Skout Can Really Be A Cool Place To Socialize

September 26, 2015

Leaving a relationship, sometimes means taking the high road, especially when someone else is taking the low road. I went through the worst breakup I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a few breakups in the past. I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong to make these men be so cruel to me, but my last […]

Champions of Civil Rights

September 21, 2015

The voice of Yeonmi Park Oppression and abuse are some subjects that the people tend to ignore in other Countries, a young human rights activist by the name of Yeonmi Park. She has conquered the many obstacles of escaping the tyranny of her country and is speaking out against the cruelty her family and her […]

Travel Ads Are Helping To Increase Internet Advertising Revenue

September 18, 2015

Brazilians love to travel. The online ad market targets traveling Brazilians whether they move around the country for business or pleasure. More people are booking travel arrangements online, and that opens the door for advertising agencies like Heads Propaganda to develop ads for their clients that appeal to travelers. Travel agencies are still relevant to […]

Brad Reifler: An Entrepreneur for the Ages

Entrepreneurs are special. Rather than wanting a job where they take orders from others and do the same tasks day after day, they instead set out to forge their own path and make the world a more interesting place for everyone. Of all the entrepreneurs in the world, perhaps none have exemplified this approach more […]

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, Brazilian Lawyer

The legal profession in Brazil has seen a recent surge of innovation in legal strategy. The profession is becoming increasingly popular with new and unique legal challenges constantly arising. Throughout the last several years, Brazil has seen several lawyers make significant contributions to the profession. Not only do these attorneys provide unique insight into complex […]

The Major Components of Environmental Law

Environmental law is a broad term referring to the laws, local and international, governing the general environment and natural resources. It encompasses all the treaties, regulations, statutes, customary, and common laws that regulate the effect of man on nature. It has been put in place to control the relationship and interaction of man with nature. […]

Pulse Evolution Corp Uplisted to NSE

September 17, 2015

Pulse Evolution Corp (OTC: PLFX) has announced its intention to file an S-1 registration statement in connection with an underwritten public offering and an “uplisting” to a national stock exchange. said that also released by the leading developer of hyper-realistic humans, which are used for holographic live performances, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence, were […]

The Future of Independent Agents in Insurance Lies in Plymouth Rock’s ‘Prime’

September 16, 2015

Plymouth Rock Assurance is a creation of James M. Stone an American business executive. The company is based in Boston and gives auto insurance services to Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Hampshire. In August, the company released an online tool that enabled clients to buy and track their auto insurance policies online. The tool called “Prime” […]

Eucatex Contribution To The Construction Industry

September 15, 2015

Eucatex, the Brazilian award-winning company, was founded in November 1951. Eucatex is a brand that deals with construction products ranging from paints and varnishes to timber products. Eucatex Industries was founded by the Maluf family and is currently under the stewardship of Flavio Maluf. The company headquarters are based in São Paulo, Brazil, with other […]

Bruce Levenson Lands Big Sale of Atlanta Hawks

September 12, 2015

Bruce Levenson on first stepped into the ownership box of the Atlanta Hawks almost 15 years ago after purchasing the team. Levenson acquired the Hawks after consecutive seasons near the bottom of the NBA standings back in the early ’00s. The Hawks had just gotten through a tough decade of being routinely ousted by […]