Ricardo Guimaraes Ushers BMG into a New Era.

January 28, 2016

The story of Banco BMG is characterized by a will to evolve and adapt. The bank has adapted to changing economic times for eight decades since inception in 1930. Its owners, the Pentagna Guimaraes family, have also been shrewd managers.   At the start, BMG was known as the Land Credit Bank and its portfolio […]

George Soros Welcomes Angela Merkel’s Change Of Tactics Confronting The Refugee Crisis

January 26, 2016

George Soros is the most famous hedge fund manager in the world. The 85-year-old has come from humble beginnings in Europe, where he and his family escaped Nazi persecution when George was just a teenager. He became an impoverished student in London after the war, but he pulled himself up by his bootstraps to help […]

2016 Election Options Don’t Appeal to Charles Koch

January 22, 2016

Charles Koch, the billionaire businessman who is the chairman of Koch Industries, the second largest private company in the United States and major funder of the Republican party, is not enthralled with the options for the Republican party during the 2016 Presidential election cycle. Koch discussed this, and other topics with The Financial Times in […]

Competitors Can’t Keep Up With Handy

It’s extremely challenging work to start a business. That’s why it’s not for everyone and for every idea that is out there. It requires careful calculations and planning. First off, one has to decide if there is a market for their idea. Do they have a new concept or do they have a way to […]

Humanitarian Boosts NYPD Morale

The founder of one of the top executive search firms in the alternative investment industry is also drawn in by a multitude of charitable activities. Keith Mann, founder of Dynamic Search Partners, and his wife Keely Mann, recently sent lunch to the 54th Street precinct making an effort to boost the spirits of the New York […]

A Commitment to Helping Others in Dental Care

Growing up as a child, Avi Weisfogel had a distinct passion for serving others within his community. Born in Highland Park, New Jersey, he decided that he would continue to do just that in the field of dentistry. He has long since been committed in making sure that his patients receive the best treatment in […]

Marcio Alaor the Banco BMG Economist.

Marcio Alaor the executive and the vice president of BMG bank was praised and honored in his hometown. This was on August 24, 2014. The honor was a food court named after him, ”Marcio Alaor de Araujo”. He has been a committed supporter of the city, especially in the rural development sector.   During his […]

James Dondero Looks Towards 2016 With Optimism

January 21, 2016

The stock market had a rough and tumble year in 2015 and 2014 that underlined some major concerns. 2015 can be summarized as a relatively stable year for the stock market that was driven by optimism and a conservative approach to market returns. The only blight of 2015 can be the mini decline that began […]

Dr. Jennifer Walden Returns To Her Texas Roots

January 20, 2016

The number of awards and honors available for medical professionals to enjoy seems to expand each year, but the need to know who are the best and most respected in a particular state has never been greater. Awards are provided by medical groups and local consumer organizations to make sure the top surgeons in the […]

Dick DeVos Is A Business Man With A Big Heart

January 15, 2016

About half of the $90.9 million given away by the DeVos through their family foundations in the year 2013 was used in support of education efforts. This includes public and private universities, public K-12 and Christian schools as well as other organizations that provide educational services. The family classifies their donations into four broad categories: […]