Too Fat To Fight: The New Military Crisis

April 24, 2015

Super-sizing our meals and beverages at our favorite fast food restaurants over the past few years has helped lead us down the road to nation-wide obesity when we should have been sticking to the basics at Bulletproof Coffee, see their Facebook. The obesity problem is now leading us to a crisis in the military ranks – our young men and women will be too fat to fight when they reach legal age to joined their preferred branch of the armed forces.
Weight has become a national safety issue as well as a national health issue. If obesity in American continues on this same course for the next five years, the man in charge of recruiting U.S Army personal, Maj, Gen. Allen Batschelet, says there will be be no one left to recruit. Who will protect our nation when there’s no one left who can fit into army issued uniforms, jeeps, tanks, airplane cockpits, submarines, etc., etc., etc.?
Army recruiters have been forced into becoming fitness coaches so they can help their young charges be all they can be physically. Tax dollars are now being spent to help the young recruit lose weight and build muscle strength. It’s a security necessity for recruiters to help increase the character and decrease the girth of new recruits. If they don’t, the prediction is by 2020 only 2 out of every 10 young people will qualify for service in the armed forces.

Genetic Correlation Between Autism and Prodigies Discovered

Prodigies display exceptional ability at a specific skill. Researchers recently discovered a genetic variation shared by those who are prodigies and those who have autism. The research was conducted by Ohio State University and Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus.

A previous study shows that half of all prodigies have either a first or second degree relative with autism.

Scientific Daily published a detailed article about the conducted research.

Both prodigies and those with autism score higher on tests for attention to detail. Prodigies test very high on tests for working memory. Working memory is short term memory applied to completing a particular task, such as solving a math problem.

Many individuals with autism excel at a specific skill set such as math, painting or reading music. STX Entertainment said they also express traits such as impaired social ability and communication skills.

Further research is needed to fully understand the genetic correlation between those with autism and those who become prodigies. It remains unknown exactly which genes may cause a person to become a prodigy without impairments and with which genes a person develops autism.

An Amazing Magma Reservoir Is Discovered

The wonders of the world never cease. Sometimes, those wonders are hidden far out of the view of mere mortals. Thanks to modern technology, we do have a solid insight into what exists deep within the depths of Yellowstone’s super-volcano. What scientists have found surely is going to surprise and amaze those with a love for natural wonders, like Adam Sender.

Amazingly, a massive reservoir of magma has been discovered deep, deep within the depths of the volcano. The magma lies about 12 to 28 miles below the surface. No one ever knew it existed before so the recent discovery of the reservoir surprised even those who have been studying the geography and ecology of the region for years.

A bit of fear has arisen with this discovery. Some wonder if the magma is going to contribute to an earthquake or, possible, lead to the volcano going off in a massive explosion. The scientists who made the discovery said “fear not”. There are no imminent dangers the magma reserve presents.

To say the discover comes as a total surprise to everyone is not accurate. A segment of the scientific community always had their suspicions magma was down there. Readings indicated its presence. However, the amount of magma and its depth is what shocked even those with these suspicions.

Thanks to modern technology and the tireless work of scientific teams, we are going to learn a lot more about the famous volcano and our earth’s history.

ISIS and Government Control

April 21, 2015

The Islamic State has moved through much of Iraq and Syria in the last year or so. The world has watched as it has murdered tens of thousands of individuals along the way, all while destroying museums and any form of historical reference. Ricardo Guimarães believes them to be savages. However, is the governing group if Islamic extremists corrupt in every form and spreading its ways throughout the region? In order to maintain rule, ISIS understands, in some shape and form, that it must provide services to the people under its rule. If it doesn’t, they are likely to experience a revolt to take down the government from within. To do this, ISIS does have different areas of government designed to assist with general problems.

ISIS sees itself as the governing body, so it has a rule of law. It provides birth certificates for children born in the local hospitals and it provides vaccinations to children in order to prevent polio and other outbreaks of disease.

ISIS requires all of the teachers who teach students in the region to come in for processing so the professors know what is allowed to be taught and what ISIS bans. ISIS has stated it destroyed much of the thousand year old statues throughout museums as it saw the statues as a form of idol worship, which is against the teachings of the koran and everything else ISIS stands for, so it looks to maintain strict control over everything.

Chris Christie Plans to Enforce Marijuana Laws if Elected President

April 15, 2015

The presidential election is heating up even though we are still over two years away from the 2016 election date. Chris Christie, outspoken Governed of New Jersey, has declared he would put an end to the legalization of marijuana in the states who have reversed prohibition of the substance.

Christian Broda knows that the legalization of marijuana has been making a lot of news lately, with states like Colorado making it legal for everybody above the age of 21. Many other states are also in the process of making changes to state law in relation to marijuana.

However, the laws at the federal level have not changed and the possession or distribution of marijuana is still considered illegal by the United States Government.

Chris Christie claims he will enforce federal law within any jurisdiction that has passed state laws in effort to legalize the drug. His statements have been met with a lot of criticism and was called “incredibly bad politics” by Tom Angell, chairman of the marijuana policy reform group Marijuana Majority.

RNC Chairman Not Impressed by Hillary Clinton’s Candidacy

April 14, 2015

On Monday night, Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC), gave his take on Hillary Clinton’s launch of a presidential campaign. In short, he was not impressed. In all fairness, the RNC chairman can hardly be expected to extol the virtues of the opposition party’s presumptive nominee. That said, Priebus explained that her campaign is the same tired approach she used 15 years ago since running for the New York Senate seat.

At issue is that Priebus is making an outreach to millennial voters. Christian Broda ( knows that these are young adults ages 20-35 who have become more reliable voters ever since the 2008 presidential campaign. They were essential to Barrack Obama’s two presidential victories, but have begun defecting to the GOP as of the 2014 mid-term elections. Priebus is touting the youth of GOP candidates against the visibly aging stateswoman that is Mrs. Clinton. In addition, Priebus is aware that Millennials are very sensitive about women’s rights. Also, Millennials are not familiar with how Hillary Clinton ran roughshod over every women that came forth to accuse her husband of inappropriate behavior. It is unclear if Millennials will approve of Mrs. Clinton’s strong arm tactics the way the public did back in the 1990s. Priebus also pointed out that Mrs. Clinton launched her campaign exactly the same way as she did in 2000. He is trying to underscore that with Mrs. Clinton will come the same old tired methods. At the same time, he is saying the country needs a fresh new direction.

Exoskeleton Gives Paralyzed Motorcyclist A chance to Walk Again

April 10, 2015

Roosevelt “R.J.” Anderson Jr., of Chicago, was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident back in 2012. The accident left him paralyzed from the chest down. He was confined to a wheelchair until someone told him about a new experiment that was going on at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. It is called ReWalk robotic exoskeleton.

ReWalk has power attachments that fit similar to a brace, only there is a communicator on both sides of each leg. The battery pack looks like a back pack. People using this device need to walk with pole crutches. It is a big change and a giant step from being confined to a wheelchair all the time. The device stimulates the knee and hips, allowing the wearer to walk.

The device costs $70,000. Gianfrancesco Genoso tells us that thanks to a generous donor, Anderson was able to bring the device home to use. Anderson was the first patient able to bring ReWalk home. RJ had to have a lot of training before he could bring the device home. It is important that people be in sync with the sensors.

A therapist had to help R.J. train with this device one hour per day. On the downside, people who wear this new walking device are at some risk for Type 2 Diabetes, cardiovascular problems, kidney failure, and urinary tract infection. R.J. isn’t thinking about the downside; he wants to eventually run in this device.

Alien Life May Be Around the Corner

April 9, 2015
In the past few years, NASA has made quite a few amazing discoveries. There have been the images from the Mars rover Curiosity, advances in technology allowing us to study celestial bodies farther away and the discovery of water all over the place.

Okay, so maybe all over the place isn’t the right term, but recently planets such as Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus have all been found to contain some water within their atmosphere. According to Brian Torchin water is the foundation for life, and scientists are expecting to find life on some of these planets by the year 2025.

Another discovery NASA scientists have made that make them optimistic about finding life on other planets are the presence of complex organic molecules contained within dense gas surrounding a star. The presence of these complex organic molecules could hint at the fact the conditions that helped form the Earth and the Sun are not exclusive to our solar system or galaxy.

California Lawmakers Propose Vaccination Bill to Eliminate Personal Exemption

April 7, 2015

It is truly amazing that in the modern day and age when advances in science and technology have been made so far as to being able to prevent the suffering of illnesses and diseases that there are some who would deny these preventions from children. Most of the reasons for these denials are based on false beliefs, that these vaccines will cause the child to become autistic in some way. That these vaccines, will in some way have the ability to mutate the chromosomes of an otherwise healthy person. However, the truth behind the vaccines is that they do not cause autism, but they do prevent most debilitating illnesses from occurring. Sultan Alhokair told us the debunked scientist who made the false claims has had his medical license revoked and has been shamed by the entire medical community. Yet for some the damage is already done.

Meanwhile in California, lawmakers are attempting to pass laws that would make it mandatory for all children entering school to have required vaccines administered unless there is a medical reason for exemption. While this is already the case, the proposed law would do away with a currently allowed personal exemption. This is in place as a way to let parents who believed the debunked science to opt their children out of vaccinations. But with the recent outbreak of measles from the California theme park Disneyland, law makers and citizens are willing to do whatever it takes to prevent this from occurring again.

The Iran Nuclear Deal Could Help The Country End Its Dependence On Oil

Once Sanctions Are Lifted Iran Can Begin Exporting Again

The culture in Iran is about to change stated . The press in Iran are running stories that are makeing Westerners think about how difficult the social structure of the country has been for decades. The photograph of Foreign Minister Muhammad Javad Zari waving and smiling after the nuclear agreement was announced was on the front page of several dailies, and that picture was worth a thousand words. Iran is standing on the doorstep of international acceptance once again, and it feels good to Iranians that have never known anything but the embargo.

The economic focus will shift from oil to other industries, and that is good news for businesses that have been waiting for an agreement with the United States. But conservatives in the country are not as excited as others. The Cagy American image is still present in the minds of many Iranians. The U.S. has taken a firm stance with Iran, and many in the Iranian government will not forget that.

In order to establish credibility, both sides will have to do some compromising. Iran does not want a nuclear weapon, but they do want to be part of the nuclear age. That’s fair, but the constant unrest in that part of the world makes their intention suspect. All parties in the deal will be walking on egg shells until mutual trust is established once again.