A Milestone Moment Experienced By George Mason University From Koch’s Generosity

April 8, 2016

George Mason University seems like an explicit of conservative in Law and Economics and is even running a project to rename its law school after Antonin Scalia a Supreme Court Justice. To its benefit, the university has been receiving numerous donations from Charles Koch more uncommon to other universities that he supports that only receive $1 million. The highest donation from Charles was $10 million through the Koch foundation in addition to $20 million received from some anonymous donor. Apparently the school which is a public school seems to be positively viewed by Koch in addition to the connection of other board members of the school to the Koch Industries.

More to Koch interest is probably the commitment of the school to offer studies related to how skewed policies can influence the federal government. The studies are meant for the Congress staffs and the federal regulators. Institute of Humane Studies is also among the most funded by Charles Koch in relation to its advocating for libertarian philosophy. George Mason has also been in close contact with Koch Industries mostly the board members who are also members of HIS same case to Charles Koch. The institution has been rising since the 1972 a similar era of the Koch brothers.

Charles Koch aged 80 years is the Chairperson and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Koch Industries a group of industries dealing with energy and oil products. He has been a great philosopher who supports policies that favor the life of low and middle-income earners and also the sustainable environmental policies. Charles was out of the public eye for long until when he was against policies by the former American president George Bush. He was especially against policies that would lead to increase in taxes for middle-income earners and those supporting the life of the wealthy corporates. He certainly raised concerns about the president worsening the state of the economy and diminishing freedom for the underprivileged in society.

Since then Charles writes Op-Eds in the Washington post against acts by the government. He has also been funding organizations whose main objective is to steer and push for policies for middle and low-income earners. Charles Koch has been a great criticizer of the government policies that have propagated inequality and limiting the ability of the poor to eliminate poverty. Also fighting for criminal justice reformation has been his call for a long time. Koch funds political campaigns with millions in support of the liberal thinking.

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