Using HIV To Treat Cancer

November 10, 2014

It seems like an oxymoron. Doctors using HIV to fight leukemia. It just doesn’t seem to make sense, but it is true, and it is working.

For those who are unfamiliar, HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. Leukemia is a type of cancer.

In 2012, Marshall Jensen was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. He and his wife traveled all over the United States from their Utah home in search of a cure for his deadly disease. There were moments the disease would go dormant, but would come back.

Marshall came across Dr Carl June. Dr June has had a team of researchers working on a cure for leukemia. They had a breakthrough and decided to give Marshall a shot at this new find. Dr June used a disabled form of the HIV virus. He took cells from Marshall’s body, and integrated them with the harmless HIV cells. The cells were put back into the body and acted as warriors attacking the cancer and killing it.

So far, 12 patients have had this treatment and all are in remission Bruce says, and that’s pretty incredible.

With this new find, we can have a smile knowing that leukemia and maybe other cancers will be extinct soon. Do we thank HIV for it? Maybe not, but we do need to thank Dr June and his team at Penn Medicine.

The Massive Face behind the Success of Fortress Investment Group

October 13, 2018

Randal Nardone is one of the CEOs and Principal of the Fortress Investment Group, whose success and achievements remain inseparable from those of his company. This is because the success of this company has significantly relied on the activities and operations that he has been leading and spearheading. Randal Nardone has contributed immensely to the growth and development of Fortress Investment Group since they founded the company together with two of his other co-founders, Wesley Edens and Peter Briger. This was in the year 1998. Before the establishment of Fortress Investment Group, Randal and his co-founders of the company had been working in the most reputable financial institutions in the whole of the United States. For instance, Peter Briger was the managing director of the Goldman Sachs, a banking and investment management firm in New York.

Randal Nardone on the other side had a mixed up career journey, which no one could tell clearly where he expected to land at the end of the journey. The reason for this assumption is that he never undertook a business course nor a finance one in college. For the undergraduate, Randal graduated with bachelor’s degrees in Biology and English from the University of Connecticut. This was the beginning of his career dilemma. After the undergraduate, Randal Nardone joined the Boston University where he studied and again graduated with a Juris Doctorate Degree in Law. From there, he went to practice law at the Thacher Proffitt & Wood, a law firm that was based in New York. He did this work with passion until he was made a partner of the firm.

However, Randal felt that he had not been pursuing his passion. He switched his career from law to finance and joined the Blackrock Financial Management, where he worked for more than a decade. This was the job that made Randal Nardone develop a passion for finance, and after working there for fifteen years, he decided to leave the company and start his company that would offer the same services as Blackrock Financial Management, but at a more advanced level. That was when he began Fortress Investment Group, alongside his co-founders.

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DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani Is Level-Headed

October 11, 2018

In the 21st century, diversity is the strength of any company that decides to partake in it. In order to represent people in the world and clientele, it is of utmost importance to have diverse workers in an organization. The world is interconnected more than ever, with people of different backgrounds and appearances now living everywhere. It is very unreasonable to discriminate against anyone. The Western countries have developed very liberal, inclusive cultures where discrimination against a person’s background is bad. There are many flaws about the West, though there are many arguments for why their move to end discrimination is a good thing. In the United States, outward discrimination showed to be ridiculous as people raised their voices about injustices, as well as the fact that more and more of the population became non-white. The old discriminatory policies in America are now silly because such discrimination would not represent or serve the actual demographics of society.

There is a whole toxic, unpleasant history of discrimination throughout the world. Companies like DAMAC are trying to knock down that toxicity by employing people from all over the world. The DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani, is not trying to spout rhetoric, point fingers, act like a psycho, or be a social justice warrior; he is just doing what is right and is not saying anything more about it.

Hussain Sajwani (@hussainsajwani) has the most appropriate, wise attitude about the world. He does not get caught up in the heat of political rhetoric; he just makes decisions that he thinks are right. Hussain Sajwani has a very down to earth, realistic attitude about things, like Donald Trump. In fact, he is actually friends with Trump. In a post published by, it says that they are both on the same level, socioeconomically, and they have done business with each other. The psychos who constantly diss Donald Trump try to use their relationship to somehow invalidate the presidency of Donald Trump. However, there is really not much of a basis to their arguments because Trump has to be buddies with someone, in his personal life.


Paul Mampilly Gives A Speech On Why There Is Money To Be Made Investing In Robotics

October 5, 2018

Paul Mampilly is a big believer in the emerging field of robotics. He thinks there are companies within this field that present investors with an amazing opportunity to become millionaires by investing in them. He talked about this at his company’s annual event, the Total Wealth Symposium. He was in Las Vegas for this event as it was held at that city’s Four Seasons hotel.

He called his speech “How to Make Millions From the Robo Revolution. Paul Mampilly said that robotics presents a far better risk to invest in than gambling like everyone else was doing in Las Vegas. He talked about the compound annual growth rate, or CAGR, that the robotics industry will be experiencing over the next eight years. He said that cloud robotics will experience an 8.9% CAGR while service robotics will go up by 20% annually according to market analysts. The agricultural robotics industry will grow to $75 billion in 2025 while the commercial and industrial robotics market will be worth $12. 3 billion.

One company in this industry that Paul Mampilly is bullish about is Knightscope which creates security robots. He introduced one of these, K5, at the Total Wealth Symposium. This robot is 400-pounds and is ideally suited to secure big outdoor spaces. It is fully autonomous and patrols an area using a variety of sensors such as thermal imaging sensors and a video camera.

Paul Mampilly had three thoughts about how to invest in robotics. First, invest in the companies that make the basic parts and components of a robot. He said you could also invest in the companies that create robots, which he said is pretty obvious. He thinks the best opportunities lie with private companies and once they go public your investment will really pay off. Finally, he suggested investing in the companies that use these robots in their business activities. Companies that invest in robots will get the huge benefit of having higher productivity and efficiencies over their competitors.

Fortress Investment Group For All Your Investment Needs

The article, “Fortress Investment Group Helps Give 20 Times Square A Luxury Makeover”, can be read at The journalistic piece discusses the how Fortress Investment Group purchased the structure. It also explains the events that have occurred since the purchase of the building regarding previous partners and other investors. It also delves into more detail on what plans are currently underway for the tower. Information is also provided as to the expectations and improvements to the area once the building is completed. Also, discussed is the background information on the investment group along with the history of the purchase of 20 Times Square.

Fortress Investment Group is an investment management firm with headquarters in New York City, New York. The firm was found in January 1998 by Peter Briger, Randal Nardone, and West Edens. Currently, the company roughly manages $41 billion in assets. Foundations of the business highlight industry knowledge, operations management, capital markets, corporate mergers and acquisitions, and an asset base. The practice showcases a team approach with credit cycle experience, flexibility in investments, active asset management, and focus on the basics of credit and controlled financing. Three primary zones directed within the firm are credit, private equity, and permanent capital vehicles. Credit is directed toward select investment and funds. The select investment feature lending, real estate, structured finance, and corporate debt & securities. Funds are another area of credit and emphasize on Drawbridge and Fortress funds. Drawbridge funding includes special opportunities, real estate, and long-dated value funds. Fortress funds showcase many different areas including credit opportunities, Japan opportunity funds, Fortress Real Estate Opportunities Funds, Fortress Japan Income Fund, secured lending, and ABI Fund. The private equity division concentrates on financial services, transportation, healthcare, and energy & infrastructure. A third zone Fortress Investment Group is centered on is the permanent capital vehicles and working with other investment groups such as Fortress Transportation & Infrastructure.

Genucel product details

September 27, 2018

Genucel Site Research

Genucel Products are formulated to help you get rid of eye bags, puffiness, and droopy eyelids. The products are categorized into five steps which encompass of the Genucel system. This system is aimed at ensuring that after completion, your face will be smooth, even toned and tight. The products are as follows:

Genucel Plant Stem Cell Therapy

This product contains a double dose of the active ingredient Eyeseryl that reduces eye bags and puffiness. This product is tested and clinically proven to work from volunteers who showed effective results.

Genucel Eyelid Treatment

This is the step two of the Genucel system and this product is formulated to tighten the skin around the eye making it appear firmer and younger looking. The product is infused with the active ingredient peptide protein that provides nourishment to this area soothing it and making it smoother.

Genucel XV-Plant cell therapy

Step three is an anti-aging product that moisturizes the skin and acts as an antioxidant. This product is formulated with vitamins B3, B6, peptides and hyaluronic acid all which nourish your skin. The product has no parabens or mineral oils.

Genucel Immediate effects

This is step four and is a product that acts quickly to get rid of wrinkles around the years. The effects last up to 24hours, and therefore one can apply daily, and the product is safe. The product utilizes Relaxoderm Technology that works immediately to smoothen out the skin around the eye.

Cristalles Microdermabrasion

This is the last step in the Genucel system, and it is cream that is formulated with ingredients that treat facial lines, skin wrinkles, skin discoloration and age spots. The results are seen after using the product two to three times.

Genucel Products utilize natural active ingredients that will get rid of droopy eyelids, bags, and puffiness.

Steve Ritchie Apologizes To Paps John’s Customers

Current Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie has apologized to customers for what has happened with the previous regime. He has made a statement to customers letting them know that Papa John’s is a place for people to be welcome. He has made this statement so that Papa John’s can get back on track, and he has done so so that customers know they have a good place to get a slice of pizza.

  1. The Apology

The apology comes from a statement out of Papa John’s headquarters, and it comes on the heals of the change of the guard at the top. This was a time for Steve to set the tone for the company going forward, and he has been reaching out to employees at the company so that they know that he wants them to have a place that they feel good working. The polity itself is just one part of the strategy, but it is a way that Papa John’s can turn the page. The CEO plans a  diversity audit as per CNBC.

  1. What Is The Papa John’s Brand All About?

Papa John’s is one of the most popular pizza brands in the world, and it has long been a part of the culture of Americana. People are used to having pizza from this brand as part of their Sunday or Saturday football, and there are many others who like to order their pizza because of the sauces that are offered with these pizzas. The companies has created nice stores that people like to order and eat in, and they have one of the largest delivery networks in America. They want their customers to know where they stand because they have not changed their recipe or branding at all. Further details can be read on their website.

  1. Conclusion

Steve Ritchie made a good decision by issuing his apology, and he has helped everyone to remember what the Papa John’s brand is all about. The pizza company is one that wants people to be welcome, and Steve Ritchie has built something that will help employees be happy, customers feel good about ordering, and allows people to enjoy their down time with a nice bite to eat.

Steve Ritchie | LinkedIn


September 21, 2018

Francisco J. Domenech was born 1978 in a place called San Juan, Puerto Rico. He was initially the Director of the Office of Legislative Services of Puerto Rico. When he was a child, he was living in Ocala, Florida, and attended Blessed Trinity Catholic School, and Forest High School.

When he finally grew up, he was the base of the Puerto Rican politics. He is now one of the partners of Politank. He has attended fundraising platforms, registration of voters and political developments which has build up his campaign life.

He was a member of the counsel of Puerto Rico where he provided legal advice, supervised outside counsel and monitors the in-house counsel work. Later he became the Director of the Office of Legislative Services.

He has worked with the former aspirant of the presidential seat, Hillary Clinton. Not only her but also House Minority Leader Mrs. Jenniffer González-Colón, who wanted to be the first woman to hold the Resident Commissioner seat in the Congress. Read more about Francisco Domenech at

Francisco Domenech first met Hillary Clinton in Puerto Rico in the Politank event. This is where his campaign job started for both Hillary Clinton and Jenniffer González-Colón. Francisco Domenech outlined the strategic plans considered for the Puerto Rican people.

He understood the communities, economic situation and the lands of the people and aligned the needs of the people and the candidates together. Domenech had to manage the campaign operations, communications, field operations like fundraising.

Domenech arranged the campaign of Jenniffer González-Colón where she announced that she wanted to replace Pedro Pierluisi, who was the outgoing Resident Commissioner.

This would have been the election of the first woman to hold the seat of Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico in Washington, D. C. Eventually this happened with the help of Domenech’s guidance and support. Jenniffer González-Colón won by a small margin over her opponent Carlos Pesquera.

Francisco Domenech also served with Secretary Hillary Clinton in the presidential campaigns of 2008 and 2016. In 2008, Domenech was the co-chair of the presidential campaign and the coordinator of Puerto Rico’s presidential campaign. He organized all the finances and supported he entirely where in Puerto Rico she surpassed with 68-32% to Senator Barrack Obama back then. Furthermore, she exceeded 61-37% in Puerto Rico over Sanders.



Ryan Seacrest Is Winning Big In An Area Away From His Usual TV And Radio Work

September 20, 2018

It seems that Ryan Seacrest finds success in every venture he enters himself into. The entertainment star has found massive success in TV with his iconic role on American Idol as well as his more recent work as one of the co-hosts on the legendary morning show that now carries the title of Live With Kelly and Ryan. Beyond his success in television, there is also his success on the radio waves. Ryan Seacrest has one of the most successful radio shows in the business today with the highly popular On Air With Ryan. When he isn’t busy with his purely business-oriented ventures, Ryan Seacrest is busy giving back to the community and the world with his generous philanthropy. He is particularly active with his own charity the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. With all of this success and the recent return of American Idol, you would think he would leave it at that, but the star is now making millions in the men’s fashion industry as well and the results have been impressive.

Ryan Seacrest Distinction is Ryan’s own personal stamp on the men’s fashion industry. He is a man that is passionate about looking good and he has been busy helping other men do the same thing with this exciting clothing line. Producer Ryan Seacrest launched the line several years ago and now finds his men’s clothing featured exclusively at the retail giant Macy’s. Ryan Seacrest is also helping men to look their best with a skincare line that pairs with his fashion line. Ryan Seacrest Polish is his exciting venture into men’s skincare products and he has been making good use of his social media platforms and other public platforms to get the word out about it.

It was actually Ryan Seacrest’s hosting job with American Idol that first really sparked his passion for high quality, custom tailored menswear. This passion that was ignited then is now brought out in his fashion and skincare lines that he is exceedingly proud of. It is just another feather in the cap of a celebrity who seems like he is literally capable of doing it all. Follow @RyanSeacrest on Twitter.

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David McDonald – The Future of OSI Group

September 18, 2018

David McDonald is recognized as the president and the Chief Operational Officer of OSI Group. OSI has managed to retain consistent and continuous growth under his governance. Apart from buying Flagship Europe and Baho Food in 2016, OSI Group acquired a facility that is situated in Chicago that was previously owned by Tyson Foods. They have reset this facility and workforce to match the OSI Group assets. OSI International Foods collaborated with an Australian poultry processor called Turi Foods and formed Turosi Pty Limited. This partnership took place in 2018. This is an indicator of the growth and expansion of OSI Group Operations, its consistent innovation as well as the tremendous dedication towards consistent growth.

McDonald stated that the values of their foundation barely change. However, there are constant changes in their solutions, challenges, products as well as their success. David McDonald also affirmed that he takes great pride towards the ability of their team to deliver. He is always happy to watch this company grow and expand. The fact is that it is quite a great achievement to be in the conglomerate of one of the most successful business in the United States of America. OSI has come a long way as it initially was a farm field of Iowa. However, the aspects of McDonald leadership corporation style is highly witnessed in this growth and expansion. The current humbleness and steadiness of OSI Group were not being experienced in the past.

David McDonald stated that they barely brag of their success. However, they always enjoy offering support to their clients as well as retaining a relatively low profile. David McDonald discussed this when he was explaining the OSI Group footprint of the media. He also affirmed that their customers’ reviews and testimonies help them to be more aware. They are always happy of the confidence that their clients have over them. The chairman of Turi Foods, Sam Cuteri, stated that both the OSI Group and Turi Foods have a belief that partnership will result in an organization that has a similar culture. This will enable them in the establishment of a world-class food solution group. He also noted that their objective is to combine the devoted teams of OSI Group and Turi.


Dr. Mark McKenna: Changing Medicine in the Future for the Better

September 17, 2018

Nowadays it is hard to do anything without a smartphone. In fact, many daily activities have been streamlined using applications on smartphones and mobile devices. There are applications that allow people to order groceries, clip coupons, hitch a ride, and rent movies. There are even apps that allow people to pay for merchandise and goods without ever talking to a cashier. This exceptional jump forward in technology has inspired people like Dr. Mark McKenna to find a way to make it work for them and their business. Dr. Mark McKenna is responsible for the thriving medical ascetics company OVME. Recently he sat down and penned an article about the potential that applications represent for the medical community. The article, entitled “The Future of On Demand Apps with Dr. S Mark Mckenna” is an inspiring look at what the future holds for this community.

Dr. Mark McKenna has been exploring the opportunities available using applications within a medical setting. At this time, he allows his patients to plan medical visits and order professionals to their private businesses or homes through an application. He explains that one of the downfalls of the current system is that many of his patients must come in for an initial visit because for they can schedule a home visit through the application, but he feels that as technology updates this may be a thing of the past. He explains that this type of medicine has taken on a life of its own. His patients seem to enjoy the freedom that is associated with planning a medical visit at their own leisure. It is his hope that he continues to be a major point of growth and within the industry.

Dr. Mark McKenna has been an exceptional member of the medical community since he graduated with a medical degree from Tulane University. Ever the overachiever, he also received an MBA from that same university. He uses both of his degrees in conjunction with one another to fuel his entrepreneurial goals. As he pushes to change the way that medicine is perceived in modern-day society he knows that what he is fighting for will change the future for the better.