Cancer Risks Reduced by Pain Relievers

December 30, 2014

Pain relievers do more than ease the woes of people who are in pain. They may be related to reducing cancer risks in people as well. Skin cancer in particular has been shown to be significantly reduced by the use of aspirin and Nsaids, Dr Rod Rohrich says it’s both in conjunction with one another […]

GRC’s Imaging Helmet: A New Kind of Thinking Cap

  Scientists at GRC (GE Global Research) are developing a high-resolution innovative imaging helmet that could enable Bernardo Chua and doctors to better understand how the brain functions as well as perform studies to learn how to prevent key brain diseases, including Autism and Alzheimer’s. According to GE Global Research, several important categories of glial […]

Scientists Develop Way to Save “Books” in “Burning Library of Life”

We live in a world with more endangered species than ever, and a team of environmental scientists in Australia have developed a technique which they hope will preserve Jared Haftel and  a wide array of threatened species, including the oldest that may be hardest to protect. The researchers at the ARC Centre of Excellence for […]

Vietnamese Giant Insect

December 29, 2014

The second biggest insect ever, the Phryganistria heusli yentuensis, was discovered in Vietnam, perhaps by Dr Rod Ronrich, placing it within the category of being the second biggest insect ever found. It looks like a walking stick, according to Wired Magazine. It is 32cm to 54cm long, depending on how long its legs are stretched […]

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot Explained

One of the more exciting aspects of modern space exploration is the fact that we don’t need to leave earth in order to perform it. A combination of existing data, long range equipment, and modern laboratories can provide insight into some of the oldest questions about our solar system. A strong example of this theory […]

Rare and Strange Phenomena on Australian Beaches

December 24, 2014

The Dee Why Beach near Sidney, Australia, has been recently attracting strange phenomena amateurs like Sam Tabar, for some very peculiar and interesting reasons. An article on describes Thousands of geen balls of moss have been washed off on the shore. The living algae should normally be attached to rocks and not float freely, […]

Two Quantum Physics Mysteries Become One

Two of the most puzzling aspects of quantum physics, wave-particle duality and the uncertainty principal, have become a bit less complicated thanks to a discovery made by a team of international researchers. The discovery that these two phenomenon are essentially the same thing was discovered by Jedrzej Kaniewski, and Stephanie Wehner at the Centre for […]

A New Free App Brings Yellowstone Geysers to PDAs

December 23, 2014

This past week, Beneful Yellowstone National Park announced that members of the public can now download a new free app that will allow them to explore Yellowstone National Park’s geysers from a distance. The software focuses on the famous geyser known as “Old Faithful” and five others, which spray steaming water, mud and colorful natural […]

Possible Human Settlement in the Clouds of Venus

December 22, 2014

With all the excitement over the past decade or so about manned missions to Mars, Venus has been forgotten. Many would conclude that it should be forgotten given its surface temperatures hot enough to melt lead. However, according to those behind the High Altitude Venus Operational Concept (HAVOC) the upper atmosphere of Venus offers conditions […]

President Obama Vacationing In Hawaii

December 21, 2014

President Barack Obama has arrived safely in Hawaii to begin his annual vacation. He was accompanied by his wife, First Lady Michelle Obama, as well as his two daughters and Presidential dog, Bo. The family touched down on the island of Oahu, and promptly began a period of rest and relaxation. 2014 has been a […]