Bruce Levenson Caught up in Lawsuit Involving AHBE and AIG

December 16, 2016

Bruce Levenson’s name came back into the headlines this year after the AHBE LLC filed a lawsuit against AIG. Levenson was mentioned since he was a former controlling partner of the AHBE. The litigation filed by the former owners of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball team involved the AIG’s breach of contract regarding the settlement claims […]

Mind-Blowing Facts About Brad Reifler

December 11, 2016

An American and well known entrepreneur, Brad Reifler attended Bowdoin College where he attained his bachelor’s degree. What you may not know about him is that he has wide connections in 6 different industries where he connects with 5 Board Members in 5 varying organizations. Mr. Reifler holds such appealing traits in leadership. Such have […]

Losing Weight With Water

December 9, 2016

People are always faced with different health issues. However, there is one thing that is worth noting. It is that people are not getting as much water as they used to. For one thing, water makes up a large amount of the human body. Without water, the body’s metabolism will slow down which will result […]

Wessex Institutes of Technology Wiki Recap

December 6, 2016

The Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) is an educational and research institute for a small number of graduate students. Wessex Institute strives to develop “a series of knowledge transfer mechanisms… between academics and professional users within industry.” Professor Carlos Brebbia established WIT in 1986 to focus on: Research Conferences Publishing Located at Ashurst Lodge in […]