Kevin Seawright is a Leader in the Financial Industry

July 18, 2017

Kevin Seawright is a leader in the financial field and has made a name for him as one having a strategic vision and the ability to help clients achieve new opportunities. With an Executive Leadership Certification from Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business and a Master’s Degree in Accounting from Almeda University, Kevin Seawright has used his financial expertise to help better East Coast communities.

Some of his career work has included reformatting business strategies while rebuilding responsive and responsible financing and accounting divisions, including accounts payable and receivable, as well as payroll and collections.

He offers results that are aligned with technology based initiatives and establishing economic and organizational goals and the solutions to achieve those goals. He has also worked to improve enhanced revenue privileges that increases annual return forecasting in the service and goods sector. Read more: Kevin Seawright & RPS Solutions LLC Fill Baltimore’s Belvedere Square with First Time Homebuyers

Mr. Seawright has spent several years working at the executive level of financial, capital operational management and human resources. He has been responsible for more than $400 million in municipal, federal and state funds and bonds.

He has also been responsible for more than $600 million in construction funding for educational facilities. He has also held a variety of financial positions including Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Chief of Financial & Construction Projects, Finance Director, Payroll Director, Fiscal Officer and Budget Manager.

Kevin Seawright also took on the role of manager of the Baltimore public school system that educated more than 80,000 students. He was very successful when he integrated the school system operations within the city’s software.

The software is designed to allow financial managers within the city to determine which goals are being met and which are not. The system has also helped the city better manage its finances including making financial decisions.

The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (CECD) is Seawright’s latest challenge. The Newark CEDC is the driving force for economic development and works to attract and retain business and advocates for real estate development.

The CEDC also works to enhance minority businesses to produce more jobs for the people of the area. Kevin Seawright has the right background to help the CEDC flourish and bring economic gains to the area.

Options for Financial Solutions Provided By Equities First Holdings

July 16, 2017

One thing that people need when it comes to major life choices is financial aid. However, it is not just any type of financial aid that they should accept. It is important for people to take the time to read about financial aid so that they can learn about all of the different forms of this type of aid. For one thing, financial aid is something that needs to be paid back. Therefore, it is important for the client to make sure that he is going to get the type of aid that he is going to be able to pay back.

Fortunately, there are alternative financial solutions offered by firms such as Equities First Holdings. They offer solutions finances based on publicly traded stock. This helped clients meet goals that they had either for their business life or their personal life. For one thing, this has given clients something that they can gain if they had a hard time getting the usual types of loans. Equities First Holdings is a very respectable and trustworthy company because it has completed tons of transactions and is holding more than $1 billion. Therefore, they have shown that they are very wise in what they are doing.

When it comes to success, one of the most important factors to look at is how well the entity manages money. If money is not well managed, then this can result in a lot of problems for the entity. For one thing, even them most successful individual or business goes through a losing streak. Therefore, it is important for them to make sure that they are prepared for the losing streak. After all, if one is not careful, then he is likely to lose a lot of his progress and then have to start over from the beginning.

Cassio Audi Changes Directions in Career Choices

July 13, 2017

The growth of the rock music in Latin American has been something that was under development since the mid-eighties. People that have heard of Viper may not realize it, but Cassio Audi has a big role in bringing this music to Latin America. It was long before he put he time and energy into the business administration world.

Cassio Audi is someone that has actually helped change the course of Latin American music by pushing the envelope with more rock music. People that were fans of Viper may have recognized him as part of the group as the drummer. This was just a part of his involvement in the total equation. He was also a writer and arranger for the group. “Soldiers of Sunrise” and “Theatre of Fate” were albums that he performed on. It was in 1988 that he put his stamp on the “Solders of Sunrise” album that received some awesome reviews.

Audi would actually leave the group in 1989, but he certainly made sure that he gave his best to the music industry as a writer. The debut Viper album that he worked on received critical acclaim. He produced a solid album that would become a timeless piece that people would appreciate in American culture and beyond. In time Cassio would find other things that he excelled in outside of the music world. He proved himself to be one of the most significant sources of the rock music movement in Latin America.

Cassio Audi has definitely become a master in the area of music, but he wanted to do even more. He wanted to flex his skills in the business world. That is why he managed to make a transition from Cassio Audi the rock drummer to Cassio Audi the businessman and leader in the financial industry.

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Nabors CEO Anthony Petrello’s Remarkable Career Progression

Nabors Industries Limited was founded in 1968. It was previously known as Anglo Energy Limited. The company, which is based in Bermuda, deals with drilling oil and natural gas. The company operates in different regions around the world including the Middle East, Africa, and America. Its operations range from onshore to offshore drilling. The company makes a lot of profits and has close to 30,000 employees.

Between 1979 and 1991, he worked at a law firm called Baker & McKenzie. From 1986 to 1991, he was the company’s New York Office Managing Partner.

In 1991, he became the President and Director of Nabor Industries Ltd. He was also the company’s Chief Operating Officer until 2011. From 2003 to June 2012, Tony was the company’s deputy chairman. He became the Chairman of the Board in the same month. On October 28, 2011, he became the Chief Executive Officer of Nabor’s Industries Ltd., a position he still holds.

He quickly achieved rapid growth in the company sending share prices to peak levels. The company currently posts annual revenues of over $6 billion. In 2014, Tony Petrello spearheaded sweeping changes to the corporate governance framework and executive compensation policy. Nabors Industries operates the world’s biggest drilling fleets. It also manages multiple offshore drilling rigs in the international markets. The company is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange. Click here to know more.

Tony has donated more than $7 million to the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Institute. His daughter, Carena, motivates him to fund medical research centers. She was born with a brain disorder known as periventricular leukomalacia. Petrello hopes that one-day medical practitioners will find a cure for Carena’s illness. His family’s relationship with the Duncans has become stronger over time and the healthcare fraternity has begun noticing their enthusiasm for philanthropy.

Capital Group is a Haven to Invest and Plan a Safe Retirement

Mr. Warren Buffet’s wager of $1 million into charity has been considered as highly likely to pay out and prove to be a better investment than a group of hedge fund managers who invested S&P 500 passive index. It seems Mr. Buffet is right since most of the funds shortchange investors. His low cost and simple investment have found support, as it provides a safe option for retirement and assurance for investors to stay active in the business.

It is high time to challenge the proposition that passive index returns provide a safer path to a comfortable retirement. What people should understand is that they do not cushion you against down markets. More than 1200 investors were surveyed, and they stated that they were aware that index funds exposed them to 100% losses and high market volatility.

Tim Armour was elected and announced the chairman of the Capital Group on the 28th of July 2015. The announcement was made by the Board of Directors of the group, which is one of the leading investment management firms in the world. Amour holds a degree in Economics from the Middlebury College. He began his professional career at the Capital Group as a participant in the Associates Program, working as an equity investment analyst, where he covered global telecommunications and U.S service organizations. He is also the chairman of Capita’s Group Management Committee.

Tim Armour’s perspective on the market selloff is that China has the greatest impact on the global economy. It has a market share of more than 15%. He considers China’s decision to devalue its currency as the most prominent catalyst for the market selloff since it created financial shocks to international markets.

The partnership with Samsung Asset Management will see the development of co-branded retirement products for Koreans. It will target middle-aged workers and those in need of long-term asset accumulation. Tim states that the partnership will deal with the areas of product management, distribution, and retirement solutions.

Armour warns on the Post-Trump market, saying that there will be turbulence ahead. That is because most of the decisions and policies of the incoming government are very uncertain. However, he argues that markets are facing an inflection dimension, motivated by populism all over the world.

Talos Energy Set To Make History

July 12, 2017

Big historical events are the types of things that we remember for a very long time to come. They are the things that people write books about and that we celebrate with national holidays. However, sometimes individuals or groups make their own bit of history that is just as important. One of those pieces of history is happening right now in the Gulf Of Mexico.

The citizen of Mexico voted in 2015 to open up the Gulf for exploration by private oil and gas companies. That is something that has not happened since the industry was nationalized in 1938. Nationalization meant that only the state-run gas company had any ability to drill in these particular regions.

Once the measure to allow private companies to drill was approved, the companies that were selected to work on this joint venture were Talos Energy, Sierra Oil and Gas, and Premier Oil. They decided to work together on this one with Talos holding a 35% stake in the oil well.

The project is to drill in the Sureste Basin where there could be as many of 500 million barrels of oil. It is not yet known because exploration of that area has yet to begin. That being said, estimates have it running as high as that.

For its part, Talos Energy is a great choice for this project. They already have an extensive knowledge of the area and what to look for in the oilfield. They are also great to their employees having been selected as a top 10 place to work by the Houston Chronicle two years in a row.

The strategy that Talos seeks to employ makes a lot of sense for the area. They want to go after that oil while also considering the environmental impact. They seek to use the latest technologies available to get as much of the oil as they can while doing as little damage to the natural environment as possible. It is literally one of their stated goals on their website. Given this, it is no wonder that Talos was selected as one of the companies to get the first shot at this area.

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Bob Reina: Ten Years Of Happy Living

July 11, 2017

This is going to come off as cliché or cheesy, but every single part of it is true: life is supposed to be lived to the best of each and every single person’s ability. Every single person out there is special and has something to offer. Maybe they have not quite figured it out yet, but they will. When they do it figure it out, it would be a sin to waste it or let it not be seen by the world. That is one of many reasons why Bob Reina created and founded Talk Fusion all the way back in 2007. It is hard to believe they are now at the decade mark. Learn more:


When one looks deeper at Talk Fusion and especially Bob Reina, they should not be surprised. First and foremost, he is incredibly bright. When someone is bright, that is truly half the battle. A lot of people have their head in the clouds and they are just money men. Bob Reina is a person that knows business and he knows what people want. He knows it is up to him to give it to them and people have been yearning for and wanting something that is uniquely its own like Talk Fusion, which has video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. Learn more:


They are created by the best IT team in the business, and Bob Reina always gives lots and lots of credit to them. He knows what they can do and he hired them for a reason. Not just anyone can work at Talk Fusion. They need to be able to offer something special and bring something to the table that no one else can. After all, people use Talk Fusion for their stay at home business and they need it to get running and to get it in as many people’s hands as possible. Learn more:


It is all about branding, using social media, and letting the world know that a company is out there and it exists. When the product is good and people use it, they tell their friends and it grows and grows.

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Community Banking would Pave the Way for a Better Tomorrow

Every year Texas Bankers Association organize a general meeting and strategic M&A conference to bring the financial and banking fraternity together and discuss the various core issues that are influencing the industry, positively as well as negatively. The primary objective of the conference is to discuss the different possibilities and opportunities that are surfacing as the banking sector evolves and the financial market changes and what are the resolutions to the problems that are faced by the industry.

The conference is attended by many prominent names in the banking and financial sector, including financial analysts, leaders, advisors, and consultants. In the bankers’ panel of this year’s meet, the President and CEO of Nexbank, John Holt, was also present. John Holt talked about the theme of this year’s theme topic, which was the reinvention of community banking and leading the competition through innovation. John Holt suggested that community banking is essential for the growth of the community as a whole as it allows the lower strata of the society as well to get the financial strength to grow and contribute to the society.

He mentioned that to accelerate the progress of community banking, it is essential for all the leading financial institutions and banks to integrate modern technology into their core banking infrastructure. John Holt talked about how Nexbank is contributing to the growth of community banking in the state by acquiring college savings bank and by loaning to different financial institutions that are working to provide finance to the low-income families.

Nexbank has for years been one of the most trusted names in the banking industry of the state of Texas and is the thirteenth largest in the state. Nexbank’s financial portfolio had grown to over $6 Billion in assets since the time of its inception in 1934 when it had just four employees and one small office. Today, it has 86 employees and counting and four regional offices in Texas.

Cassio Audi – Legend in Both Worlds

July 10, 2017

In the worlds of finance and music alike, Casio Audi is still regarded an elect. He has more experience in finances though he still regards his roots in the music industry as those to not forget. Audi has primarily traveled Europe and Asia to spread the gospel of Viper, a popular rock band in Brazil, especially in the 1980s. He and his band of three other teenagers sought to change heavy-metal music altogether, and they were regarded successful by most people of the time. In fact, some older generations still remember the band and its members, especially Audi as he played the drums.

They have even taught younger generations, their children and grandchildren especially, how valuable this band was and how they have influenced today’s music as a whole. Rock music has never been the same, and one man often attribute such to the original formation of this band; they were undoubtedly influential. Perhaps, bands like today’s, and even earlier ones – such as Backstreet Boys or Eminem – find their roots in Viper.

Their inspiration and redirection into mainstream influences have resulted from here as well. Where did Viper’s original inspiration come from? That’s also a very important question to ask. Viper was inspired by Iron Maiden, which was a very popular rock band in Britain at the time: It’s amazing to note how one often leads to another. ; it’s no different in the world music and finances. Many have found various songs, bands, singers and albums to be of high influence.

As such, they thus receive inspiration from these and thereby spread the word, making their own unique creations in turn. This is what has succesfully happened Viper and countless other bands and singers in our world, which has thus resulted in some of today’s best music. Remember.

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Importance of Kabballah

Many things happen in our lives. Some of them are important while others are not. Every moment, we feel the urge to understand the meaning of some aspects of our lives. We get overwhelmed with the desire to uncover these truths to the extent of becoming desperate and desolate. But what if these mysteries of life could be explained and uncovered in a way that we all understand? What if someone could tell us about why we sleep, eat or even play? What if someone could tell us about why there is life? Click Here for Kabbalah News.

This is where Kabballah comes in, to explain and unravel these mysteries in a less intricate manner. With Kabballah, we get the opportunity to feel things in an unconditional and infinite manner. It helps us traverse through the universe without a wall between life and death. We get a sense of fulfillment for all our desires including those beyond comprehension. Through the wisdom of Kabballah, we attain success and fulfillment in life, which translates to happiness. This is why Kabballah is important to learn and experience.

The Kabballah Center

Kabballah Center is an organization that gives people who are yearning to uncover the mysteries of life and experience a sense of self-consciousness and self-belonging a platform to achieve all these desires. The organization came into existence in 1922 under the leadership of Rav Yehuda Ashlag. For over nine decades, the company has made positive impacts on the lives of people coming from different parts of the world.

It has 50 branches spread across the globe with over 5,000 students studying the wisdom of Kabballah every week. The organization has its main headquarters in the United States and Europe. They have physical classroom and online outlets where people can learn the art of Kabballah. The organization also has books, CDs, DVDs, and downloads.

The center is categorized as a non-profit organization with between 500 and 1,000 employees. It has a volunteer program that consists of like-minded people who exchange ideas and grow spiritually. The organization has several events spread throughout the year. It is cheap to learn Kabballah in this center, especially if you are a volunteer. for more.