Gourmet Cuisine Becomes Mainstream for Dogs

April 28, 2016

We all know that eating foods that are fresh, organic, free of additives, and selected from the major food groups is a good and healthy choice. Of course we want tasty meals too. It appears that our insistence upon having such healthy food choices for ourselves is now being extended to our pets’ meals as well.

In a recent article for the Dailyherald.com, author Craig Giammona of Bloomberg News reviewed the recent surge in gourmet dogfood options (http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20151122/business/151129983/). The nearly $24 billion pet-food industry has undergone something of a paradigm shift: rather than feed our pets table scraps, kibble, and canned food that is essentially the scraps of meat humans won’t consume, we’ve decided that their food should be as like ours as possible. Shoppers look for healthy ingredients, carefully sourced and equally carefully prepared. The new style in dog cuisine demands that vegetables and whole-grains be mixed in with the meat, poultry, and fish. Some brands even offer cranberries and blueberries in the mix. The Freshpet brand, for example, sells its fresh meat dinners in special refrigerated cases. Cesar Home Delights carries a beef stroganoff and lasagna for dogs. Vital Raw has reinterpreted the popular Paleo-Diet for pets, offering meat mixed with veggies and totally grain-free. Giammona ends his article on a negative note: stocks in Freshpet fell in 2015, and the company recorded five years of operating at a loss. This is not surprising, given that quality ingredients are going to cost a lot, a cost that consumers may not be willing to have passed on to them.
It may be that our pets can have their cake and eat it too, so to speak; that is, we may be able to provide them with great variety, delicious food, and healthy choices, but at a much more reasonable price. That’s where PurinaStore enters the picture.
Made from the best ingredients, Beneful comes in both wet and dry form, in varieties that are specially formulated for puppies, active adults, seniors, little dogs, big dogs, and everything in between. Beef, poultry, lamb, and salmon come with a wide variety of vegetables such as sweet potatoes, peas, and carrots to really round out our dogs’ meals. With even such a wide variety of flavors, perfect nutrition and great taste, Beneful is still available on WalMart at a great price. Beneful makes it easy for us to give our dogs excellent nutrition and irresistible taste.

Learn More: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beneful

George Soros Talks About How He Would Fix The Immigration Crisis In Europe

April 26, 2016

Europe has literally been strained to its breaking point because of the immigration crisis, and it is waiting for something to happen. There are a lot of people who think that this could actually make the EU collapse, but there are not really any solutions. George Soros has a solution, and he wants as many people to see it as possible. George Soros is concerned that the EU is not going to take action, but he believes that his plan will work in all circumstances.

The plan was published in Marketwatch, and it is a plan that has a lot of moving parts. There are millions of people who are trying to come to Europe, and they need to be given a way to come into the EU legally, with assistance and in a manner that makes sense for all the countries in the union. The countries on opensocietyfoundations.org need to follow a plan that makes sense for everyone involved.

George Soros wants to let in a million people a year by using an agency that the EU will pay for so that they can watch over everyone. That is the most important part because it is the only way that the EU is going to be able to handle all the people that are coming in and out of the continent. The agency on investopedia.com is going to be able to watch everyone, and they are also going to make sure that they are giving the payments that are going to help these people get where they need to go.

The payments that are given to everyone who is admitted are going to help people make sure that they can get up on their feet. The money is going to come from every EU country, but George Soros knows the economy well enough to know that they can sell bonds to get the money they need. This is a really important part of how people are going to get started, and it is a system that George Soros knows will work. He knows that a lot of countries in the EU are not going to want to pay, and they can solve that problem with bonds.

George Soros also wants to see the EU be more inclusive in general to these people. They need to be given a chance to flee a place where they are clearly in danger, and they also need to be allowed to save themselves or get to family in the EU where they will be safer. These people are scared for their lives, but they can make new lives when they come to the EU. The only way to help these people to save themselves is to make sure that they can be let into the EU with some kind of assistance. The assistance is going to go a long way to helping people make sure that they are safe, and it is going to bring in a new population in the EU that is going to be helpful for everyone.

The Stars Of A Pop TV Docu-Series Are Transforming The World Of Soap Operas

April 24, 2016

Many Americans who might describe themselves as avid TV watchers can probably remember the plethora of soap operas that drew avid audiences across the country to their television screens weekday after weekday. The soap opera is famous for drawing in its viewers with tales as confusing and as intriguing as a maze. Plotlines would often involve the conception of illegitimate children, the discovery of long lost twins and third cousins and affairs that would expand in love triangles, love squares and tawdry love hexagons. Shows like Port Charles and Passions incorporated supernatural elements like vampires, sorcerers and dolls that could walk and talk. Arguably the soap opera is a valuable staple of American culture, a cultural product where kitsch and drama can be celebrated.

While American viewers might remember broadcast schedules that were laden with a variety of soap operas like All My Children and One Life To Live today the number of soaps airing on US television have decreased dramatically. The number of soap operas that are currently in production have dwindled to a handful. Today only the stalwart General Hospital, The Bold and The Beautiful, The Young and The Restless and Days Of Our Lives are left standing. In 2015 soap opera actresses Crystal Hunt, Chrystee Pharris, Lindsay Hartley, Donna Mills, Hunter Tylo and Vanessa Marcil came together as part of the cast of a docu-series called Queens Of Drama. The first episode of Queens of Drama aired after a telecast of the 2015 Daytime Emmy Awards. The show followed Hunt and her cast members on their journey to collaborate on the production of their own soap opera. Crystal Hunt’s interactions with her castmate Lindsay Hartley ended up providing one of the most memorable plotlines of the first season of Queens Of Drama. Hunt stood out among her castmates for her enthusiasm about the project and her dynamic personality.

Among the many high points in Hunt’s career are her time as an actress on both Guiding Light and One Light To Live. She played the child of a well-to-do family and a troubled exotic dancer respectively. Her time on Guiding Light resulted in her earning recognition in the form of a Daytime Emmy Award nomination in the mid-aughts. Hunt recently starred in the popular film Magic Mike XXL as a character named Lauren. Magic Mike XXL featured actor Channing Tatum as the lead in a story about the friendship between men who have worked together as exotic dancers.  Check out Crystal’s lesser known photography work on her official site.

The Growing Role of CFOs

April 21, 2016

The CRO’s role will differ according to infrastructure and size. While a smaller organization may require less risk management than a large one, it still requires a CRO assess different aspects of compliance, but by taking a hands-on approach. When an organization grows, CRO roles will evolve into a formalized and technical routine that is indispensable This evolution can tend to confuse different employees within the company, but this growth is natural to a company growing more successful. There is no universal job description for CFO. When industry literature attempts to carve out a position for CRO, it usually cannot in a straight forward and simplified way.

What does a CFO do? In a world of evolving regulations and stringent compliance needs, there are four basic tasks one can always attribute to the CFO:

1. Design of risk management (RM) framework
2. Framework Implementation
3. Testing programs implemented to account for viability.

In this ways the CRO will always act as a type of risk expert. However, it is important for businesses to know what assessments are needed on the part of the CRO. If the CRO’s opinion begins to carry more weight than the business owners, it is easy for owners to overlook possible usurpation of roles. Owners should always stay educated on risk. Conversely, process owners should also appreciate all of the potential risks associated with a business. Enterprise risk management depends upon everyone within a company knowing their roles in terms of risk assessment. It is the job of the CFO to tie it all together in a cohesive action plan.

One CFO who has been in the news in recent years is Helane Morrison. She has worked tirelessly with enforcement professionals to strengthen presence and impact within the finance industry, one known for its many abuses of power and risk oversight. A bit of a trailblazer, Morrison has been a revolutionary advocate for change within the banking industry. Morrison, 46, has experience managing enforcement and examination programs, which includes many their different regions within the United States. Her role is no minor one, and she plans to make the financial industry transparent to investors once more.

Morrison joined SEC in 1996, supervising major investigations that ultimately resulted in enforcement actions. Fraudulent actions within the finance industry are unfortunately difficult to prosecute due to the fear of economic upheaval or even mass lay-offs within a sector that must have as many trained and knowledgeable professionals as possible.

QNET and RYTHM Foundation Need Your Help

April 20, 2016

RYTHM Foundation is a foundation launched by QNET with the purpose of helping those who are most vulnerable. To help provide clean drinking water to children in need, QNET, RYTHM Foundation and HomePure have come together for the Positive Thoughts Project.

The goal of the project is to get at least 1000 positive comments from people like you and me. If the goal is reached two lucky schools will receive HomePure RED water filters.

The Positive Thoughts Project is basically a great way for anyone to help make a difference in the world. So how does it work you ask? Well its really quite simple. All you have to do to help is leave a positive comment on this Facebook post.

The great news is you are able to leave a maximum of 3 posts. That means reaching the 1000 mark shouldn’t be too difficult.

Within the first 2 weeks QNET wants to get 500 positive comments. When that happens the first school, which is Taarana, will receive a HomePure RED water filter from QNET and HomePure. The second week QNET is hoping to get the remaining 500 comments which will put them at their 1000 positive comments goal. If they get the additional 500 comments, which I believe they will, a second school, Rashid Centre in the UAE, will also receive a HomePure RED water filter.

With over a billion active monthly users on Facebook, getting 1000 positive comments should be very doable. The key is to make sure you share the post will all your friends after leaving your positive comment. This way it can start to spread around Facebook and bring more awareness to this great cause. The faster they reach 1000 comments, the sooner they will be able to help children who need clean drinking water.

And remember, you are allowed to leave a maximum of 3 comments. Be sure to leave all 3 as it will help QNET get close to the 1000 mark. It is important you know comments will be moderated. Only comments that are considered valid will count towards the goal of 1000 comments.

About QNET

QNET is a direct selling company that has a heart for helping the community. Through their RYTHM Foundation they have helped thousands of people from all over the world live a better life. To learn more about QNET visit them online at www.QNET.net. You can also follow them on Twitter , YouTube and Instagram.

New Trustees Bring New Life To Autism Rocks

April 16, 2016

Sanjay Shah is the founder of both Autism Rocks and Solo Capital. His firm is based in London, England and he has approximately a dozen other ventures that he is involved in. Starting out as a medical student and not finding it to his liking, Shah moved into accounting and then to investment banking.

As the founder of Autism Rocks he has recently appointed Will and Pete Best to the foundation’s board. Shah and the Best brothers have known each other for some time. Having gone to college together they have intimate knowledge of what the other does and how they can enhance the foundation.

It is anticipated that the Best brothers will bring greater insight and vision to the charity organization. The yearly concerts are used to not only raise funds for research on the disorder, but also to help spread information and knowledge on what it is and how to deal with it.

Pete Best has studied and worked in the financial sector. He has realized great success and brings the ability to raise more funds and help with Autism research even more. As a CEO of a major firm, Pete has been able to master the mechanics of organization and managing large events and corporations. This is seen as an invaluable resource for helping Autism Rocks move into the next stage of their growth.

Mr. Will Best has experience spanning many years in the music and entertainment industries. He has also helds positions in advertising. These qualities definitely correlate to what Mr Shah seeks to accomplish with Autism Rocks. Will is the type of trustee that will be able to generate more press and more attention to the foundation.

Shah is innately aware of how to manage the people and businesses in his control. Solo Capital is an investment firm that works to help individuals grow their wealth through education and information in the instruments that interest them

Solo Capital also deals with sports investments. These include franchise teams and semi-pro investments. This entails a good deal of knowledge about people, advertising and market strengths. Diversification is stressed in investing strategies as well as in personal affairs

According To VTA Publications Persuasion Is An Effective Tool For Building Consensus

April 13, 2016

The art of persuasion can be a tremendous life skill to the person that ends up mastering it. The saying goes that an individual can attract and entrap more flies with honey than they can with the sour-tasting substance known as vinegar. Individuals that have learned to be politely persuasive have learned how make other people enthusiastic about doing the things that they want or need them to do. According to the blog of British firm VTA publications one of the most important parts of becoming persuasive is to start by addressing an often automatic tendency that gets in the way of our connecting with other people: the tendency to criticise others.

VTA publications lays out a very vivid and accurate portrait of the social landscape of many people’s lives. Comparing an individual’s life to an athletic team where other stakeholders have not chosen which team they want to play for, the article notes how important it is to realize that we can turn potential team members off by trying to forcefully convince them to understand the world the way that we do. Many individuals attempt to persuade the people in their lives to do something whether that is choosing the color of the walls of their living room or even choosing which film to see at the cinema by forcing their opinion on the other person who has stake in the outcome of the argument they are making.

VTA points out in their articles that we should be aiming to win the support of others by recognizing some very fundamental truths about human nature. Some of these truths are that many people will rarely admit that they are wrong. As VTA publications might put it some people would probably rather jump off a cliff than admit that they have made a mistake, which is why they make financial publications to curb this attitude. This would probably explain why so many public figures have real difficulty admitting to the people they they are accountable to that they have done things that they should not have. We can win support the support of the people that we need it from by treating them with the same amount of respect that we would like them to show to us. We can understand that we should be showing them empathy rather than trying to convert them to our worldview.

VTA Publications is a company based in the UK that is passionate about extending opportunities for life-long learning to its customers. VTA accomplishes this goal by offering distance learning solutions that enable customers to gain skills that will enhance their quality of life. The distance learning courses that VTA offers customers the opportunity to learn about the best way to approach investing and how to analyze ancient texts that can provide individuals insight about how to understand the modern process of preparing for retirement.  Contact them online for more information.

Keith Mann, Dynamics Search Partners Raise Funds for Uncommon Schools

April 11, 2016

Keith Mann and his company, Dynamics Search Partners are doing their part to further education for students in Brooklyn, New York. The company has partnered with Uncommon Schools to raise more than $22K for the non-profit, according to a PR Newswire article. The money went to pay for Uncommon Charter High School’s student testing for the PSAT and AP tests. Uncommon Charter High was recently opened and could use the extra funding. Uncommon Schools is a non-profit that manages schools in Massachusetts, New Jersey and New york specializing in low-income urban areas. The non-profit’s main goal is to prepare students to continue their education through college, a goal Dynamics Search Partners is passionate about as well.

Dynamics Search Partners and Keith Mann began their partnership and support of Uncommon Schools in 2013. Dynamics Search Partners is passionate about helping students prepare for the real world and college. According to Mann Dynamics Search Partners associates have sat in on classes and helped students with practical skills to help them develop real world skills such as resume building and interview skills. Dynamics Search Partners and Uncommon Schools are both adamant about teaching the students career skills helping them be better prepared to enter the workforce after a college education.

Keith Mann co-founded Dynamics Search Partners in 2009. The company is an executive search firm helping companies in the alternative investment industry. Mann has spent more than 15 years in staffing and hiring strategy for hedge funds. He started out in Dynamics Executive Search. He started the Alternative Investment Practice within the company after seeing a need in the field that wasn’t currently being met by the company. Knowing the industry through and through, Mann is able to help countries around the world find talented executives to fill many rolls in their companies. With such a passion for the business world it is no wonder Mann is also passionate about helping young people prepare for meaningful careers in the real world. As part of his passion for educating the younger generation, Mann also founded the Scholarship for Professional Achievement, which will provide one student from Uncommon Charter High School $5,000 toward college.

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Avi Weisfogel Supports Operation Smile

Dr. Avi Weisfogel has launched a GoFundMe campaign to help support Operation Smile, the international charity which sends volunteer doctors to developing countries to perform surgery on people with cleft palates or cleft lips or other congenital deformities that can be surgically repaired.

Weisfogel’s goal is to raise $2,000 for Operation Smile. It was founded in 1982 when the plastic surgeon Dr. William P. Magee Jr. and Kathleen Magee, his wife and a nurse, were overwhelmed in The Philippines by the sheer numbers of children who needed their help. After a year of fund-raising and obtaining new volunteer doctors and begging for donations of medical supplies and medication, they returned to The Philippines. That time, they were able to help a lot more children, but many more remained, and in many other countries around the world.

As a dentist, Weisfogel is sensitive and supportive of the need for everyone to have a well-formed mouth. And he agrees with the Magees that every child deserves to receive the finest surgical care available. They all deserve to be treated as well as everyone else’s children.

Operation Smile now has a large network. Volunteers from 80 countries go help children in over 60 countries. They have completed a total of over 220,000 operations on children and young adults. They are training local doctors to teach them how to repair cleft lips and cleft palates on an on-going basis. They donate medical supplies and equipment to support their efforts.

Weisfogel owns the Dental Sleep Masters clinic in New Jersey and serves as an instructor to train dentists in how to adjust oral appliances prescribed by physicians to their sleep apnea patients. Weisfogel started his own dental practice, Old Bridge Dental Care, in 1999. He ran that clinic for 15 years, and in many years was voted Best Dentist. In that period, Weisfogel began studying sleep and how dentists could help sleep apnea patients by fitting their oral appliances.

Therefore, in 2010 Weisfogel founded Healthy Heart Sleep. That company works with doctors in many countries to advise them on setting up and running sleep labs. In 2012 Weisfogel set up his clinic for dentists to learn how they can help sleep apnea patients by making certain their equipment are custom-fitted to their mouths. He has acquired an in-depth knowledge of sleep apnea and how to help those patients.

He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Biology from Rutgers University. He attended New York University of Dentistry to earn his DDS.

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Why Everyone Needs To Embrace Video Marketing

Recently, Relevancy Group conducted a study on the effects of using video in email marketing. The report showed that videos increase revenues by 40%. This is as a result of the increase of the Internet users. The study has proved that video marketing is the best way to engage these users.

The same study showed that open rates can be increased by up to 20% just because of the use of video in an email. On the other hand, the click-through rates can be increased by 2-3 times. This implies that the use of a video is better as compared to a plain text in an email. Videos inform your customers about your product in a more efficient way. Imagine this: if a mere picture is said to be worth a thousand words, then how much is a video clip which is just one minute long. James McQuivey from Forrester Research says that it is worth 1.8 million words.

There are several players in the video marketing industry. However, one company edges all the others. This company is Talk Fusion which is based in Florida. The company is ranked number eight by size out all online video content providers in the world.

The story behind the formation of Talk Fusion is amazing. It shows how determination ultimately bears fruits. The company was established in 2007 by Bob Reina. This was after his attempts to embed a video just 10 seconds long into an email he was sending his friends was dismissed by America Online as an impossibility. Reina teamed up with his friend who was an IT expert and they worked on and perfected the concept of embedding videos into emails. That is how video email marketing came into being. It is just what your business needs to grow and Talk Fusion is there to help you.

About Talk Fusion

As a leading innovative online video content provider in the world, Talk Fusion provides video marketing solutions which are aimed at promoting the growth of your business. Its CEO is Bob Reina who is also the founder and he is has overseen the growth of the company from humble beginning. It is very easy to use the platform even to new users.

Originally reported on Hello Tesla http://hellotesla.com/arent-using-video-email-marketing/