SOLVY Appoints Alexei Beltyukov as the New Chief Operating Officer

September 3, 2015

SOLVY has appointed Alexei Beltyukov as its Chief Operating officer. The appointment gives Beltyukov another opportunity to help a new firm succeed in its business. His first major activity at the firm will be taking part at the Educator Day. The conference is a meeting point for teachers, administrators and tech coordinators. SOLVY fits well in this conference.

Alexie Beltyukov is a well establish proponent of education. He has been involved in several campaigns and charities aimed at promoting education to the less privileged members of the society. He believes education helps to broaden the horizons of students by joining an education minded firm like SOLVY, he believes his entrepreneurship skills will be directed to the right course.

Solvy has been drawing lots of attention from EdTech experts and educators since the firm was founded. Its visions and focus in its business field has enabled it to be included on BetaList’s “100 New Startups, Today’ and Launching Next’s ‘One of the World’s Most Promising Startups’. This is a clear indication that the firm is working hard to succeed.

SOLVY is an online platform that generates homework for students in high school. This platform generates assignments to students using parameters that are preset. It also allows high school teachers to create learning exercises and administer them to their students. SlideShare wrote that this platform is effective and saves teachers lots of time.

Unlike other online math assignment systems that allow students to submit answers inform of multiple choices, SOLVY platform has no multiple choices. The student is required to arrive at an answer and upload the answer and how he or she arrived at it. This means that the students will not just guess answers but rather take their time and work on the questions. This enables the students to grow as they practice and learn from their mistakes. Research shows that this method of administering assignments produces better student growth than multiple choices.

At his new position, Beltyukov believes his main duty is to make a household name. To achieve this, he says the company will continue developing its system to ensure it simplifies the process of managing students outside class. SOLVY also want to ensure teachers can get quality feedback even when outside classroom.

SOLVY wants to development students’ math skills through use of real-life problems. This makes math relatable to the students’ lives and enables them to use multiples approaches to arrive at the correct solutions. The platform also gives students hints and feedback enabling full interaction with students. The teachers also don’t have to grade the students and the system will automatically do the grading of assignments given.

Alexie Beltyukov has been associated by a number of firms in the past. He helped pioneer Endemic Capital, A-Ventures, Mechanicus, and New Gas Technologies. He also sits on the Board of FORO Energy. Beltyukov holds an MBA from INSEAD Business School.

Atlanta Hawks Fans Are Expecting A Title Run This Year

September 2, 2015

The NBA season is drawing near and it’s hard not be excited, especially when you’re a fan of the Atlanta Hawks. This is the time of the year when championship dreams are going strong. This is especially true in Atlanta, where the Hawks won a franchise-record 60 regular games last season. Most people are expected to see more of the same and a better playoff run this year. The Hawks didn’t last long in the playoffs last year, which can be partly blamed on inexperience. This year there are a number of pundits talking about how the Hawks can get past the Cavs. They aren’t content to just make it back to the playoffs. That’s a huge departure from seasons past.

The 2014 team was the last one owned by Bruce Levenson and Atlanta Spirit LLC. Levenson built a strong nucleus of a team that did well on the court and bonded with the fans. When Levenson sold the Hawks for $850 million to a group led by Tony Ressler and Grant Hill, expectations for the current season increase. The Hawks were 17-0 in January of 2015. That showed Atlanta fans that they were for real. Ressler is going to have to put a few more pieces together. If he can, the Hawks have a good shot at winning it all. Levenson on ajc left the team and franchise in very good shape after his tenure.

There are many things that have to go right for a team to win a championship. The front office, the team, and fate all have to work together for it to happen. It all starts with the right personnel and the right back office decisions. The Hawks have been making many of those right moves in the past few years. A title run could be the culmination of all their hard work. The fans have been getting more interested lately and there’s a buzz building in the social media channels. Grant Hill knows a lot about NBA talent and winning. He and Ressler may just build a world-class team that has the ability to win the big games. Hawks fans have yet to win it all. They’re eager in a way that only fans of teams who have yet to taste the glory of a championship can be. The entire city would likely shut down if they were able to pull it off. So far Ressler and Grant have kept some of their plans under wraps. They’re working on upgrading the brand a bit to draw in more fans. That’s a common theme everywhere in the NBA these days.

The strong finish by the Hawks down the stretch last years has excited fans of the team.

Susan McGalla: Change For The Business World

August 28, 2015

Women, just like men are destined for success and most of them have broken the glass ceiling. According to a recent research, factors that contribute to women failing to attain their full potential in office and other lines of work include feeling of guilt for not spending quality time with family because of work, family duties that interfere with work, resistance from other influential leaders, and efforts to outdo male leaders to be effective. Lack of backup in the household has been another factor that has led some women not to explore their full potential. All in all, women have made it to the top in business due to their ability to get their voice heard and adept in championing the ideas or plans of actions that they actively advocate for and believe in.

Among the most influential business women is Susan P. McGalla of crunchbase, the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC, a professional consultant client on marketing, operational efficiencies, branding, talent management and others.

Early Life

McGalla was born and grew up with her two elder brothers in East Liverpool, Ohio. Her father was a local football coach in the area. She studied at Mount Union College where she received her bachelor’s degree in business and marketing and also serves on the college’s Board of Advisors.


Susan McGalla commenced her journey to success back in 1986 at Joseph Horne Company where she served in diverse marketing and managerial position until 1994. Later the same year, she joined American Eagle Outfitters as a divisional merchandise buyer for women’s outfits.

Despite the company being a ruling male-dominated firm with no women on the board or executive positions, McGalla excelled through her determination and hard work making it an unforgettable experience. Her soaring in the company was due to her responsibility for a real culture transformation in that both men and women created a culture that was prosperous and aspiring.
Susan McGalla worked at the company in different managerial tasks until she was elected the company’s president and chief merchandising officer. She later served as the company’s entire president where she supervised the company’s establishment of aerie and 77kids brands. She was tasked with overseeing the company’s revenues of $3B, an e-commerce site, the P&L and four brands.

In 2009, McGalla left American Eagle Inc. to work as a private consultant in the retail and financial investment industries. She served on the Board of Directors of HFF Inc. in October 2009 prior to assuming Ed Thomas’ position as chief executive officer of Wet Seal Inc.

After leaving Wet Seal Inc., McGalla established P3 Executive Consulting.

Personal life

Susan McGalla is a loving wife to Stephen McGalla, a wealth manager.


Throughout her career, Susan has taken deterrent making her a top consultant for notable persons in finance when in search of an expert’s perspective on the field of retail. Having sovereignty over her career is a goldmine of versatility, being ambitious and undertaking responsibilities she was ardent about. Her gender was never a limiting factor to pursuing her goals.

Citadel Financial Institution

August 27, 2015

Citadel was previously known Citadel Investment Group, LLC and is a worldwide financial institution. It was founded by Ken Griffin in 1990. It operates two primary enterprises. The first one is Citadel, which is the largest alternative asset managers in the world with its managed assets valued at more than $26 billion. The second one is Citadel securities which is also a leading market maker in the world. Its trading products include equities, equity options and swapping of interest rates for institutional clients and retails.

Of the three percent of hedge funds that has existed for over twenty years, Citadel is among them. Because of its performance, Citadel is recognized and many world’s largest firms have entrusted their assets to them for management. The company has more than 1400 employees and their headquarters are in Chicago and other offices in countries where they have branches such as those in North America, Europe and Asia.

Citadel has been managing funds in five different investment strategies such as equities, commodities, credit, quantitative strategies and fixed income. It has fundamental research and firm risk management culture that make it known all over the world. The returns for 2009 and 2010 with high water marks that whose gains were more than 20 percent, outdoing the average for the industry which stands at about 5 percent losses.

Citadel, in 2014 became the first foreign hedge fund to compete in the yuan fundraising which was part of a program that could allow investors from China to invest in hedge funds from overseas. Citadel was noted to be providing quotes to traders at a rate of 0.35 seconds while their closest rivals are providing the same quotes at a rate of 2.05 seconds according to a research that was conducted in March 2015.

In 2002, Citadel Security was founded and has since grown to be a leading market maker that provides liquidity and trade execution to retailers and clients who are institutional. This automation from Citadel Securities has led to reliable trading which are at low cost and tighter spreads. Citadel Securities was ranked the first in providing improvements in prices for investors.

The founder of Citadel, Ken Griffin started his trading career in a dorm room while still in the Harvard University back in 1987 with much of the money he had coming from donations he had been given by friends and family members. He traded in convertible bonds that made him hook a satelite dish at the top of his dorm roof. He graduated with a degree in economics and decided to join hedge fund Glenwood that is based in Chicago.

The State of Real Estate in Houston

August 20, 2015

Over a dozen records were set in Houston real estate in 2014. Both Forbes and CNN placed Houston in their list of the “Top 10 Housing Markets for 2015”. However, 2015 has brought further drops in the price of oil and many are wondering what this will do to the housing market. Here are some interesting facts to keep in mind about the current state of the Houston real estate market:
• Sales would need to drop 30 percent in order to create a balanced market
• Even if home supply were to double, inventory levels would still be lower than 2008-2013 levels
• 26 Houston neighborhoods had median sales prices above $1,000,000 in 2014
• Condos are the fastest selling real estate property in Houston
• The second most top priority for home buyers in the Houston area is accessibility
• Houston is currently a strong seller’s market

Highland Village
The Houston real estate landscape wouldn’t be the same without Highland Village. This trendy and upscale neighborhood dates all the way back to the 1940s, marrying old school with today’s shopping luxuries in the Galleria area. Currently Crate & Barrel, Williams-Sonoma, Tootsies, Banana Republic, Harold Powell, Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn Kids, Ann Taylor, Escalante’s, Stride Right, Bath and Body Works, and Anthropologie call Highland Village home. Highland Village is located along four blocks of Westheimer. The streets are lined with palm trees and here patrons will find free parking in front of most of the stores. If shopping creates an appetite, Highland Village offers two restaurants as well as a Central Market.

More Condos Coming
Sims Luxury Builders, a homebuilder based out of Sugar Land, has released plans to build a multi-unit condo building, called Aurora. This project will be located on Tilbury Drive in Uptown. Condo units within Aurora are expected to be between 3,400 and 4,000 square feet, with a price tag between $2 million and $2.6 million. Also included in the real estate project are four penthouses. These will each be two-stories with up to 6,400 square feet. Buyers should expect to pay between $4 and $5 million for the penthouse units.

Philip Johnson/Alan Ritchie Architects will be responsible for designing Aurora. With offices in both New York and Houston, this architect company is no stranger to Houston real estate development. The late Philip Johnson, a modernist architect, designed many well-known landmarks in the Houston area, including the Bank of America Center, Williams Tower, and Pennzoil Place.

Haidar Barbouti for one, is no stranger to Houston real estate. Over 20 years of experience in the field of commercial properties has propelled him to success in the acquisition and development of multiple real estate investments within the United States. Barbouti’s real estate investments include office buildings, commercial properties, and shopping centers. However, all of his success and financial wealth have not gone to his head. He is well known in the Houston area for generous donations of time and money to causes that help children and animals. In fact, Barbouti even donated retail space for the Highland Village Adoption Center for Animals.

Maximizing Wikipedia Editing Abilities

Editing Wikipedia can be seen as a badge of honor in the age of information that we are currently living in. Wikipedia is one of the most important and visited websites on the internet and it has risen in stature since its establishment in 2002. Wikipedia is the largest online source of information in the world and is constantly incurring updates as a technologically advanced encyclopedia. With millions of pages of data and updates coming in by the minute it takes a volunteer work force simply to keep the thing in action. Despite being comprised fully of volunteer editors Wikipedia still expects a certain level of standards. For those that decide to edit on the website they should be aware of several important distinguishing tips.

Learn the rules.
Wikipedia has a set of rules that is as thick in language as any of their top visited encyclopedia based pages. The rules are all put together on a compendium called the Wikipedia writers for hire Manual of Style. Users will find all of the instructions needed in order to become a quality contributor to Wikipedia. Instructions range from formatting to point of view instructions and also include several different reference points for new editors to get their feet wet.

Get proper citations.
Wikipedia editors are entrusted with keeping Wikipedia up to date with current affairs while never wavering from the goal of being completely accurate. While Wikipedia can be argued as ‘not an academic source’, the content inside of Wikipedia must be cited from valued and reputable academic sources. These sources must be considered ‘long lasting’ and be pulled from .gov websites, academic journals, published papers, or even bound books. Citations must be added with the intention of lasting for years to come as there is no expiration date on Wikipedia.

Maintain a professional air.
Wikipedia editors must work closely with countless other employees while maintaining Wikipedia. In order to keep the site running smoothly they will be tasked with working together and cooperating on several tasks. In order for these tasks to run smoothly editors must be able to interact in a friendly and professional manner so as to keep the website free of drama and focused on the task at hand. Users who cannot interact appropriately are otherwise banned from editing on the website. Despite the fact that Wikipedia is an open source website it still has standards to uphold from the people on it.

A Profile of the Economist Christian Broda

August 17, 2015

Economists are very important. In the information age having people who can make some sense of the incredibly complex systems that surround us every day is important. Understanding the economic systems around us gives us insight and helps us to construct a better world. The systems that we interact with everyday- currency, capital, labor, etc need to be managed in order to maximize productivity and allow us to live the best lives we possibly can. While not everyone has the skills or desire to understand these systems people like Dr. Broda do. In this profile we will examine some of the accomplishments of Dr. Christian Broda and how he is changing the world of economics.

Christian Broda started his journey in the world of economics by earning his Bachelor of Arts degree from the Universidad de San Andresin Argentina in 1997. After finishing up his Bachelor’s Degree he moved to Massachusetts to begin work on his Master’s Degree in E at the well respected Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He continued his education at M.I.T and eventually finished his Ph.D in economics there in 2001.

After finishing his education he began putting it to good use. He started working for the prestigious Federal Reserve Bank of New York in their International Research Department. The New York Federal Reserve Bank is among the most important posts an economist can hold on the entire planet. New York is the economic center of the United States which is the largest economy in the world. Experience gained at the New York Fed is invaluable and helped to launch Christians career to new heights.

Christian Broda went on to spend September 2001 to 2004 at the New York Fed before moving on to becoming a NBER Faculty Research Fellow in 2006 and which he remains to this day. During that time Dr. Broda also took on many other responsibilities. He became the Associate Editor at the Journal of Development Economics in 2006 as well as the Associate Editor at the IMF Economic Review. He spent some time at the University of Chicago teaching aspiring economists and eventually became a tenured professor. From 2008 to 2009 he became the Chief International Economist at Lehman Brothers/Barclays Capital. In 2010 he landed at Duquesne Capital Management to become the Managing Director.

He has worked at some of the most well respected economic institutions around in very significant roles. While learning about economic practices and teaching students does a great deal to advance the field there is nothing comparable to inside experience. The only way to truly understand how many of the systems around us work is to get in there and do the work on your own. Christian Broda has a wealth of experience in his field and much to offer the world of economics.

Eucatex Produces Cost Effective Quality Products

August 12, 2015

It’s hard to imagine what Brazil looked like in 1951. That was the year Eucatex was born. Brazil is still considered an emerging country. That means it’s not a third world country anymore, but in 1951 it was considered a third world country. Today, Brazil has the seventh largest economy in the world and it is home for some of the most innovative companies on the planet. One of those companies is Eucatex. Eucatex started producing ceiling tiles made from eucalyptus wood back in 1951, but today the Eucatex product line is considered a must-have for builders and furniture manufacturers. Most builders and furniture makers want their creation to have a 21st century look and Eucatex products produce that look. Eucatex has its finger on the pulse of the building market and with offices around the world and four factories in Brazil, Eucatex can pump out cost effective, quality materials.

Eucatex has been guided through the intricacies of the building industry by one man for more than ten years. Flavio Maluf is an engineer by education, but a businessman by birth. Brazilian-born Flavio joined Eucatex in 1987. He had the drive, ambition and the brains to become president of the company ten years later. In 2007, Maluf was named CEO, and the company has experienced dynamic growth ever since then. Maluf was the man behind Eucatex when Brazil was going through some hard times. The 1990s was a period of transition for Brazil. People in the building industry give Maluf a lot of credit for pushing through the government restrictions, the ever changing value of Brazilian currency and the challenges of exporting during those years. Maluf was instrumental in the success of Eucatex. The company is one of the largest in Brazil’s building industry.

Maluf knew he had to expand the Eucatex product line in order to survive, and that’s what he did. Instead of just manufacturing wood ceiling tiles, Eucatex has paint, varnishes, doors, furniture and other building materials on its current product line sheets. Most Eucatex products are made from eucalyptus wood thanks to the company’s vision to plant their own eucalyptus forest. Eucatex is considered an environmental leader in Brazil, and the company has won several awards to prove it. Eucatex is what other companies want to be when it comes to social correctness, cost effectiveness and quality.

Business Leadership and Management, Stephen P. Murray

Stephen P. Murray, everyone calling him Steve, passed away at the young age of 52 years old, leaving his wife of 29 years, Tami and four boys. Steve was known as an “inexhaustible man.” Always having time for his family and friends, as well as his many philanthropic accomplishments and support agencies he worked so diligently supporting and serving on boards. Some of those endeavors were supporting the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York, one of his Alma Maters Boston College, and the other Columbia Business School where he received his bachelor degree and master degree respectively. Leaving his college years to head for the big leagues in 1989.

Although his career appears short, his accomplishments are extreme and monumental to the companies where he led teams to achieve goals and set new records of accomplishment. Steve began his working career after college working as a credit analyst in a training program for Manufacturers Hanover Corporation MHC. The Chemical Bank purchased MHC in 1991, just two short years after Steve began working there, and the Chemical Venture Partners merged with MH Equity. If that wasn’t creating enough work and confusing, in 1996, Chase Manhattan Corporation (CMC) and Chemical Venture Partners merged and became Chase Capital. It was at this point in Steve’s career he was promoted to “Head of Buyout” business at JP Morgan Partners. Just a short 18 years after graduating college, Stephen P. Murray is named CEO of CCMP.

It wasn’t, but four years ago Steven and his wife Tami purchased an apartment in New York City that they loved so much located 230 West 78th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue. The apartment/flat, measured 3,840-square-feet, not including the 786 square foot terrace that offered a view of the river and park. They recently sold this property to Bruno Mejean and Martina Hund-Mejean, founder and principal of BJM International.

Steve Murray’s quarter of a decade career in the Operation Management, Business Development and Information Technology afforded him leadership positions in the business for identifying, capturing, and winning many multi-million dollar contracts across a wide range of federal government agencies. His business leadership and oversight for business development will be remembered and policies he set will be utilized and expanded upon for years to come.

The legacy he leaves behind will be his genuine fondness for people, hard worker and a dear friend to many who learned from his leadership and development skills.

The Great Taste of OrganoGold

August 11, 2015


There are hundreds of millions of people all around the world that consume coffee on a regular basis. There are many people that are searching for high quality coffee at a great price. Many times, expensive coffee does not taste any better than cheap coffee which leaves consumers in a bind. One of the most premium and quality brands of coffee on the market today comes from OrganoGold. OrganoGold has a committment to excellence with their products that few other coffee companies have. There are a couple of facts that make the OrganoGold coffee products a much higher quality than other coffee products. Not only do they have a unique production process, but they also take pride in the way that they treat the community in which they get their coffee beans. Here are several things that set OrganoGold apart from the competition.

Social Impact

Coffee is something that is usually harvested from nations overseas. There are many companies with coffee farms in poorer areas of the world. It is important to OrganoGold that they make an impact in the people where they harvest coffee. At the end of the day, this is one of the central themes that separate OrganoGold from the competition. There are many different customers that have chosen OrganoGold for the fact that they take pride in their work. Having a large social impact is something that OrganoGold has done a great job of and something that they strive for over time.

Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua is the CEO of the coffee company and has done a great job of building his brand over the years. He has several points that are important to him in building a quality coffee product. He believes in using the best materials and resources possible, and because of this he does not make as much money as he could otherwise. However, it is more important to Bernardo Chua to have a quality product on the market. There are millions of people that drink his products every week, and for this Bernardo Chua has a lot of pride in the name and company that he has built over time. Anyone that is looking to learn about how to start and run a great company over time should look to Bernardo Chua to learn how to do so.

Final Thoughts

Overall, OrganoGold is one of the most high quality coffee products that are on the market today. There are tens of millions of people that consume coffee every single day. Having a quality coffee product that is a leader in the world is something that is important to the founder and CEO, Bernardo Chua.