The World’s First Lab-Grown Lungs Breathe Hope into The Future of Transplants

January 30, 2015

  In the latest medical breakthrough, researchers at the University of Texas Medical Branch have successfully lab grown a complete set of human lungs. This is the first time human lungs have been completely lab grown, although there have been previous successes in growing rat’s and pig’s lungs using this similar technique. The method uses […]

Veto City

President Obama is vetoing like never before. The Republican takeover of congress and senate has presented Obama with opportunities to veto and be a president-in-control. There is no benefit to Obama holding back. He does not have to be concerned with political futures of his own party members any longer. The Keystone pipeline project is […]

Keith Mann

January 28, 2015

Unclear about what a hedge fund is? Well, then you might want to sit down and have a chat with a man that has the knowledge and skills to help you find that venture capital that you are looking for. Keith Mann is in an investment banker that specializes in hedge funds and how to […]

Mark Ahn’s Top Leadership Trends In 2015

Mark Ahn talks about great trends in management for 2015 for people who are trying to improve their trading expertise in the next year. With familiarity in the armed forces, trade as well as academia, Mark Ahn has considered the following great trends regarding leadership. Study from those people who were in the industry earlier […]

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Takes Another Step Towards a Presidential Run with Announcement of a PAC

Madison, Wisconsin – On Tuesday, popular Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker unveiled his political action committee (PAC) . The 527 organization will allow the governor to start collecting donations as he builds up a 2016 presidential campaign. Current federal election laws allow a prospective candidate and their PAC to coordinate their fund raising strategies. Once a […]

Bizarre Palin Speech Draws Confusion From GOP, Thanks From Democrats

January 27, 2015

Sarah Palin, the former governor of the state of Alaska and one time Vice Presidential candidate, recently made a speech at the Iowa Freedom Summit that has since been the object of considerable confusion from Republican party members while simultaneously being met with sarcastically heartfelt thanks from Democrats. Palin’s speech at the political function in […]

Jared Haftel Is Growing In His Ability

January 26, 2015

Jared Haftel is a graduate of Duke University, and he is currently enrolled in the MBA program at Stanford University. After graduating from Duke, Jared began working for Bank of America. He is using his experience in the banking industry to bolster his career, and he is able to use the information he learns in […]

Obama Proposes Alaskan Wildlife Refuge Expantion

The Associated Press reports that President Barack Obama intends to extend the Alaskan Alaskan Artic Wildlife Refuge. Dave and Brit Morin have heard that he plans to add 2.3 million acres to the refuge including some of the most oil-rich land located in the Alaskan wilderness. The initiative is upsetting local authorities and being perceived […]

Birth Rates Among U. S. Women Reach Historic Low Point

  Recently, the federal government released statistics revealing that during 2013, the birth rate per 1,000 people in the United States reached a low point, since the time of the collection of data. The Los Angeles Times reports that births among women in their teens and twenties fell. The report concluded it appears that some […]

4 Ways To Meet New People With Skout

January 23, 2015

Skout is an application that allows the meeting of new people that live close to the user and was created by,Christian Wiklund. The dating and social networking application makes chatting and meeting new friends very simple and fun process. Simply download the app, and scroll through the plethora of profiles in order to find someone […]