4 Ways To Meet New People With Skout

January 23, 2015

Skout is an application that allows the meeting of new people that live close to the user and was created by,Christian Wiklund. The dating and social networking application makes chatting and meeting new friends very simple and fun process. Simply download the app, and scroll through the plethora of profiles in order to find someone that has similar interest and hobbies. Interactions are made through; pictures, voice messages, exquisite gifts, and profile viewing. Like other social media outlets, Skout has a buzz feed where you can view status updates. It can be used on Androids and iOS operating systems. Integrated features include; nightlight life and Nixter application. The app functions with the GPS features of a cellphone to see exactly who is within a mile-radius of the user.

Travel Feature

For those that want to date or network abroad, there is a travel feature that works with Skout. Simply enable this feature to connect with users in another city while traveling. The feature is called, “Skout Travel”. This features opens the doors for those who are looking to connect with others while traveling, or for those who are thinking about visiting another country.

Shake To Chat

This is a very fun and quirky feature. The Shake to Chat feature will allow users who are shaking their phone to connect with others who are also doing the same. When two people are connected after a shaking the profiles are anonymous for 40 seconds. This is a fun way to meet people based off of sheer destiny instead of interests or hobbies. For those who are really daring, this is the feature to use.

GPS Features

The GPS features that are enabled during the use of Skout is so users can meet up with people who are actually in their specific area. This makes “hooking up” more convenient. Some users may have an issue with having their location up for display, however, GPS can be disabled and does not provide an exact location (just a general area).

Nixter Application

Nixter is a party and social application that has been integrated with Skout. This app was originally created by, Christian Wiklund. People who like to socialize at clubs and parties can now view upcoming events in their area, along with purchasing tickets. What this does is allow an easier dating experience for users who want to meet up with others they have taken an interest to on Skout. This is a genius idea for making dating easier because it adds an extra layer of protection for users who want to meet their new friends by allowing them to mingle in a public setting. Nixter makes dating and socializing a lot easier and convenient, as users can simply click on the app to find places to take their new friends that they met through Skout.




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