An Overview of Services Offered by Status Labs Company

November 2, 2015

Status Labs is a premier reputation management firm that has its headquarters located in New York, United States. The company’s founders are Darius Fisher, Jesse Boskoff, and Jordan French. The company primary role is to help high profile firms and individuals maintain start and maintain the best online presence.
The company offers marketing automation. This service is designed to help marketing department and organizations to be more market effective on several online channels. Status Labs provides software platforms and technologies to various firms in their effort to maintain strong online presence. Automation services include emails, social media presence and company websites. Market automation helps businesses to buy and sell online. This service has proven effective in generating huge revenues for companies and gives an excellent return worth for investment.
Status Labs also offer search and brand marketing. It’s a process of gaining traffic and being visible on search engines. This form of internet marketing involves promotion of websites through paid advertising. Status labs are excellent providers of search optimization services for various companies. The service includes rewriting and adjusting web site content so as to achieve a higher ranking by search engines.
The company offers consulting and social media services. Status labs company has numerous social media opportunities that fit several brands and budget. The service aims at putting the client’s company in a better position for tapping the best out of customer communications. Social media services also show the location of the people that are mostly talking about your product. Therefore, it’s possible to perform targeted advertising. This targeted advertising is crucial in increasing your brand awareness and the best tactics to use to conquer the market best.
Status labs offer a comprehensive public relations management service. Public relations service helps the client company in managing the spread of information between individuals, organizations, government agencies and the public. It’s also a way of gaining a company exposure to their audiences through topics of interest and news by methods not requiring direct payment. The primary aim of public relations is to inform the customers and pursuing them to maintain a certain aspect of a company. Status labs have a team of experienced and professional PR managers that are focused and creative to sell out your business as you desire it done. They have a key communication way of making and maintaining the client’s prospective customers hence remaining more competitive in the market.

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