An Amazing Magma Reservoir Is Discovered

April 24, 2015

The wonders of the world never cease. Sometimes, those wonders are hidden far out of the view of mere mortals. Thanks to modern technology, we do have a solid insight into what exists deep within the depths of Yellowstone’s super-volcano. What scientists have found surely is going to surprise and amaze those with a love for natural wonders, like Adam Sender.

Amazingly, a massive reservoir of magma has been discovered deep, deep within the depths of the volcano. The magma lies about 12 to 28 miles below the surface. No one ever knew it existed before so the recent discovery of the reservoir surprised even those who have been studying the geography and ecology of the region for years.

A bit of fear has arisen with this discovery. Some wonder if the magma is going to contribute to an earthquake or, possible, lead to the volcano going off in a massive explosion. The scientists who made the discovery said “fear not”. There are no imminent dangers the magma reserve presents.

To say the discover comes as a total surprise to everyone is not accurate. A segment of the scientific community always had their suspicions magma was down there. Readings indicated its presence. However, the amount of magma and its depth is what shocked even those with these suspicions.

Thanks to modern technology and the tireless work of scientific teams, we are going to learn a lot more about the famous volcano and our earth’s history.

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