All-Girls College Now Accepting Transgender Women

March 6, 2015

According to the story on, Wellsley, the all-girls liberal arts college in Boston, has agreed to accept transgender women into their program. The school announced the news in the letter that goes out to those within the school community. Many in the community, including the professors, students, alumni, and staff praised the decision. The policy for admissions now states that enrollment is open to females, any one who identifies and lives as a female, and any one who was born a female but does not identify with a gender. The Board of Trustee’s for the college have approved the policy and it will be made effective as of the next admissions enrollment.

While the policy changed was praised by many, some felt that it did not cover all the issues. The director of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender resource center at the University of Massachusetts brought up the point that many transgender people are not able to live as they want during high school or may not be fully out, so they do not fall under the policy since they have not been able to live as a woman.

Wellsley is not the first college to make this policy. Marcio Alaor BMG has read that there are three other colleges across the United States that are currently accepting transgender women and one that will begin accepting them this next enrollment period. Hopefully other gender-only colleges will follow shortly behind these progressive schools.

Cop Helps a Citizen in Need

March 5, 2015

James Taylor is a student at the Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, Arkansas where he is a sophomore studying pre-pharmacy. He is also a dedicated McDonalds employee who does not have a car. No matter what the weather is, Taylor makes the four mile walk from his apartment to the restaurant’s location.

According to the story on KAIT 8, a Jonesboro police officer, Officer John Shipman, was leaving his off-duty job when he noticed Taylor walking home from work. When he passed Taylor it was 2:15am and 19 degrees outside. Officer Shipman stopped and offered Taylor a ride home. While on the way, he found out that Taylor has no vehicle and that he makes it to work no matter what.

Folks at Anastasia Date have heard that when Officer Shipman got home, he wrote a post about his encounter with the dedicated college student and started a GoFundMe page to help raise funds to get a car for Taylor. He set a modest goal of $1400 for the donation site. When he woke up the next morning he discovered that his goal was surpassed and the donations were up to $2300.

Its nice to see a good guy get what he deserves.

New Study: AIDS Origin Traced to Gorillas in Cameroon

Since HIV was first reported in human beings in early 1980s, scientists have been working hard to know how and where the virus that causes AIDS was first developed.

Now, a team of scientist involved in this study can now confirm that gorillas that live in southwestern Cameroon contribute to two of the four strains of HIV. HIV-1 has been known to have four groups of strains M, N, O and P according to Martine Peeters, the team leader as reported by TheRealDeal. Jason Halpern suggests prior studies suggest that chimpanzees in southern Cameroon are the cause of groups M and N.

The new research shows that groups O and P strains originated from gorillas in western lowlands of Cameroon. According to only two people in the world have tested positive for the group P strain. Group O that is mostly found in west central Africa has infected around 100,000 persons.

Peeters was happy about this new study because understanding the origin of a disease is a significant achievement towards discovering the cure. The study also confirmed that both chimpanzees and gorillas can cause major disease outbreaks since they have the harbor virus that can cross from one species to another. This research was successful thanks to genetic samples from gorillas and chimpanzees from Cameroon, Uganda, Gabon and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Keith Mann Continues His Commitment to Education For All

March 4, 2015

Keith Mann and his team from Dynamics Search Partners continued their role as the sponsors of a series of events for the Uncommon Schools in New York, according to a report CBS News 8 first published. The latest events Mann and his team of financial head hunters backed was held at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden and was designed to help raise funds to pay for student testing for the 2014-15 school year. The raised funds will go towards assisting students at the newly opened Uncommon Schools facility in Brooklyn, New York with PSAT and AP testing in the coming months.

The fund raiser brought out a large number of members of the financial services industry in New York, who raised more than $22,000 for student testing at the school. Keith Mann has a long history of working with financial groups to find the perfect staff members for their available positions and has looked to use some of this experience in a bid to help students at the Uncommon Schools make their way through college. Beginning in 2013, Mann and Dynamics Search Partners joined together with the Uncommon Schools to begin a series of programs designed to make college dreams a reality for children from low income families. The Uncommon Schools now operates more than 40 charter schools across the northeast of the US and is now looking to bring academic excellence to as many students as possible with the invaluable support of Keith Mann.

First Baby Woolly Rhino Found In Siberia

The Remains Of The !0,000 Year-Old Rhino Were Preserved In Permafrost

It seems finding woolly creatures in almost perfect condition is unusual. But if you want to find one, Siberia seems to be the place to go. Not everyone wants to know what elephants and rhinos looked like 10,000 years ago, but the people that do go to the Sakha Republic in Siberia. One of those people is hunter and businessman, Alexander Banderov. He and a friend thought they found the remains of a deer, but the carcass was a baby woolly rhino.

The rhino was discovered by a stream that flows into a river stated on a post. Part of the rhino was sticking out above the permafrost, but most of the animal was well preserved in the frozen bank of the stream. The first images of the frozen creature were recently released by the Academy of Sciences in Yakutsk. The baby animal’s DNA is being analyzed, but scientists think the rhino was about 18 months old when it died.

According to the head of the Mammoth Fauna Department, woolly rhino discoveries are extremely rare. He said there are only a few rhino specimens from that period in existence. The discovery of a baby rhino is a first. The baby will help unlock some of the secrets of that time period.

Startling Ancient Ice Age Discovery

March 3, 2015

Two hunters shocked scientists this week with the discovery of a baby woolly rhinoceros in the Yakutia, also known as the Sakha Republic region, of Russisa near the Semyulyakh River.

Alexander “Sasha” Banderov and his friend Semen Ivanov thought the baby rhino was a reindeer at first and then they noticed the woolly fur on the carcass. They immediately contacted the Yakutian Academy of Sciences’ Mammoth Fauna Department and soon learned that the rhino is the first non-mummified version of the species ever found, AuntMinnie says the first non-adult of the species ever found and the first mostly intact woolly rhino ever found. The scientists and researchers at the Yakutian Academy of Sciences happily accepted the find and agreed to name the baby Sasha after the Russian name for Alexander. They have just released the first photos of it worldwide.

They plan to use the baby rhino’s DNA, which was preserved by permafrost, to learn more about the development and lives of woolly rhinos, this specific baby’s life and death and its genetic links to current species. They believe the animal was 18 months old when it died based on its size and other characteristics. Woolly rhinos were one of the large mammal species that existed at the end of the last ice age 10,000 years ago along with woolly mammoths. Their territoral range spanned from Scotland and Spain all the way to South Korea.

How to Make Safe Edits in Wikipedia

March 2, 2015

Wikipedia editing is straightforward if you know the basics of any editing software. Before writing anything on this page, you need an account that you will use for Wikipedia only. So create an email account exclusively for this website where you want to give as little personal information as possible. Be sure your security settings are appropriate.

Preliminary Steps to Editing

The next step to editing any Wikipedia page is reading Wikipedia policies, standards, principal and community related documents. If you want to cut corners and have a few dollars to spend, I’d suggest GetYourWiki for some reasonably priced Wikipedia page creation services. They know how to get it done.

Some readers find it hard to know the difference between censorship during discussions. The censorship policy of Wikipedia does not apply to editors’ behavior. So, begin contributing your work and sharing your knowledge in a safe and polite manner.

However, make sure you are not forced into editing something due to strong emotional feelings. Do not start with the subject that you would like to advocate for because many people will not agree with your personal views and opinions in a subject. What people would really like to see is the fact, so they can contribute to the same subject in the future. As you follow these steps and advices, make sure that your response to any query is not tied up with the emotions inside you.

How to Handle Negative Tones and Allegations in Wikipedia

Before editing, also make sure you are logged in with your email account and password. It is more convenient to see your work, progress and status if you are editing with your active login. The Oversign Team at Wikipedia will help you with this subject as well. If another editor made changes to what you wrote, take a note of the edit summaries. If they are written with anger or contain censored materials, you have every right to make a complaint. A friendly tone is what is needed in an edit summary. If the tone sounds aggressive and not confirming to the website policy, you don’t want to proceed to discuss the revision.

When there is obvious insult, you should take time and decide what to do next. The best course of action is to notify the Wikipedia customer representative. You don’t want to handle this personally, especially respond to the editor who made the changes with the same negative tone. Don’t be deterred by allegations accusing you in any manner. These matters are surely against NPOV policy and justice will always be in your favor.

Migraine Relief Using X-Ray Technology

Migraines are a painful and debilitating issue for many people like Marc Sparks. No real treatment has been created in the past 50 years or so that strays from the traditional medications being used. As much as eighteen percent of the United States population suffers from migraines but a team of radiologists in New York are using their skills to help further understand a common technique that is used to deal with migraines.

One hundred and twelve adults were studied. They all suffer from migraine or cluster headaches. Common SPG blockers (which are used to treat migraines) were used along with X-ray technology to observe what happens during this treatment protocol. After just one month, eighty eight percent of the patients being observed indicated that they needed less or absolutely no medication on a consistent basis for the headaches. While their initial pain rating was 8.25 prior to being treated, their numbers went down to a 5.25 average.

While this treatment option is not permanent and is not currently being used for the general public, this data shows promising results that may help treat migraine sufferers in the future. Many people are showing interest in this study especially those who experience migraines or cluster headaches on a consistent basis. Some women have them in a cyclical form based off of their menstrual cycle while others have yet to determine the cause for their headaches.

BRL Trust: A Trustworthy Company with Excellent Services

March 1, 2015

BRL Trust is an investment company founded in 2005. The company began operating as a service by providing trust services in private loans. The company was founded with a mission to satisfy the demands of their clients safely and efficiently. BRL Trust consists of a skilled team of people committed to providing customers with the highest of trust services.

BRL Trust was founded on strong ethical principles that they have maintained throughout their years in business. Above all, the company is committed to ethics, regardless of the circumstances. They are instilled with a determination and discipline to succeed, and it has served them well. Team members in the company are equipped not only with technical knowledge, but with rich years of experience in their field.

By the end of their first year of business, BRL Trust had already acquired over 100 loans where the Trust served as an intervening trust. This is a true testament of the trust and excellence that the company is committed to. Over the years, trust in the company has only continued to expand. Through it’s customers, many new business have resulted. BRL Trust Investmentos serves as the largest independent administrator of investment funds in Brazil. The company currently operates in five business areas.

BRL Trust offers a wide variety of services to investors including asset management, fund administration, asset underwriting, controlling funds, fund administration, and fiduciary services. BRL Trust manages it’s customers’ assets by providing investment solutions specifically based on the needs of investors. The company is authorized by CVM to serve as a fund manager, thus providing fund administration. In addition, BRL Trust provides it’s customers with asset underwriting by underwriting securities services in capital markets. They can provide their client’s customers with custody solutions as well as controlling services to investment funds. They can also offer fiduciary services that provide safety and trust for investors.

Indeed, BRL Trust is certainly a company committed to morality and excellence. Since their first year of business, they have greatly expanded their trust to clients everywhere. They have not stopped building that trust since.


Berkeley Lab Creates Solution For Color Blindness

February 27, 2015

A lab at California’s UC Berkeley think its discovered a way to cure color blindness.

The cure is something that researcher stumbled upon accidentally. The solution involves a special pair of glasses that selectively remove specific wavelengths between the red and green cones in the wearer’s eyes. The result is something that allows traditionally color blind people the ability to see colors.

The glasses are traditionally used as protective eyewear by doctors while performing surgery. The discovery was made when one of the doctor’s friends asked to wear the glasses. He was colorblind, and immediately noticed he was able to see things like traffic cones ad grass that were previously colorless.

Now, Jaime Garcia Dias said researchers are working on creating glasses made specifically for color blind people with a few tweaks to make them even better than the doctor’s original pair, from what Facebook users report. The simple solution could be life changing for some.