Awesome Generosity Showed by Perry Mandera

February 6, 2018

The Custom Companies Inc. which was established by Perry Mandera has been lauded by many for showing acts of generosity to the people. Custom Care Charities which is run under this company recently helped many people during the winter holiday. The main company deals with the transportation industry and is based in Chicago, Illinois, click here. They gave out thousands of dollars to the families so that they can enjoy with their families by buying gifts for their children and friends. In Chicago metro area they also offered free coats.


Helping with Disaster Relief

Mr. Mandera is also commended for offering relief to people of Washington in Illinois during the 2013 tornadoes. Those families which were in need were provided with foods and other necessities which were transported by his charity company. One of the greatest things about Mr. Mandera is that he not only helps people of Illinois but also other States. He once sent 40 trucks which were loaded with foods and other necessities to people of both Louisiana and Mississippi States when they were devastated by hurricane Katrina. Most of these supplies were bought by his company while others were brought from other donors. When California was affected by wildfire, his charitable company offered free transportation services to the affected people. Foods and other supplies were also given out.


Helping Children in Need

Perry Mandera is known to donate money to families so that they can help them meet their needs, check his profile here. Other than that the man is also known to help children directly. He once sponsored several boxers in the training and the great thing is that some even made to the Olympics. Many sport teams for youth have also been sponsored by his company. The main goal of his charity company is to make sure that needy youths are not taken away by drugs and alcohol. He doesn’t want them to join criminal gangs. The last but not the least is that the needy children are encouraged to get better grades. This is also enhanced by offering free tutoring for them.
All in all, what Perry Mandera charity companies have done is endless as he continues to do more favors to the needy.


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