Rubella the latest virus removed from the Americas

April 30, 2015

The World Health Organization and the Pan American health Organization joined forces to tell the world that the Rubella virus has successfully been eliminated from North American and South America. The success of a vaccination program undertaken across the continents using the Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccine has resulted in the virus joining smallpox and […]

Under Pressure from Social Conservatives, House Readies for a Floor Vote on DC Abortion Bill

The District of Columbia passed a controversial abortion bill through the city council in April. Under the Constitution, Washington, D.C., city council decisions can be overturned by a simple majority of the House and Senate. No presidential signature is required. However, the Constitution allows only a 30-day window for Congress to act. The deadline is […]

NASA Confirms EM Drive

Recently, NASA confirmed a breakthrough in experimental space propulsion technology. The newly developed technology, known as the EM Drive, defies most of what classical physics would predict. Instead of expelling propellant like all rockets do today, the EM Drive creates thrust by converting directly from electrical energy. This system allows for no actual fuel to […]

Scientists Discover How to Turn Salt Water into Drinking Water

April 29, 2015

Examiner suggested that water is responsible for creating and maintaining all life on earth, a resource which is absolutely essential to the survival of all living things, including humans. Yet, many of us take this critical resource for granted, especially considering recent and alarming drought conditions, such as the case in California. Understandably, researchers are […]

For The First Time In Fifty Years Fluoride Levels Are Lowered

Recently, the United States government announced that they are going to be lowering the fluoride levels in drinking water across the country. This is the first time in fifty years that this has been done. After Harvard released researched findings that explain the dangers of high levels of fluoride, the United States jumped on board. […]

Stephen Hawking Claims Humanity Must Escape Earth

April 28, 2015

Genius physicist Stephen Hawking has made yet another prediction about the fate of the earth. During a holographic conference from his office at the University of Cambridge in Britain, Hawking made it evident that humanity would not likely last another 1,000 years on the earth. He made it his point that extensive space travel is […]

Corinthian Colleges Soon to Be Out of Business

Corinthian Colleges Soon to Be Out of Business Going out of business is not a new thing for many corporations and companies worldwide. Corinthian Colleges is soon going to find itself in this disposition. On Sunday, Corinthian Colleges made the stunning announcement that it would be ending its operations, which would mean closing all 28 […]

Supreme Court Poised To Rule In Favor Of Marriage Equality

April 27, 2015

Arguments begin this Tuesday to guarantee the rights of individuals to marry in their home states, and to demand the recognition of those marriages by all states. The Supreme Court decision will strike down same-sex marriage bans in thirteen states (including Ohio, Arkansas, and Alabama) and uphold the Constitutionally guaranteed rights of couples married in […]

Treading in the Competitive Pool of Smartwatches

April 26, 2015

If you’re one of the millions observing the new trend of smartwatches, you probably won’t be surprised to learn that Apple has started rejecting applications that advertise for their competitor Pebble’s smartwatches. As a whole, this new subcategory in smart devices seems to be booming, and even Jaime Garcia Dias has joined in. Over 6.8 […]

Hillary Clinton Starts Offering Up Red Meat Attacks on the GOP

On Thursday, Hillary Clinton, the Democrat party’s 2016 presumptive nominee, took her first step at launching partisan attacks against the Republican Party. Clinton formally announced her presidential campaign last week. She is now going beyond citing the issues she supports to calling out the GOP for their opposition of those issues. For starters, Clinton dislikes […]