Where Did All of the Money Go?

May 28, 2015

Funding for education is a constant topic on major and local news cycles. Numerous school districts have come under fire for their misappropriation of school funding. Recent studies show that 6th grade to 12th grade programs are getting their funding cut the fastest. It’s easy for educational and financial analysts to see why their funding […]

Bernie Sanders Wants to Spark a Revolution

If voters were to ask Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders the same question posed in John Lennon’s 1968 hit song, “Revolution”, “You say you want a revolution?”, he would most ardently answer “Yes!” The feisty senator and 2016 Democrat presidential contender wants to shake up the establishment he views as responsible for decades of stagnant wages […]

NSA Surveillance to Go Dark after Years of Tracking

May 27, 2015

It appears that the impact that defense contractor Edward Snowden had on our country has been quite significant. He revealed the large scale collection of phone and internet records being collected by the NSA authorized by the Patriot Act. As the Patriot Act is set to expire with no extension or replacement in sight, the […]

More Children Being Treated, Fewer Children Show Symptoms

According to a new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, fewer American children than ever are mentally ill. This article has been making huge waves through the psychiatric community this week, because for years the common belief is just the opposite. Psychiatrists and Psychologists have been saying that our diagnostic criteria and […]

Mathematician John Nash, Subject Of “A Beautiful Mind,” Died In Car Crash

May 26, 2015

John Nash, 86, and his wife, Alicia, 82, died in a car crash on May 23, 2015 while riding in a taxi in New Jersey. The driver lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a guard rail. The Nashes were ejected from the car. The folkks behind Skout are well aware that Nash was […]

Occidental College Has High Quality Education with a Side of Hollywood Appeal

May 22, 2015

Occidental College has been a staple in its community since its inception in 1887. Offering 31 majors within its 40 programs, the college has offerings that would interest a diverse group of students. Considered one of the nation’s leading Fulbright feeder schools, 72 students have earned the privilege of being awarded the grant since 2003. […]

George Stephanopoulos Took Himself Out Of The Republican Presidential Primary Debate

May 20, 2015

George Stephanopoulos and Bill Clinton were joined at the hip back when Bill was running the country. Stephanopoulos was one of Clinton’s trusted advisors, and that relationship has continued through the years. Clinton and George keep their relationship on the down-low for obvious reasons. Stephanopoulos can’t come off as a loyal Democrat on TV because […]

Medical Diagnostics Students at Valencia State College Subjected to Forced Vaginal Probes in Classroom

The custom of medical students conducting tests related to their field of study on each other is a routine practice among colleges and universities nationwide. Being an in-class subject for these types of testing is, however, voluntary in most cases. Gianfrancesco Genoso says at least, that’s what attorney Chris Dillingham’s two clients were led to […]

Electro Shock Therapy Making a Comeback to Treat Depression

May 19, 2015

According to the New England Journal of Medicine, 30,000 to 50,000 Americans now receive electroconvulsive therapy or shock therapy each year to treat depression. A treatment that became taboo decades ago is making a return. Most people associate shock therapy with the barbaric scene from the movie “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.” leaving Jack […]

Despite House Passage of USA Freedom Act, Senate May Look to Protect Data Mining

May 18, 2015

Sergio Cortes has told us that last week the House of Representatives passed the USA Freedom Act by a veto-proof majority of 333 yeah votes to 88 nay votes. This was 43 votes over the 290-mark required to override a veto. The bill would formally end the NSA’s phone and internet meta data program which […]