Handy: Improving the Business Model

November 30, 2016

Handy is a company that offers cleaning and handyman services via their app on smart phones. They offer a 60 second booking process, secure payment, and a 100% money back guarantee. Handy claims to be the most convenient way to book home services. It was founded in 2012 by Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua. Both attending Harvard Business together, they generated the idea for Handy while rooming together in their Cambridge, Massachusetts apartment. Hanrahan and Dua had already seen that this was a good way to implement the ubiquity of smart phones in their business, in hopes of over turning the market.

Although their business idea was well received by customers, potential employees, and investors, there were still challenges to overcome up ahead. Hanrahan and Dua were able to raise $110 million in venture capital, and was in a growing market of businesses of their kind. With growing popularity of businesses in their market, Handy.com encountered competition. They were presented with a “land grab” between rivals like Homejoy, Mopp, and Exec. However, they were eventually able to eliminate the competition, as they would usually outspend them, and were able to acquire Mopp and Exec.

When Handy began spending more that planned every month, they sought to sacrifice growth for profitability. Handy worked on ways to improve their customer satisfaction rate, in response to the many negative reviews they receives in Apple’s App store. They did this by updating the system for their call center, hiring more qualified “pros,” and deciding not to expand their market any further than it already was. This stabilized their means of profitability, and could serve them well in future investment ventures.

Handy’s economics are looking better with each quarter. More than 50% of its growth is organic or through referral channels. As a result they yielded a 33% decrease in the average cost of acquiring customers. The company as a whole has seen a margin jump from 7 to 20%. Their monthly spending has decreased, and they plan to flip the extra earnings to profitability sometimes during the 2nd half of 2017. The lessons Hanrahan and Dua learned earlier on their path of attaining venture capital helped give them a better hold on the fate of their company. For more info. visit https://www.handy.com/cleaning-services/new-york.


Michael Zomber Offers History In A Different Perspective

November 25, 2016

The History Channel has been running for a long time. The channel provides a wide variety of interesting shows that highlight many subjects and topics pertaining to history. With a channel that focuses on history, there are many angles and directions that can be taken with every show and subject. One of the ways that the History Channel finds subjects for shows is to seek out experts or people who know a lot about specific topics. One of the people that the History Channel calls on frequently for input is Michael Zomber.

Considered by many as an expert regarding antique weapons, Mr. Zomber has appeared on the history Channel many times. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience concerning antique weapons such as guns and swords. He also is able to talk effectively about other aspects of history. With a passion for history that covers many decades, Mr. Zomber is well known in the antique collecting industry. He has one of the most popular antique weapon collections in the industry, and he is constantly either buying or selling antique weapons.

Although he has a passion for antique collecting, Mr. Zomber maybe more known for the novels that he writes. An accomplished author with several published novels, Mr. Zomber has many fans who enjoy reading his books. With a writing style that is straight forward and gives a unique approach to his novels, Mr. Zomber is well respected in the writing community.

A man with many passions, Mr. Zomber is not limited to collecting antiques or writing novels, he also owns a production company with his wife. Through his production company, Mr. Zomber produces films that give a different perspective on subjects that may not be shown in other production companies. A believer in history and keeping history in the manner that it actually happened, Mr. Zomber offers a fresh approach to film production.

Passion has given Michael Zomber many interests in his life. He has used his passion to achieve success in various areas, but he also has a passion for sharing history with the public. He shares what he has learned and experienced through the years freely and openly with people who care to listen.

Sam Tabar Is Taking His Talents Over To Full Cycle Energy Fund’s Team

November 18, 2016


Sam Tabar is a financial strategist that’s in a league of his own, and has been working out of New York for years now. Today, he is well-known in the financial industry, and he most recently saw headlines in the news because of his new appointment as COO at Full Cycle Energy Fund. This is only one of the many executive positions that Sam has managed to obtain over the course of his career, sporting and impressive past track record. Due to his financial expertise, Sam Tabar is expected to help Full Cycle Energy better manage their resources and expand on their projects in the coming years. Sam was personally excited for the position at Full Cycle, as he had long been interested and following their work, especially since it focused on helping people on a global scale.


Sam had been following the company since they first started up because of the focus they had, which in a nutshell, was to create more efficient and sustainable fuel sources. The fuel sources of today are not sustainable, and fossil fuels will run out, which is why Full Cycle is looking into ways of creating fuel from natural sources, especially from waste that is created by people. The most ambitious goal the company has is to create fuel sources that allow countries to become self reliant, thus reducing the cost of transport related fuel costs. This would also reduce the amount of harmful emissions in the air.


For Sam Tabar, this new job at Full Cycle Energy Fund is more than just work to him, it’s a way of contributing to society as a whole, something he’s already been doing on GoFundMe. Through his efforts of financial management and fund raising for the company, he will ensure they can meet their goals and finish their projects, while also having the necessary funds to start up new projects. Sam was happy to be on the team no matter what position he was in, according to him, and in the end he will be exactly what the company needs to expand further in the future.

Kyle Bass Has Information From A Central Banker

October 26, 2016


Kyle Bass has a lot of information from the people who in the deep parts of the financial world, but he does not always have information that he can take action on. Kyle Bass makes sure that the information he gives sounds good, and he also wants people to think that it is a secret that only he knows about. The issue that people have is when they take action on what Kyle Bass says and he turns out to be wrong. He is not someone who does all his homework because he likes things that look good, but he wants to be sure that he can be the person who gets all the credit.


The information that Mr Bass got from a Chinese central banker notes that they are planning on doing just what the US did during their own crisis. The problem is that replicating what the US did will not necessarily work. The Chinese cannot save every company, and the Chinese cannot afford to see their government go down a road that will devalue their currency. Kyle Bass might be confident about this, but he does not realize that China could do something completely different.


Someone who starts betting against China might not make any money because the Chinese could change their minds tomorrow. They could take a new direction based on the fact that they had information leaked, or Mr. Bass might not be telling the truth. That causes problems for the normal investor who does not want to lose money, and it could lose someone so much money that they will never recover. Kyle Bass can afford to waste his money if an investment does not work, but he is not looking out for people who could lose everything just because he is so concerned with himself.

SOLVY Teaches Students How to Think About Math

October 22, 2016

Alexei has been an entrepreneur multiple times in his career. His newest venture, SOLVY, is tackling the educational field. SOLVY debuted in April on Educator Day at the EdSurge Tech Conference which was held in Los Angeles. SOLVY is a new generation of educational software which is aimed at professional teachers.

Educator Day was a large event that saw hundreds of teachers show up to learn all about the latest technology that can help them.

Alexei Beltyukov has long been an advocate of improved education. He knows that it broadens people’s horizons. He’s hoping that SOLVY will continue to attract attention from experts in the field of education. Initial reactions to the website were quite good. The company recently received a listing from Launchingnext.com that called it one of the most promising startups around.

SOLVY.com is a way for high school students to do their homework online. The website will allow teachers to easily generate homework assignments that are based on parameters they configure. The students need to input their answers and also explain the exact rationale they used to come up with them.

This type of learning is an example of the growth mindset that is popular in certain circles. The students do not end up becoming afraid of mistakes. Instead, they learn how to change their thinking to avoid making the same mistakes again.

This whole system is designed to make it a lot easier for math educators to create coursework, questions, and to to help them manage and monitor results. High schools around the U.S. have fallen behind other countries in math education. This new program could help them get back in the game.

What makes SOLVY different than alternatives is that it teaches students to solve problems using real-world tactics. That should make math more accessible for students. SOLVY uses a system where it gives students hints and then feedback to point them in the direction of the answer.

The teachers are able to see the reports on their student’s performance, which means they don’t have to spend time “grading” homework in and old-fashioned manner.

Alexei Beltyukov initially began his career in the medical field. After that he found that he enjoyed business much more and changed his career path. He has been involved in entrepreneurial activities for much of his career. SOLVY is his latest offering and it’s set to change how educators interact with students.

Michael Zomber Becomes a Proud Owner of a Bowie Knife

October 21, 2016


On September 26, 2016, PRNewswire reported that Michael Zomber had acquired a Bowie Knife. The Bowie Knife featured a contemporary inscription, which insinuated that the assassin who made an attempt on John Brown’s life had taken the knife. The Knife features a spear-point blade, coffin-handle as well as a nickel handle that is inlaid with mother of pearl.


John Brown was widely recognized as radical abolitionist who held the belief that the only way to ward off slavery from the United States was through armed insurrection. However, John was tried and sentenced to death due to his actions against the South.

According to Michael Zomber, the Bowie Knife is a one-of-a-kind treasure that comes from a duration in history that takes a significant part of his attention. Therefore, Zomber was highly pleased with owning such a piece from that period. Further, the acquisition has elicited rumors and talks amongst the enthusiasts of Zomber’s writing pertaining to the possibility of a future novel about John Brown.


A Detailed Look at Michael Zomber


Michael Zomber has cemented his position as a leading antique arms’ collector who has been in the industry for a long time. His expertise as a collector has been documented on the Tales of the Gun Series, which airs on the History Channel. The series includes Dueling Pistols, Guns of the Famous, Automatic Pistols, Guns of the Orient and Million. Apart from being an accomplished collector of antique arms, Zomber is also recognized as a storyteller who has over a dozen screenplays and several historical novels as well. Some of the novels written by Zomber include Jesus and the Samurai, Shogun Iemitsu, and Soul of the Samurai


Zomber also boasts of a film company dubbed as Renascent Films, LLC, which is acknowledged for filming Soul of the Samurai. He maintains a significant amount of support to non-governmental organizations that promote peace such as the Global Exchange, Amnesty International, UNICEF and Doctors Without Borders. Additionally, Zomber boasts of an impressive track record, which includes an English Literature and Psychology degree as well as an English Literature Master’s degree from UCLA.

Showing That Success Can Come From Unlikely Places

October 11, 2016

Solvy is one the latest online learning programs for students to learn math. Launched by Alexei Beltyukov at the Edsurge Conference in Los Angeles, California, it has amazed educators and tech experts alike. Here are some of the features and benefits that Solvy offers to students and educators.

First of all, Solvy is free to use for all teachers and students in the United States. It will work on a wide range of devices. This includes Macs, PCs, and laptops. The biggest benefit of Solvy is that a teacher can assign each one of their students different problems based on their mathematical competency and personal interests. This is an approach that tries to individualize math learning and make it more personal. Such an approach can help students find math more interesting.

A benefit to teachers is that Solvy can save educators precious time. Teachers can be alerted if a student is struggling with math homework on the learning platform. The program will point out errors the student has made. Educators can also see the work that a student has done when using Solvy. They cannot just cheat on the learning platform. Students can and must show work when they do a problem using this new platform.

Teachers can now utilize Solvy to help them teach introductory algebra. Look for more advances in Solvy and additional material to be covered in the future. Alexei is expected to play a major role in future Solvy projects. So keep an eye out for his name as well.

The Success Story Of Alexei Beltyukov

 Alexei did not just become a leading Russian economic adviser and serial entrepreneur. Mr. Beltyukov was first employed as a government doctor. Low wages and a stagnating economy led Beltyukov to look for alternatives to provide for his family. He obtained a scholarship at INSEAD College and was one the brightest students there.

Alexei Beltyukov now has dozens of businesses which he has founded or served on the board as. These include New Gas Technologies, Endemic Capital, Foro Energy, A-Ventures Ltd, Brunswick Rail Leasing, Mechanicus and many many more. Mr. Alexei Beltyukov has even been selected by the Russian government to head the Skolkovo Foundation as vice president.

Evolution of Smooth Lip Balms: Even Kylie Jenner is Obsessed!

September 30, 2016

Celebrities know a super beauty product when they see one, and when it comes to the perfect lip balm, the colorful little pots are on their list.
Kylie Jenner is probably one of the most famous reality TV stars, besides her sister Kim. She can’t go anywhere without her favorite moisturizing balm, Evolution of Smooth (EOS). In fact, Kylie has mentioned the adorable organic ball-shaped balm on her Instagram page, complete with a cute selfie:

“Can’t leave the house without my cute little EOS lip balm #EOSobsessed @eosproducts.”


Why do celebrities seem to favor the Evolution of Smooth brand?

The formulas are rich in soothing, pure, protective goodness like shea butter, Vitamin E and jojoba oil. The lip balms provide an excellent shield from the elements of heat, wind, cold air and any kind of weather. Plus, these adorable round balms in a round pot are pretty genius in packaging, and they are all paraben-free.

You can’t beat the awesome flavors of Evolution of Smooth balms, because they’re unique and long lasting. Consider Strawberry Sorbet, Coconut Milk, Blackberry Nectar, Honeysuckle Honeydew and other yummy features. In addition, these lip balms come in a variety of lip-smacking TLC: Organic Smooth Spheres, Visibly Soft Smooth Spheres, Shimmer Smooth Spheres, Active Protection Smooth Spheres and Organic Smooth Sticks. These products are available online on racked.com and Ulta.

Let’s be honest; everyone’s lips need constant pampering. That means plenty of moisturizing formulas that offer hydration and protection to your sensitive lips. The lips are made from the thinnest tissue in the body, so they are delicate and can dry out rather easily. Most people are unaware that lips can develop sunburn and even skin cancer, because this facial feature doesn’t contain enough melanin for protection. So, a lip balm like Evolution of Smooth is essential every time you step outdoors.


How to Get The Right Lawyer in Brazil

September 15, 2016

The legal system in Brazil can deliver harsh penalties in criminal cases, and one can you serious financial hardship as a result of a civil case. Selecting the right lawyer is crucial, and your freedom could even depend on it.
You can start researching lawyers online by simply looking at the lawyer’s website. This can provide you with important information about their credentials. However, always ascertain that the given credentials are legitimate.

Most of the time you will see a number of reviews for a lawyer. When you look at the reviews, you should examine the overall tone. However, if there a few reviews appear extremely negative, among others that appear positive, this can be a red flag. In some cases, it could even be a sign that the positive reviews were not legitimate.

Additionally, a reputable lawyer will usually allow and encourage you to talk with other clients of theirs. If they discourage you from doing this, it is often a bad sign about the quality of their services. Furthermore, a good lawyer will generally offer you a free consultation. This can help you to establish a rapport with them, and it can give you sufficient time to gain an impression of them.

One of Brazil’s Best Lawyers, Ricardo Tosto:

Ricardo Tosto may be the best lawyer in Brazil, and he has successfully represented many different types of clients. He has had decades of experience working with Brazilian courts, and his practice has gained a lot of recognition. In fact, he is listed on Legal 500.

He specializes in different areas of law, but one of his best known specialties is commercial litigation. However, he also is skilled in a variety of different of areas of civil law. He is also skilled with criminal law pertaining to business, issues of credit and debt, and even election law.

A Preview Into The Career And Life Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth

August 20, 2016

Andy Wirth is a renowned professional who has shaped the mountain resort industry in a unique way in the few years he has been in practice. His prowess has seen him receive several invitations to help established companies restructure their marketing and management and his most recent appointments features the Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation, which made him the President and Chairman of the Corporation.

His professional position is an illustration of a successful career and dedication. He has worked with several companies, all of which have recorded massive growth and attained international status. Below are some of the most notable businesses he has boosted and worked with.

Journey at Intrawest and Steamboat

The first company Andy Wirth joined after completing college in 1986 is Steamboat, where he held a position as an intern. After some time and assessment, the management of Steamboat decided to hire Andy Wirth. He concentrated on building his career and ensuring his dreams came true. When Steamboat was acquired by Intrawest, Andy Wirth was among few professionals who saw their careers assume an upward curve. He was made the Chief Marketing Officer.

Additionally, he was named the assistant president in the sales and marketing department. He would also work on other tasks like assuming the role of the president of Mountain Village Partners, which was involved in supporting small businesses.

Career at Squaw Valley

For over 70 years, Squaw Valley was run by the Cushing family. This would change in 2010 with the hiring of Andy Wirth as the CEO of the company, thereby filling the gap created by Nancy Cushing the previous CEO. His presence at Squaw Valley was a big success to the company because he made changes that led to growth and helped to improve the ski resort. Learn more about Andy Wirth: https://www.crowdrise.com/wwsupport

During the first year of his tenure, he sought a budget of $70 million, which went into changing the face of Squaw Valley Ski through upgrades in various areas. The overall appearance and operations of the resort were upped to match other companies in the same industry. In that one year, he boosted the company to rank among the best rated in the skiing industry.

Giving back to the society

As his career advances on, Andy Wirth continues to make contributions towards philanthropic organizations. He is a key supporter of the environmental community organizations within Lake Tahoe and his objective is to improve the whole region.