Tom Rothman: A Permanent and Philanthropic Mark on Hollywood History

November 27, 2014

Thomas Edgar Rothman is an American film executive who’s been the Chairman and CEO of Fox Filmed Entertainment. Under his guidance, Fox had the best profit margins of any major movie studio for almost 18 years and Fox-produced films were nominated for over 150 Oscars. Fox also won three Best Picture Awards and earned over […]

Complete Dinosaur Skeleton Found in South Korea

November 26, 2014

Scientists have reported finding a complete dinosaur skeleton in South Korea, the first such discovery to be made in that country. Before, paleontologists had only found bone fragments of dinosaurs. The National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage said the fossil was found in Hadong, a county 470 kilometers (292 miles) south of Seoul. The fossil […]

The Black Plague is Back-and Has Never Totally Left

November 25, 2014

One of the more shocking pieces of information today relates to the on-going problem that Madagascar has had for some time with the Black Plague. Although assumed by many to be eradicated after it claimed the lives of millions of people from the 1300’s through the 1600’s, it has continued to claim lives in the […]

Significant Advance for Photovoltaic Efficiency?

November 24, 2014

A significant advance in photovoltaic efficiency may have been achieved recently by researchers at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. A hybrid material consisting of an organic semiconductor (pentacene) and an inorganic semiconductor (lead selenide) has been produced which can harvest the energy of spin triplet excitons at 100% efficiency. Excitons are excited […]

Round 2 of Dana Loesch and Ed Schultz Features More Civilized Dialogue

November 21, 2014

Last week after her boss Glenn Beck revealed some troubling medical news, Dana Loesch went on Ed Schultz’s MSNBC show to confront Schultz about some comments that he made. The appearance was tainted by the two repeatedly talking over each other, preventing a productive dialogue from taking place. On Monday night, the two sat down […]

President’s Talking Points On Immigration Leaked

November 20, 2014

Many officials and analysts are arguing over whether the new Congress will be able to make up for the lost time of the last six years. The new Congress that will take their seats in January will see majorities in both the House and Senate for Republicans. Conservatives have promised that this will require compromise […]

Islamic Brotherhood Declared Terrorists by UAE

November 19, 2014

It was not unexpected that the United Arab Emirates announced the Islamic Brotherhood group as a terrorist group yesterday, among a mountainous list that included 83 organisations including the Al Islah Society and the Universal Islamic Relief. This act has come as a proof of the UAE’s opinion regarding these organizations and to assure their […]

Study on Twins To Add to the Suggestion of the Genetic Aspect of Homosexuality

November 18, 2014

According to a study, 409 gay twins have provided strong evidence that homosexuality is actually a genetic condition. People who are gay were born that way. The study that was conducted has used samples of blood and saliva from from twins over the last five years. The samples were acquired from homosexual non-identical twins. However, […]

‘Darwin’s Dilemma’ Solved?

November 17, 2014

A question that has plagued scientists and evolutionary theorists over the past century may be one step closer to being solved today. “Darwin’s Dilemma,” is the name given to a question that plagued the “father” of evolution, Charles Darwin, until his death nearly a century ago. The question was why there was little to no […]

Baroness Stowell is Beyoncé

Garnering click after click is an article on the NewStatesman’s website asking pseudo-feminism’s favorite question: who do women dress for? The fact that an article asking who men dress for is not click-bait is proof enough that society is not in the so-called golden age of feminism. Not until a woman is appreciated wholly for […]