Adam Milstein- Pro-Israeli author with the JNS

June 19, 2018

The radical right has been supportive of anti-Semitism for many years. The practice now seems to be a thing among the radical lefts. They have been co-opted into the vicious hate aimed at the people of Jewish origin. For many years, however, this has been a thing amongst the radical Muslim. In fact, one of the top agendas for radical Muslim is to eliminate the Jews from the Middle East. The three radical groups do not have the same background, but they seem to be an item now that they have one goal in common. They all want to discriminate and oppress the Jews. The three groups are sharing ideas on racism, bigotry and anti-Semitism.

In recent years, there has been an increase in cases of anti-Semitism in Europe and North America. The radical Muslim and radical leftists seem to be an item now. They are working together to push for anti-Jews agenda across the continents. Since Israel normally cooperate with many countries from these regions, the aim is first to turn Israel into an enemy of these states. For instance, America has been very supportive of Israel for many decades, if they are to go separate ways right now, there is a chance that Israel will be weakened. The main goal of the radical groups is to make the Jews alienated from the rest of the world. According to Adam Milstein, an author with the JNS, the growing cases of anti-Semitism should be a concern for the western democracies. The radical groups are entrenching their skewed beliefs in the countries in the pretense of supporting anti-Semitism. They deserve to be opposed, and their operation brought to a halt. There is nothing good that comes from the activities of these radial groups.

Adam Milstein is a pro-Israeli activist, born and raised in Israel but currently operates as a real estate entrepreneur in the United States. He is the chairman of an organization known as the Israeli-American Council whose main role is to strengthen the state of Israel. Adam Milstein is also the president of a philanthropic organization he founded known as the Adam Milstein Family Foundation. This is one of the vibrant philanthropist groups among the Jews.

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