R7.com, Cortes was born in Spain, and as a youth he displayed a similar resemblance to Micheal Jackson. Cortes was always a true fan of Jackson’s, whether or not he looked like Jackson, for he loved and imitated the way Jackson danced, sang and presented himself. Over a short period of time Cortes combined his love for Micheal Jackson with his own raw talents, and he began to perform and make special appearances for a fee as a teenager. This led him to a career of being a professional Micheal Jackson impersonator in his adult life. In addition to being regarded as the world’s greatest entertainment impersonator, Cortes has a wide array of additional talents such as composing, acting and running a management company that guides the careers of other professional impersonators.

Cortes’ career has been a major success as he frequently travels across the world and entertains live audiences and celebrates, with them, the legacy that Micheal Jackson had left behind. Cortes travels with a stage set that is accommodated by backup dancers and performers. Cortes has a huge following on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter. Many people have heard of Cortes by seeing him on globally televised talk shows and television programs, like American Idol and more.

Cortes is not only loved by his fans for his twin-like appearance to Micheal Jackson’s, but his fans also love him because he has a very compassionate heart and positive energy that he radiates in person and through his television appearances. Cortes wants to use his talents to spread love, peace and happiness throughout the world, just like Micheal Jackson did.

A Few Factors You Should Know About Alexei Beltyukov

February 1, 2016

Russia is known to produce very brilliant sons and Alexei Beltyukov belongs to the creme de la creme of the most successful and passionate about helping his fellow countrymen and women. He can be described as a serial Russian businessman who has achieved tremendous positive results in business. He is the founder of Endemic Capital, which started its operations in 2013. The company is a unique platform from which Russian business people who are struggling with capital needs for their startup companies get help.

Alexei is also the founder of A-Ventures Limited, another Russian company that comes through for other businesses in the country when matters related to capital and business guidance are concerned. His philanthropy does not reach there; he also played a very integral role when matters related to establishing the Russian Alumni Scholarship of INSEAD are concerned. The scholarship provides financial assistance to Russian students who are accepted at INSEAD University.

His bio shows that Alexei is also a partner with the Russian government when matters related to providing economic guidance and support through the Skolkovo Foundation are concerned. He is the Vice-President of the foundation and it is well respected when matters related to providing opportunities and grants to Russian students are concerned.

In 1997, he graduated from INSEAD with a Master’s of Business Administration. In his business career, he has started a lot of companies that have been successful. In 2015, he was made the Chief Executive Officer of Solvy, a unique online educational system that he launched at a business conference in Las Vegas in April the same year. At the launch, he was thrilled to share and exchange feedback about the platform with education professionals coming from different levels and backgrounds.

To say that Alexei has been a proponent of education and development is an understatement. He is very concerned about the broadening of horizons precisely the reason he works very hard to help those with focus and ambition but lacking finances. When it comes to his most recent focus Solvy, it gives teachers the ability to create and administer their custom-made learning exercises in a manner that is timely and effective.

Alexei is determined to make Solvy a household name when it comes to solving mathematical problems for students. The platform is also engineered to make sure that teachers understand and effectively manage their student’s progress and offer them developmental feedback.

The best and unique thing about the program is the fact that it uses real world problems to tackle math problems therefore, being a very good tool for students to grasp better. It is however, not confined to maths only and it offers solutions for all the other subjects as well. Solvy gives every student personalized attention which is normally not the case in the traditional classroom environment.  Check out Alexei on Twitter for further reading.

Brian Torchin: The President Of A Healthcare Staffing Agency

LinkedIn shows that Brian Torchin started a company that provides assistance to those who are looking to start a career in healthcare. His company is a staffing agency named HCRC. Staffing companies provide an excellent resource for anyone who is considering going into the healthcare field. They provide career counseling and other resources that can assist you in getting into the field. In addition, staffing agencies can help you to get a healthcare job. Brian Torchin’s staffing agency, HCRC, is an excellent staffing agency to use to find a job. In addition, HCRC is an excellent resource for employers looking to find well qualified applicants. The firm does a good job at bringing in people who are qualified for the positions that the company requires. As his resume showcases Brian Torchin has a great deal of expertise in running a healthcare business, and he has done a great job of running HCRC.

Brian Torchin has a great deal of experience in the healthcare field. He has previously worked to help get healthcare offices up and running. He has done this in a variety of different areas of Delaware, Florida, and Pennsylvania. On his Twitter he’s said that these offices that he helped to get off the ground have often been quite successful. He has also managed healthcare offices in these regions of the country. Through this, he has had a great deal of experience in knowing how the healthcare system works.

Furthermore, unlike many staffing agencies, it is possible to get in touch with the head expert himself. You can easily reach Brian Torchin himself through a variety of means. His phone number and email address is available on the HCRC website. This is a relative rarity in the world of large staffing agencies. Generally, getting in touch with the executive of the company is a difficult ordeal. However, this is never the case with HCRC.

The services of Brian Torchin’s company are very widely available. In fact, you can utilize their services in all of the states in the country. In addition, their services are available in other countries. In fact, their services are available in European countries, countries in Asia, Australia, and Canada. The services can also be used for a wide variety of different types of healthcare businesses. His services can be used for traditional hospital jobs, but his services can also be used for dentistry jobs and jobs in doctor’s offices. Brian Torchin’s staffing agency can also be utilized for jobs in alternative medicine, such as chiropractic services.

Brian Torchin has been very successful in the world of healthcare management. Now, he is the president of a very successful and well known healthcare staffing agency. This healthcare staffing agency has helped numerous people to get jobs in the healthcare field. In addition, his staffing agency has also done a great deal for healthcare enterprises.  There’s even more info in his bio on About.me.

A Business Has to Protect Its Reputation

Businesses rely on many things to help draw in customers. When it comes to commercial success, the basics matter. Among the most basic things any business owner should do is protect the good name of an enterprise. An article in Whatech.com points out 25% of a company’s market value is attributed to its reputation. The article also notes very few businesses are prepared to handle a situation that harms a reputation.

Reputations can be damaged in a variety of different ways. Bad reviews are probably the most common. Negative news reports also are capable of doing damage. If the local newspaper chooses to report a restaurant’s citation for health code violations, that restaurant now has a major problem to address.

Status Labs does more than just provide advertising and search engine optimization for people or businesses with something to sell. Status Labs works hard at actually fixing a good name that has been damaged. In other words, Status Labs focuses on effective reputation management. Bad reviews, lawsuits, criminal charges, and divorces are among those things that can harm an individual or business’ reputation. Personal/professional relationships and brand marketing can all suffer when a reputation crisis emerges.

Unless serious work by a knowledgeable team is on the job, restoring a good name will prove elusive Status Labs, a company co-founded by current president Darius Fisher, is one such firm that offers access to a team capable of fixing a public relations and branding crisis. Status Labs does not employ gimmicks to create the illusion of fixing a problem. The marketing principles are rooted in creating solid marketing-related content and a strong new presence online. This way, the search engines reveal a much better portrait of clients.

Consumers, particular those members of Generation Y, are plugged into technology and modern information-driven media resources. Making sure a reputation is properly managed in the current online media landscape is critical for business success.

George Soros Sees Striking Resemblance Of 2016 To 2008 Markets

Former hedge fund manager and multi-billionaire George Soros says on Bloomberg that he is seeing a strong resemblance to the beginning of the financial markets in 2016 to the economic crisis that occurred eight years ago in 2008. Soros laid out why he believes the markets could be in big time trouble as he was speaking at a major economic summit in Sri Lanka. At Colombo, Sri Lanka’s capital city, George explained that investors must be vary wary as the markets continued to plunge and fear of a new recession gripped investors.

George Soros started out his speech at Colombo by highlighting the fact that China, which is the world’s second largest economy after the United States is having major difficulties with creating a new sustainable growth model for its economy. Its artificial currency devaluation, called by some as currency manipulation is also causing economic problems for countries around the world. Mr. Soros also outlined that interest rates were starting to rise, and that is a big indicator of economic trouble. All of this is reminiscent of 2008, and Soros once again stressed the importance of investors being cautious about investments as the New Year kicks off.

Just how bad is the situation in the global financial markets? So far, stocks, currency trading and commodity exchanges have taken a beating for the first few weeks of 2016. The decreasing value of the Chinese Yuan, already artificially low is further fueling fear and leading to doubt of the Chinese economy’s strength. The Chinese are going through a bit of a shuffle too, as they move away from manufacturing and investing and towards services and consumption.

Already more than $2 trillion dollars have been lost in the equity markets and the losses continue. Continuing losses on the Chinese equity market even shut down trading for a day. George Soros is adamant that China is going through economic turmoil. As the second largest economy in the world, a weakening China and sliding China Yuan will send economic shockwaves throughout the world. Mr. Soros believes that this is in fact what we are starting to witness right now. The Chinese are going through a crisis right now, and their troubles are beginning to impact world equity markets, stocks and commodities, as well as other economies heavily tied into China.

The Chinese government is trying to stem the tide of its collapsing economy by trying to lower interest rates to incredibly low levels, to keep credit afloat for businesses and consumers. They are also pumping billions of dollars into their domestic economy hoping to spur businesses and to keep the country from sinking into depression. Only time will tell just how bad China’s economy is, whether it can rebound after the early slump, and what the implications will be for the rest of the world.

Ricardo Guimaraes Ushers BMG into a New Era.

January 28, 2016

The story of Banco BMG is characterized by a will to evolve and adapt. The bank has adapted to changing economic times for eight decades since inception in 1930. Its owners, the Pentagna Guimaraes family, have also been shrewd managers.


At the start, BMG was known as the Land Credit Bank and its portfolio featured cattle, cannery and coffee ventures. When Guimaraes’ father took over, the banks shifted focus to the automobile industry. However, the tenure of Ricardo Guimaraes goes own as the most successful BMG era of all time.


The firm changed tact upon the arrival of Guimaraes. He chose to meet the demand for consigned credit in Brazil. Mind you, Brazil’s growing population and middle-income status made the request for credit soar high. The bank’s structure also changed and leaned towards agent banking thus reducing administrative costs. BMG also attracted lenders with low-interest loan packages. With such measures in place, BMG started dominating the consigned credit markets in Brazil.


Throughout his life, BMG’s president Ricardo Guimaraes always harbored a deep love for sports, especially football. After taking over at BMG, he led efforts to revive a collapsing Atletico Mineiro football club. He got voted club president and principal private sponsor. The success he realized with Mineiro prompted him to look to sports to promote the BMG brand.


Today, BMG enjoys massive publicity through its branding rights won as part of sponsorships with football and volleyball clubs. These contracts allow these clubs and individual talents to meet their running costs and logistics. The huge following in Brazilian sports provides corporates like BMG an excellent platform to push their brand recognition. As many as ten teams, for instance, wear the orange color and logo of BMG on their kits during championship matches. BMG’s owes a lot of its commercial windfalls to the innovative marketing strategies brought in by Guimaraes.


The volatile nature of financial markets has been making investors cautious. The need to diversify became evident, and all firms in the financial sector have had to distribute their risks. BMG combines this necessity with the need to promote an even larger growth of its payroll and personal loan. One such move was to enter into a joint venture with the Itau Unibanco that would enable it to supply and distribute the loans. Furthermore, such a deal allows the two firms to share risks and build on their existing infrastructure.


This time, the bank looks towards its best man Ricardo Guimaraes to facilitate the adjustment. Ricardo oversaw all the negotiations and exudes confidence that the joint venture will bring forth more business for BMG. However, it comes at a cost as Ricardo, and his family has to give up executive positions and take up roles on the board.

George Soros Welcomes Angela Merkel’s Change Of Tactics Confronting The Refugee Crisis

January 26, 2016

George Soros is the most famous hedge fund manager in the world. The 85-year-old has come from humble beginnings in Europe, where he and his family escaped Nazi persecution when George was just a teenager. He became an impoverished student in London after the war, but he pulled himself up by his bootstraps to help pay for his own education by working as a porter in a railyard and as a waiter at different restaurants. He got his first taste of charity from the Religious Society of Friends, a Quaker organization which donated 40 British pounds to help further the young man’s education. And he has never forgotten that kindness.

Now the billionaire has been taking interviews because he agrees with German Chancellor Angela Merkel about how the current migrant crisis has the ability to collapse the European Union. Soros has been critical of Merkel in the past, especially her austerity measures, but now he sees the Chancellor as the leader of the free world because she stood with her country against the aggression of Russia towards the Ukraine.

Soros sees Merkel as a savvy politician who has the ability to read public opinion, prepare a message and rally support for that message. But now he sees a European continent that has a negative opinion of the refugees, and he praises Merkel for her efforts to turn the tide of opinion positive. Both Soros and Merkel know that how Europe deals with this crisis will either make or break the European Union.

It is easy to see why George Soros is sympathetic to the immigration of refugees to the European continent, as he was once a refugee himself. Soros has proven himself a benevolent force for good in the world and his stance on the migrant crisis continues that reputation. But he also understands there are unintended consequences to the best of intentions.

The refugee crisis may well cause the collapse of the Shengen agreement, a pact that all European Union countries signed that allows for free movement of citizens and currency on the continent. With growing negative opinion about the movement of refugees within the European Union, the pact may well be dissolved by populist politicians, and this would spell the end of the European Union as we know it. Soros hopes that Merkel’s ability to convey concise political messages helps to save the European Union from total collapse.