Susan McGalla: Change For The Business World

August 28, 2015

Women, just like men are destined for success and most of them have broken the glass ceiling. According to a recent research, factors that contribute to women failing to attain their full potential in office and other lines of work include feeling of guilt for not spending quality time with family because of work, family […]

Citadel Financial Institution

August 27, 2015

Citadel was previously known Citadel Investment Group, LLC and is a worldwide financial institution. It was founded by Ken Griffin in 1990. It operates two primary enterprises. The first one is Citadel, which is the largest alternative asset managers in the world with its managed assets valued at more than $26 billion. The second one […]

The State of Real Estate in Houston

August 20, 2015

Over a dozen records were set in Houston real estate in 2014. Both Forbes and CNN placed Houston in their list of the “Top 10 Housing Markets for 2015”. However, 2015 has brought further drops in the price of oil and many are wondering what this will do to the housing market. Here are some […]

Maximizing Wikipedia Editing Abilities

Editing Wikipedia can be seen as a badge of honor in the age of information that we are currently living in. Wikipedia is one of the most important and visited websites on the internet and it has risen in stature since its establishment in 2002. Wikipedia is the largest online source of information in the […]

A Profile of the Economist Christian Broda

August 17, 2015

Economists are very important. In the information age having people who can make some sense of the incredibly complex systems that surround us every day is important. Understanding the economic systems around us gives us insight and helps us to construct a better world. The systems that we interact with everyday- currency, capital, labor, etc […]

Eucatex Produces Cost Effective Quality Products

August 12, 2015

It’s hard to imagine what Brazil looked like in 1951. That was the year Eucatex was born. Brazil is still considered an emerging country. That means it’s not a third world country anymore, but in 1951 it was considered a third world country. Today, Brazil has the seventh largest economy in the world and it […]

Business Leadership and Management, Stephen P. Murray

Stephen P. Murray, everyone calling him Steve, passed away at the young age of 52 years old, leaving his wife of 29 years, Tami and four boys. Steve was known as an “inexhaustible man.” Always having time for his family and friends, as well as his many philanthropic accomplishments and support agencies he worked so […]

The Great Taste of OrganoGold

August 11, 2015

Overview There are hundreds of millions of people all around the world that consume coffee on a regular basis. There are many people that are searching for high quality coffee at a great price. Many times, expensive coffee does not taste any better than cheap coffee which leaves consumers in a bind. One of the […]

Ken Griffin has climbed Back up with Citadel

August 8, 2015

Back on Top After Brink of Collapse It had been approximately seven years ago when Ken Griffin was standing amongst the financial crises and sinking with the heavy losses. He was waiting, standing and teetering on the brink. This would be the brink of collapse. Founder of Citadel’s Ken Griffin Leaves 2008 Tumble Far Behind. […]

Freedompop Opts Out of Merger, Raises $30 Million

August 4, 2015

It doesn’t take much to start a company but it takes a whole lot of hard work, luck, and finagling in order to create a successful one. L.A. based tech start up FreedomPop has been in the news consistently since they were first established back in 2012. The company is known for their ‘free phone […]