John Textor Leads A Team Of Talented Executives And Artists

October 6, 2015

The future of the next generation of creative and talented artists depends on
prominent figures like John Textor to educate and empower individuals
worldwide. Known for leading some of the country’s most powerful
corporations including Wyndcrest Holdings, BabyUniverse, The Parent
Company, Virtual Bank, Multicast Media Technologies, Digital Domain,
and Sims Snowboards, this renowned leader hopes to inspire his
employees at Pulse Evolution with his noteworthy career success. As
the Executive Chairman of this prestigious business, Textor is most
recognized for developing unprecedented hyper-realistic digital
humans, which appeared in various holographic live performances.
Essentially, by employing his education training and professional
experiences, he has assisted his creative team in constructing
high-impact computer generated applications for the life sciences,
education, telecommunication, and entertainment.

In the mid 1980s, Textor actively pursued Economics at Wesleyan University in
Connecticut. Many years after he received his Bachelor of Arts degree,
he founded Wyndcrest Holding, which was a Florida based company
specializing in technology related opportunities in telecommunications
and entertainment. Following his first entrepreneurship, he served in
many executive managerial roles at BabyUniverse, Virtual Bank,
Multicast Media, and Digital Domain during which he acquired an
extensive portfolio of tangible skills involving commercials,
animation, visual effects, post production, holography, screenwriting,
HD video, new media, strategic planning, youth mentoring, capital
raising, start-ups, television, feature films, advisory boards, and
education. Remarkably, the techniques he learned at these major
corporations provided him with the necessary knowledge to develop
Pulse Evolution in 2013.

Pulse Evolution is the leading provider of digital humans for unique virtual
reality experiences involving mobile applications, branded
entertainment, live performances, and theatrical productions. By
utilizing his former management knowledge, Textor formed a powerful
team of seasoned executives and creative artists that maintain
exceptional skills in character creation and human animation.
Commendably, this expert businessman implemented extensive employee
training in order to construct the most appealing characters and
visual effect sequences in the entertainment industry. With an
emphasis on technology and intellectual property ownership, this
revolutionary corporation is most known for inventing animated
Hollywood icons such as Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, and Elvis

Alongside his successful and admirable entrepreneurship, Textor was a supporting
producer of Art Story and Ender’s Game. He is also a distinguished
member of the Tesla Sciene Center at Wardenclyffe in Long Island, New
York. This prominent non-profit foundation is most acknowledged for
their ongoing development of a regional science and technology center.

Discover the Achievements of James Dondero

James is the co founder of Highland Capital Management. He currently stays in Dallas. James Dondero has managed to garner a lot of experience in the equity and credit markets, and he specializes more on the high yielding and the investments that are distressed. The company also focuses on private equity, and it concentrates more on specialized products like timber, gas, oil, and life settlements.

Since it was established, the Highland Capital has been leading in the growth of the loan obligation that is collateralized. It also engages itself in the expansion of the solutions that are credit oriented. Highland Capital Management has been offering products that have made the company win global awards like the CLO’s, Private Equity Funds, REITs, mutual funds, and the ETFs. Currently, Mr. James Dondero is the chairman of CCS Medical, Nexbank, and Cornerstone Healthcare. He also serves as a board member of MGM Studios, and the American Banknote. His philanthropic contributions are many. Dondero has made various donations that have helped support initiatives that improve the lives of the community like the education fund, public policy, and the veteran’s affairs.

His career began in 1984 when he started working as an analyst in the training program provided by the Morgan Guaranty. He was able to graduate from The University of Virginia, having achieved the highest honors. He is also a graduate of Beta, Sigma, and Gamma graduate from the same University. He also studied at the Mcintire school, where he graduated with bachelors in finance and accounting. He has also achieved the right to use the designation of Chartered Financial Analyst because he is a certified management accountant.

Before he joined the Highland Capital Management company, Dondero used to serve as an officer at GIC subsidiary at Protective Life. During that period, he oversaw the growth of the business from the initial stages to the time it recorded a profit margin of $2 billion. His favorite portfolios in the management sector include the high yield bonds, securities that are mortgage based, emerging markets, investment grade corporate, common stocks, and the preferred stocks. Between 1985 and 1989, he was able to manage more than $1 billion for the American Express in the form of income funds. Before joining the American express, Dondero had finalized his training program that was held at the Morgan Gurantee Trust Company. Over a period of 18 years, Mr. James Dondero on twitter has established to total of 42 companies, which is a big achievement.

Skout Can Really Be A Cool Place To Socialize

September 26, 2015

Leaving a relationship, sometimes means taking the high road, especially when someone else is taking the low road. I went through the worst breakup I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a few breakups in the past. I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong to make these men be so cruel to me, but my last breakup took the cake. My last boyfriend was caught cheating, and instead of apologizing and begging for my forgiveness, he flaunted it in my face, and then he brought the girl over to my house when he came to get his things. The girl and I almost got into a fight, and all he did was cheer her on.

I chose to call the police in order to get the two idiots out of my house, and that was the end of my dating life. I didn’t only swear off dating, but I swore off men altogether. My family members were sad to see me so disappointed in love, but I didn’t see the point in trying anymore when every single relationship ends badly. I never did see my recent ex-boyfriend again, and it definitely is for the best. I did have to change my number for him to quit harassing my phone as well as his new girlfriend.

Even though I had made up my mind to be done with love, I was coming home one day when I saw two people talking. The two were talking so loud, and I was able to hear everything that they were saying. What I overheard in their conversation is them talking about how much they loved an application that they have on their smartphone. It seems as if both of them had downloaded the application, and they both couldn’t quit talking about it. I didn’t mean to be nosy, but I tuned in to hear more.

I heard them mention that the name of the application was Skout, and one of them said that they have found a date on the network, and they couldn’t wait to go out with the person they met. The other person said that they sat and used some feature called “shake to chat” for many hours, and I was curious about what they meant. I pretended as if I wasn’t listening, but I went to my smartphone and started searching through the different applications in the app store. I was able to find the Skout dating application on prnewswire.

I downloaded Skout, and I started searching the network to see what it had to offer. I came to find out that the location services were really cool, especially since I was able to discover many Skout users in my area. Ironically enough, I saw that my ex-boyfriend, who I had the huge argument with was also on Skout; no doubt searching for a better girlfriend than the one he cheated on me with! I don’t know how far I’ll go when using Skout, but at least I have a great place to socialize online.

Champions of Civil Rights

September 21, 2015

The voice of Yeonmi Park

Oppression and abuse are some subjects that the people tend to ignore in other Countries, a young human rights activist by the name of Yeonmi Park. She has conquered the many obstacles of escaping the tyranny of her country and is speaking out against the cruelty her family and her people are facing. Since her harrowing escape into thousand seven she has been living in South Korea with her mother and sister. No longer the little girl from North Korea afraid of her own thoughts she is now of the brave 21 year old that has become an author and public speaker. Her daring escape included dealing with human trafficking, coping with the harsh elements, and the loss of her beloved father; The man who literally gave his life and trying to help his family get to freedom. She has become mostly known for her one young world 2014 summit speech that was in Dublin Ireland, were people from all over the world can listen to her speech on YouTube. Her touching story about her escape from North Korea has received over 2 million views so far.

This captivating young woman who has stolen the hearts of millions of people around the world has written a book titled In order to live: A North Korean girls journey to freedom, was published by penguin press on September 29, 2015. The book goes into absolutely heartbreaking excruciating details of Yaonmi Park’s childhood. She tells about how she was told that Kim Jong il Couldn’t read her mind through birds, how her once prominent family had to go without food, evening witnessing the murder of her mother’s best friend and told that it was an honor to die for the regime. It wasn’t until her fathers imprisonment and release that her life begin to change; ever senseshe saw the movie Titanic she knew life could be different, that living and dying for the regime could isn’t the only way of life. Everything that we would call being heroic was just survival for the young Yaonmi Park. Giving up was never a true option for her and we are all glad that she never did. Thanks to her peaking up and standing up to the regime the world may now know the true insanity that is going on over in North Korea.

It is truly sad that some of her stories people may lack bad because the idea that somebody would believe in such things is unheard of, but this is what they do in North Korea. The regime the mass total and utter control of all of its population and this is not an issue that should be ignored. Miss Yaonmi Park as a modern-day hero even if she doesn’t wear a cape, her strength lies with in her words and with one syllable at a time she is beginning to make a difference for more people than she is probably even aware of.

“ speak the truth, even if your voice shakes.”

Travel Ads Are Helping To Increase Internet Advertising Revenue

September 18, 2015

Brazilians love to travel. The online ad market targets traveling Brazilians whether they move around the country for business or pleasure. More people are booking travel arrangements online, and that opens the door for advertising agencies like Heads Propaganda to develop ads for their clients that appeal to travelers. Travel agencies are still relevant to some travelers, but more people are using the Internet not only for transportation but also for hotel and restaurant information and bookings. That means ad agencies can place ads on those sites and attract consumers that love to respond to unusual ads, according to Cláudio Loureiro, the founder of the Heads Propaganda Advertising Agency.

Online travel sites have made a major impact in the advertising business. More than 42 percent of Brazilian consumers buy their travel tickets online, and that number is expected to grow over the next three years even though the country is feeling the effects of a recession. One of the reasons for the $R 11.4 million online travel revenue is lower costs, but the other reason is online advertising, according to Mr. Loureiro. Ad executives like Loureiro can track these travelers and design ads that appeal to them. That saves ad agencies money and gives them the ability to focus on a particular consumer in their ads. Traveling consumers are primarily business travelers in Brazil, so they are the prime targets of ads, but tourist are also targeted by agencies, and both of those ads produce substantial revenue for clients.

Ad agencies are able to track travelers by age, occupation and gender among other things, and that information is extremely valuable. For example, more than 41 percent of traveling men buy tickets online, and 29 percent of Brazilian women buy online tickets. Those consumers range in age from 18 to 50 years old, and most of them are highly educated, and belong to the upper social classes in Brazil. About 12 percent of those consumers booked their travel arrangements using a mobile device, and that is important for ad agencies to know as well.

Brazilian travelers get information about travel from several print publications like, Viagem, Revista Viajar, Falando de Viagem and Melhores Destinos. All of those publications sell ad space to ad agencies and they produce very good results in terms of consumer recognition and product and service awareness. Traveling consumers in Brazil spend a lot of money and advertisers make sure they do.

Brad Reifler: An Entrepreneur for the Ages

Entrepreneurs are special. Rather than wanting a job where they take orders from others and do the same tasks day after day, they instead set out to forge their own path and make the world a more interesting place for everyone. Of all the entrepreneurs in the world, perhaps none have exemplified this approach more so than Brad Reifler. From forming his first company more than 30 years ago to consulting with many of today’s best and brightest financial minds around the world, Brad has demonstrated that for those who have a passion for what they do, the sky is the limit for themselves and their clients.

Having established many different financial companies during his business career, Brad has shown that forging your own path in the business world can definitely lead to great success. When he first formed Reifler Trading Company in the 1980s, he knew it would take tremendous work along with a can’t-quit attitude in order to be successful. By having just that kind of attitude, he became one of the business world’s most successful entrepreneurs. Along with his never-give-up attitude, Brad has always maintained that it is the people around him that play a large part in his success. From the time he formed RTC to today’s tenure at Forefront Capital, Brad has always made sure he surrounded himself with only the best people. While at Pali Capital, he assembled a sales team that by the time he left was considered to be virtually unbeatable. By coming together and realizing the success of the team was determined by the success of each individual, his sales team amassed over $1 billion in commission income over a 13-year period. By demonstrating that success can be found by not giving up, Brad is indeed an entrepreneur for the ages.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, Brazilian Lawyer

The legal profession in Brazil has seen a recent surge of innovation in legal strategy. The profession is becoming increasingly popular with new and unique legal challenges constantly arising. Throughout the last several years, Brazil has seen several lawyers make significant contributions to the profession. Not only do these attorneys provide unique insight into complex legal issues, but they also are helping to train and mentor young lawyers. One such example is Brazilian lawyer Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho.
Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is distinguished in the Brazilian legal community. Mr. Tosto is recognized for his work in credit recovery, banking contracts, bankruptcy, reorganization, acquisition review, business restructuring, administrative law, election law, power concessions, civil and commercial litigation. He is renowned for his innovative legal strategies and mechanisms and has had articles and books published which demonstrate his expertise. Mr. Tosto began his legal career by starting a small law office and now is a founding partner of Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados, one of the most prominent and experienced corporate litigation firms in Brazil. Previously, Mr. Tosto worked as a human resource and legal management adviser for Grupo Rede (Caiuá Serviços de Eletricidade, Empresa Elétrica Bragantina, Empresa de Eletricidade Vale Paranapanema,Companhia Nacional de Energia Elétrica). Prior to that position he was director of Fundação Rede de Previdência Privada. Mr. Tosto also acted as legal and administrative superintendent of Grupo Alusa.
Mr. Tosto is actively involved with the Brazilian legal community. He is the former president of the Judicial Modernization and Judicial Reform Committees for the Brazilian Bar Association, São Paulo Section (OAB/SP). He currently is a member of the International Bar Association (IBA), the Board of Directors of the Study Center for Lawyer Societies (CESA), the Steering Committee of the Institute for Management Development–Lausanne–Switzerland Alumni Association in Brazil (IMD), the Consulting Council of Brazilian publishing house Revista dos Tribunais, and Brazilian Institute for Political Party and Election Law Studies (IBEDEP).
Mr. Tosto’s leadership and contributions to the Brazilian legal community are significant. His involvement in the profession will undoubtedly lead to more innovation within the legal community.

The Major Components of Environmental Law

Environmental law is a broad term referring to the laws, local and international, governing the general environment and natural resources. It encompasses all the treaties, regulations, statutes, customary, and common laws that regulate the effect of man on nature. It has been put in place to control the relationship and interaction of man with nature.
Environmental law is broken down to several more specific laws that deal with definite issues of nature. One of the highly rated attorneys that deal with environmental law is a South African attorney Frans Schoeman. Frans is a senior counsel at JoubertSchoeman law firm with offices in Cape Town, South Africa. Frans has been practicing law for over 21 years and has wide wealth of experience in various sectors. It is this experience especially in environmental law that distinguishes him from all the rest. Such laws will address various aspects such as pollution, forestry, mining and excavations, waste disposal, and mans interaction with other living things as game or fisheries. The components making up environmental law include:
Air quality law
These are regulations set aside to control the emission of pollutants in to the atmosphere. They are mainly set to safeguard the human life by preventing release of harmful gases into the atmosphere that may adversely affect life. These laws specifically set out what gases can and cannot be released to the environment and what emission levels are acceptable.
Waste management laws
These deal with the disposal of non-gaseous waste to the environment. This law classifies the various types of wastes and dictates how each is to be disposed. According to this law, waste may be categorized as chemical, solid, nuclear, or hazardous waste. This law is designed to promote recycling of resources in attempt to reduce waste generation.
Water law
This deals with the management of water resources and deals with stored drinking water, ground water and surface water. It controls emissions to water bodies and usage and ownership. It also deals with maintenance of water catchment areas. Above all it seeks to limit water pollution and ensure sustain the aquatic life.
Forestry law
This law deals with mans activities in relation to the forestry mostly associated with maintenance of forest reserves as well as control lumbering. It sets out conditions regarding tree harvesting in public forests and the extent to which this harvesting cannot exceed.
Game law
This law deals with the protection of wildlife. It regulates the relationship between man and wild animals regulating hunting of certain species of wild animals and prohibiting hunting of others. It is this law that also deals with poaching and sets out punishments for the same.
Fisheries law
This law regulates the interaction of human kind aquatic life. It regulates fishing activities on public water bodies and is charged with the preservation of endangered marine life. It sets out conditions to be licensing for fishing and also spells out controls to curb illegal fishing.

Pulse Evolution Corp Uplisted to NSE

September 17, 2015

Pulse Evolution Corp (OTC: PLFX) has announced its intention to file an S-1 registration statement in connection with an underwritten public offering and an “uplisting” to a national stock exchange. said that also released by the leading developer of hyper-realistic humans, which are used for holographic live performances, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence, were the results of its 2nd fiscal quarter ending Dec. 31, 2014.
Company Executive Chairman John Textor elaborated, “Our company was initially listed on OTC Markets to provide a linked security for our European Depositary Receipts, which were listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in early 2014, helping us to raise more than $15 million through institutional investors to fund our launch phase. We now feel that our leading role in the advancing uses of digital humans, combined with significant interest from both financial and strategic partners, suggests strongly that we should move to fully reporting status and be recognized on a national exchange. We look forward to this next stage of our development as a company.”

Significant portions of the company’s operating expenses are devoted to the development of digital likeness assets, technologies, and entertainment properties related to revenue share agreements with the estates of Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe. The company is also devoting substantial resources to the development of software, strategies, and relationships to further develop the uses of digital humans in the fields of virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

The total operating expenses during the three months and the six months ending December 31, 2014, were $3,452,673 and $7,024,761 respectively. Net loss attributable to the common shareholders, for the three months and six months ending December 31, 2014, were $3,292,373 ($0.03 per share) and $6,511,536 ($0.05 per share) respectively. Sale of common stock proceeds, net of fees, during the three months and the six months ending December 31, 2014, were $2,096,588 and $4,253,309 respectively. Subsequent to the quarter that ended on December 31, 2014, and through August 20, 2015, proceeds realized from the sale of preferred stock and common stock, sold in connection with two separate strategic partnerships, were $5,020,000.

“We are extremely pleased with the business and technology outcomes of our early development stages,” Textor stated. “We have quickly established ourselves as the early market leader in the creation of hyper-realistic digital humans for diverse applications.”

The Future of Independent Agents in Insurance Lies in Plymouth Rock’s ‘Prime’

September 16, 2015

Plymouth Rock Assurance is a creation of James M. Stone an American business executive. The company is based in Boston and gives auto insurance services to Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Hampshire. In August, the company released an online tool that enabled clients to buy and track their auto insurance policies online. The tool called “Prime” also gives the clients to communicate with their local independent agents through the online platform.

As research as shown, there is a gap and an untapped business niche in insurance selling and management by the clients. The tool aims to offer a solution in which the clients finds it problematic to visit the local insurance, agent. In addition to being capable of accessing the policies via the internet, the consumer also gets consultation as well through the same path. This would save so many resources and make transaction much faster. Not mentioning the efficiency it has on both the consumers and the insurer in providing satisfaction. Sounds too good to be accurate but the tool is set to be fully functional in Massachusetts as from the month of October.

In the article published by the Insurance Journal, it explains how the tool works and how it benefits both the consumer and Independent Agents as well. As it has been the case, Independent Insurance Agents have fallen short of favor to direct providers who sell online. The tool seeks to give them a competing edge. It increases their utility as well as increases their outreach to customers.

James Stone is the brains behind this powerful tool. The founder and CEO of Plymouth Rock Assurance Corporation has a bright view when it comes to customer and service provider interaction. The former Harvard University lecturer in Economics might have created the next big thing in an insurance aspect.