Talos Energy Partners For First Drilling In Mexican Waters Since 1938

June 20, 2017

Talos Energy recently partnered with Premiere Oil, a London based company, and Sierra Oil and Gas based in Mexico for the first drilling project in Mexican waters since 1938. This new initiative is part of an energy based reform the Mexico has launched in order to bring in more global business.

For many years drilling was monopolized by the state run, Petroleos Mexicanos, now Mexico has voted to open drilling rights to bidders and the three companies won the bid together. The drilling is expected to take 90 days from start to finish and will cost Premiere Oil a grand total of 16 million to complete the drilling process. The basin where the drilling will take place, Sureste basin, is favored to be an oil rich area as the Zama-1 well , located in this basin, has an estimated 100- 500 million barrels of oil with in it.

As the drilling takes place, there are many agencies anxious about the outcome of this first time Mexican drilling job. Talos Energy will be managing the drill site. All three companies have a stake in this drilling job. Talos holds a 35% stake, while Premiere has a 25% stake, and Sierra Oil and Gas have 40% invested. Time will tell if the open bid process in Mexico will be successful.

Talos Energy, the smallest of the three companies, is quickly gaining a reputation as a reliable and quality conscious business to partner with. What started as a tiny company with 15 employees, has now grown into 120 employees across the nation and international. Talos has a reputation for being a great company that cares for its employees, offering such perks as on site daycare. Every employee gets to reap the benefits of hard work. That work ethic was instilled from the start by the owners.

Located in Houston, Texas, Talos Energy was started by a small group of partners who raised 600 million to get Talos off the ground. Now Talos Energy has been consistently buying other small drilling organizations in preparation for rapid expansion in years to come. To read more about Talos Energy, please click here.

UKV PLC is a Vintner That is Worth Noting For Any Wine Enthusiast

June 19, 2017

     UKV PLC should be getting your attention if you’re not aware of who they are already. It’s highly recommended for you to know whether the choices of wine investing your partaking in are the best of what is available for you to take advantage of. UKV PLC has been maintaining innovative approaches in their stages of production for some time now. If you’re unaware of what exactly they may be able to offer you, then it’s highly recommended for you to visit the pages they have set up. A help desk agent will also be able to provide you with guidance in purchasing a wine product that’s going to truly benefit you, as opposed to one that you will not necessarily be too pleased with.

UKV PLC is a wine maker that understands sanitizing should always be considered as being a key element of wine manufacturing. Although sanitation is extremely important when wine making is a concern, there are several vintners today that aren’t place as much importance on it as they need to. Due to such a reality, many consumers of wine products fall ill, as there is a considerable amount of bacteria in the wine that they end up drinking. UKV PLC takes extra steps to clean their manufacturing tanks. This prevents contamination from occurring, a scenario that needs to be avoided at all costs.

UKV PLC has been known to be a vintner that does not skip any steps of fermenting. Many companies skips certain steps of fermenting that need to be seen as an absolute requirement of proper production. If you’re not necessarily sure about how you may be able to benefit from a company that puts forth great efforts to ensure those who purchase the products that they offer are fully satisfied, it’s recommended for you to go to the website of theirs, as there are many details and instructions on how you can purchase your first UKV PLC wine product if you haven’t already.

For more, check this out https://ukvintners.wordpress.com/.

The Common Orthopedic Procedures and Information about Dr. Greg Finch

June 18, 2017

Orthopedic surgery is one of the therapeutic activities that involve the correction and treatment of some defective conditions that affect the musculoskeletal system of the human body. When you get an accident, your body muscles may get injured. Additionally, your bones may get fractured. To rectify these problems, you need a qualified orthopedic surgeon. If you fail to get medical attention immediately after acquiring these severe injuries, you may get disabled. Some of the common orthopedic procedures include the following:

  • ACL Reconstruction

ACL means Anterior Cruciate Ligament. It is a knee muscle that allows relaxation. When a knee gets twisted wrongly, the ACL muscle may get injured and torn. When this happens, the victim requires a qualified orthopedic surgeon to reconstruct it perfectly. The process involves the removal of the torn ligament and the creation of other tissues in the knee. It reduces painful conditions and enables the patient to walk freely without complications.

  • Spine Surgery

It is another common orthopedic procedure performed by experts. Greg Finch is a spine surgery expert. Greg treats people with backbone problems. For instance, if an individual has severe spine pains, the patient requires spine surgery from a qualified orthopedic surgeon like Greg Finch. The process will terminate the painful conditions completely.

  • Joint Replacement

Knee and other body joints are prone to deformities. These conditions are due to accidents and injuries. Joint replacement is an orthopedic procedure that involves replacing damaged body joints with the recommended materials, which may include metal joinery and ceramic.

One of the most recommended orthopedic surgeons is Dr. Greg Finch. Greg Finch, who is an Australian based surgeon, received spine surgery training with other renowned world leaders for two years in the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States of America. Therefore, he has a remarkable experience that enables him to perform multiple spine surgeries every year. He is an excellent surgeon who is passionate and helpful to his patients affected by spine problems.

Your Child now gets Dojo Points in School for Positive Behavior

June 8, 2017

Parents, have you ever heard of a dojo point? Did you know that many schools now give these things to your child? Do you even know what a dojo point is? Well, let me explain. A dojo point is a reward for good behavior that a child gets when they are showing a positive attitude in class.


Dojo points are also given when a student does a good deed or when they accomplish a task or goal. In short, dojo points are simply sweet little rewards that teachers give to their students when they say or do something that is positive and a part of their job as a student.


At least 90% of all U.S. teachers now use a dynamic educational app called ClassDojo. For many educators, this is the premiere piece of technology that helps to make teaching a breeze. The best feature of this app is that it allows teachers to instantly communicate with parents about their child’s activities and behaviors throughout the day.


Parents also love the ClassDojo app. Once they find out about it, they greatly appreciate the flexibility that it gives them to keep track of their child’s progress in school. No parent wants his or her child to act up in school. They all want them to have a good day. ClassDojo helps to make this possible.


When a teacher sees a child doing good things in the classroom they can shoot their parent’s a quick text about their child’s behavior and/or hard work. A parent or teacher no longer have to sit around waiting for the parent teacher conference to speak to each other. They can now text, send photos and videos of a student’s behavior throughout the day.


Teachers really love to give out ClassDojo accolades. They are a great reward for positive student behavior. Usually at the end of a grading period or at the end of a year, a teacher provides lots of goodies, gifts and awards to children who earned a lot of dojo points.

Learn more about ClassDojo:


Combines Growth with Community Involvement

June 5, 2017

NexBank SSB has been a respected member of the Dallas business community for almost a century. This community bank has emerged in recent years as a growth-oriented and highly profitable firm. Originally chartered in 1922, it provides banking services to Dallas and the north Texas region. NexBank has continued a long tradition of support for the community.

NexBank’s financial position in mid-2016 was very positive. The company reported $3.5 billion in assets, which is a 61 percent gain over the same time the year before. Deposit rose 49 percent to $2.6 billion. Profits totaled $38.1 million. This represents a return on equity of 37.6 percent. In addition, NexBank recently completed raising $24 million in new capital to fund continued growth. NexBank SSB acquired the College Savings Bank of New Jersey in 2015 as part of its expansion efforts. CSB is a major provider of managed 529 college savings plans.

The bank is owned by NexBank Capital, Inc. The parent firm is a diversified financial services firm. It primarily serves the banking industry. NexBank Capital describes its core operation as being focused on three areas. These are investment banking, commercial banking and mortgage banking.

NexBank SSB is a strong supporter of the Dallas community. The firm recently joined with other area banks to help the families of five Dallas police officers who were killed in a mass shooting in July, 2016. NexBank donated money through the Assist the Officer Foundation. This organization is run by the Dallas Police Association and gives 100 percent of the money raised to families in need.

NexBank is also a sponsor of the Dallas area Habitat for Humanity organization. It has committed $50 million over a five year period to build affordable homes in the south Dallas area. The program is revitalizing this part of metropolitan Dallas by providing home ownership opportunities to families with limited incomes.


Beneful a Product for all Dog Lovers

June 2, 2017

Surveys have shown that in present-day people view their pets as an additional family member. Therefore, they are increasingly looking for food that is similar to humans. It is not surprising now to see that every person that has a dog wants to feed it food that has familiar ingredients. Beneful, a product of Nestle Purina PetCare, is popular among dog lovers. It has been scrutinized by critics, but according to Nestle it feeds more than 14 million dogs annually.

The food as popular as is has been criticized for use of propylene glycol and colorful dyes. Propylene has been approved by the FDA but cannot be used for cat food, however. Critics have also complained about the use of mycotoxins in food which can be found in vast of dry pet foods.

The FDA and the European Union allow minimal levels of mycotoxins as they are in agricultural products. These issues were raised and in early 2015 plaintiffs brought a class action suit against Nestle. The case is still pending in court. Nestle says that the lawyers have never produced any test results, and a third of the plaintiffs have withdrawn from the case.The Huffington Post did interview some of the team members involved with Beneful, and the full story can be found in an article there. Janet Jackson is currently the vice president of PetCare Nutrition Research, and her team is responsible the development of the nutritional innovation for Purina products.

Beneful dry dog food has different recipes which are, Originals with Real Chicken; Originals with Real Beef; Originals with Real Salmon. The company is still working on the amount of salmon required in origin with real formula ingredient will be available by 2017. Purina has removed added sugar from their ingredients and has also removed propylene glycol even though FDA recognizes it as safe.  Beneful has made a lot of improvement to their products; not everyone will like their products, but Purina provides safe products. However, these changes have made Beneful will now be the lowest priced product and will be available to all dog lovers.

The full article on Beneful can be found in the Huffington Post article.


Success Academy – the Shining Star in Academics and Social-Emotional Welfare of Students

May 31, 2017

Success Academy is a group of schools that were started in 2006 when they opened their first school. As of 2015, the network had 32 schools of which 24 are elementary schools, 7 are middle schools and one new high school. The schools serve 9,000 students in total.


Success Academy is located in New York’s poorest communities. Their performance always beats that of wealthiest suburbs. Success Academy is like any other charter schools in America, but they have their secrets of success.


First, success academy believes that content is king. For instance, in their kindergartens, children work in groups to come up with architectural sketches before constructing a project. Then one child from each group explains to the other children what they have built. This exposed the children to the buildings of the world.


In addition to the Curriculum provided for all schools, success academy has gone ahead and developed their curriculum. In English, they developed Think Literacy which is based on balanced literacy where children read as they write. This makes children be avid readers. Writing skills are highly emphasized, and teachers are trained to give targeted feedback to the students.


The elementary students have access to project-based learning approach. This method requires students to practicing reading and writing about a specific subject for a duration of six weeks. In the middle class, independent reading time is added for the literature class. Students are given iPad loaded with reading books. These books expose children to materials that are relevant and exposes them to different cultures, settings, and economic back ground.


In Math, Success Academy has developed a curriculum that makes the students read challenging materials that help in building the background knowledge. All the students in all the classes take a science class daily. The children also learn through experiments so as to bring history to life. The students do a lot of field studies. Other success factors at success are students taking practice tests.


The teachers in Success Academy access technology and have to read and understand the books that their students are reading. Teachers are paid well to feel motivated. Teachers, parents and community leaders interact with students to share academic achievement.


Kabbalah Expands Through Kabbalah Centres and the Internet

May 28, 2017

Kabbalah is an ancient universal belief that has existed since the days before the Jewish nation was formed. The layman did not actually study; only the high priests and they practiced and studied individually or in small groups the wisdom and understanding that is called Kabbalah.

Kabbalah is not a religion, but a form of spirituality that the Internet has been able to make available for anyone who desires to learn practical principles to living a spiritual life with the Kabbalah University.

Instructors of Kabbalah teach the principles and the wisdom that is dedicated to finding the joy that is in every human, and the wisdom that is obtained leads the students to make better decisions.

The Internet has made these teachings available to reach students around the world who would not otherwise be able to learn about Kabbalah. The Kabbalah University is broadcast from the Los Angeles Kabbalah Centre, and it offers classes, meditations, speakers and events for the LA Centre as well as internationally.

Up until the 1920s, there were no Kabbalah Centres where people could gather together to study and learn Kabbalah. The first Kabbalah Centre was established in Israel in 1922, and Phillip and Karen Berg studied there for 10 years. They then came back tot heir home, the U.S., and founded the first Kabbalah Centre in New York City in 1965. Though the roots go back to a Jewish background, students do not need to know Hebrew or be Jewish to attend.

The Bergs immediately began classes and translating ancient documents into other languages, so more Kabbalah Centres could be established. Today, there are over 40 Kabbalah Centres around the globe. In the U.S., there are four in New York City, and others including Utah, Arizona, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

For 40 years, students could only study Kabbalah in Kabbalah Centres, Today, Kabbalah University is the centralized location, but every race, age, and religion gather in Centres to learn the ancient principles. Kabbalah Centres offer classes, books, videos and audio products as well as holding social gatherings and participating in volunteer work.

http://www.newsweek.com/madonnas-kabbalah-disaster-malawi-66447 for more.


Red Haired Remedy

May 13, 2017


Although shoujo anime is primarily geared toward young girls, there are quite a number of them that have crossover appeal. One such show is Snow White with the Red Hair (Akagami no Shirayuki-hime), which aired in the summer of 2015. Spanning two seasons and an OVA, Snow White with the Red Hair follows the heroine Shirayuki on her adventures after she escaped her home country of Tanbarun. With the aim of avoiding courtship with the prince of her country, this anime girl eventually encounters a boy named Zen who rescues her from an incident. Zen is later revealed to be the prince of the neighboring country. To repay him for his help, Shirayuki decides to move to his country in pursuit of becoming an herbalist in his court.


Upon arrival, Shirayuki quickly adapts toward the expectations of being Zen’s guest at the castle, where she is easily accepted by all of Zen’s subjects. Her independent nature lends itself well toward her ability to rise over the challenges set against her. She eventually wins acceptance from Zen’s older brother due to her capable personality.


Over the course of the series, Zen begins to harbor stronger feelings toward Shirayuki. He often feels he should be the one showing her more gratitude and not the other way around. It becomes clear to him that she is someone who can stand by him and not behind him. Shirayuki is just the right remedy for the young prince and his doubts regarding kingdom management.

OSI Group Continues to Hit the Headlines for All the Good Reasons

May 12, 2017

In November last year, OSI Food Solutions UK took home the Globe of Honor Award for the year 2016. The award, which is given by the British Safety Council on an annual basis, recognizes companies that largely contribute to environmental management. OSI Food Solutions UK, which is a subsidiary company of OSI Group, was presented with the accolade at a ceremony held in London.

How to Become a Winner of the Globe of Honor Award

Winning the Globe of Honor Award is not an easy fete. To begin with, the British Safety Council conducts a special audit on how different organizations manage the environment during its year that runs from August to July. The council then rates every organization’s performance for the year, with the highest rating being 5-stars. The organizations that manage the 5-star rating qualify to be considered for the awards. An independent panel then sits and scrutinizes all the qualified organizations before settling on the winners. For last year awards, OSI Food Solutions UK won alongside another seventeen winners.

Words from the Top Officials

During the awards luncheon, the Chair of the British Safety Council, Mr. Lynda Armstrong OBE, congratulated OSI Food and expressed his joy in having many organizations committed to environment management. When presenting the award to OSI, the council’s chief executive, Mr. Mike Robinson, commended all the winners for playing the important role of managing the environment. He noted that without committed organizations like OSI Food Solutions, managing environment would be cumbersome. Kelly Grimwood received the award on behalf of OSI. Kelly is the OSI’s environmental manager Europe.

Acquisition of Flagship Europe

OSI Group reached yet another milestone last year after acquiring Flagship Europe, a food service supplier that operates in the UK. The group’s COO, Mr. David G. McDonald, said that the acquisition was in line with OSI’s long-term goals of diversifying and increasing its operations in the nation and Europe at large. Flagship Europe covers a wide range of products, including frozen poultry, sauces, mayonnaise, and sandwich fillings.