Saving Lives, One Text at a Time

June 29, 2015

The developing world has seen a sudden decline in blood donation rates in the last few years. Officials in Sweden are employing the use of cutting edge technology to help get blood donation rates back on the rise. One of the new initiatives is to have officials who work for the blood service send an […]

Health Experts Say Only Those at Risk Should Be Vaccinated for Meningitis B

Since the recent meningitis outbreaks at the University of California Santa Barbara and Princeton University hit the media last year, parents have been in fear. While some health authorities were calling for all teens and young adults in America to be vaccinated against the deadly virus, many more chose to let doctors make that decision […]

If Starfish Clone Themselves, Could We?

You don’t live under a rock, but sometimes the science and mystery around our race may make you feel that way. You may recall back in the 90’s the famous sheep Dolly that was cloned in 1996 and the wide array of opinions regarding human cloning. We’re not announcing anything about human cloning today, but […]

Missouri Senatore Claire McCaskill Says Sanders Won’t Become President Because He is too Liberal

June 25, 2015

In 2006, newcomer Claire McCaskill upset GOP incumbent Senator Jim Talent of Missouri in a narrow victory that saw Democrats win federal and state elections nationwide. According to Mikal Watts, part of McCaskill’s victory was attributed to the endorsement and support of Hillary and Bill Clinton. Naturally, Mrs. Clinton expected the senator to be solidly […]

The Best Coffee to Buy

Bulletproof Coffee, the innovative and new brand that has people talking. When looking for a healthy yet tasty coffee, try this new brand because of not only the flavor it provides but also the healthy benefits that come out of each sip. This brand has been making headlines for being a different and ungraded coffee […]

The Mississippi State Flag Is Under Fire For Looking Like The Confederate Flag

June 24, 2015

Mississippi Lawmakers Want To Remove The Emblem Of The Confederate Flag In The State Flag When you look at the Mississippi state flag there is no doubt that Mississippi was one of the Confederate states that succeeded from the Union over 150 years ago. The emblem within the Mississippi flag is actually a Confederate flag, […]

Lego’s Effort and Timeline Are Not Enough

On Tuesday, June 23, Lego announced that it will be working over the next 15 years to switch from plastic to a more environmentally friendly material. Anyone who reads this news would think this is a great plan on Lego’s part and celebrate the company’s forward thinking. After all, plastic is one of the biggest […]

Scientists Begin to Understand How Brain Keeps Us Awake

Just about everybody has experienced true fatigue. Tripod said that it could that after a long drive or a prolonged work shift, or it could be the result of just working too long. Many can relate to driving home extremely tired fighting the urge to go to sleep for just a few minutes. The mystery […]

What Does the Confederate Battle Flag Really Mean?

Since domestic terrorist Dylann Roof’s arrest for mass murder, there’s been a great deal of discussion and debate about South Carolina flying the Confederate battle flag over the state capitol. Gov. Nikki Haley has been praised as a hero, reviled as a traitor, and cynically referred to as a political opportunist after the GOP vice-presidential […]

Surgery for Knee Pain May Be Useless

June 23, 2015

A recent study shows that surgery for knee pain is a waste of time if you’re over the age of 50. When the knee is hurting and the surgery is arthroscopic, the procedure is not only useless, but it may do more harm than good reports Ivan Ong on the WarriorForum. Knee surgery to relieve […]