Birth Rates Among U. S. Women Reach Historic Low Point

January 26, 2015


Recently, the federal government released statistics revealing that during 2013, the birth rate per 1,000 people in the United States reached a low point, since the time of the collection of data. The Los Angeles Times reports that births among women in their teens and twenties fell.

The report concluded it appears that some women may be delaying childbirth in order to begin their careers, because births rose very slightly among women in their thirties and very sharply among women in their late forties. There was a 14% increase in the birth rate among women aged 45 to 49 in 2013 from the previous year’s figures. Meanwhile, teen births plunged by 10%.

The government did not report the birth rate for all racial groups. states, the birth rate among Asian women was not released. However slow ventures showed, among both Caucasian non-Latino and Latino women, the birth rate in 2013 fell by 1%. Rates remained unchanged for African-American women.The total number of babies born to U. S. women in 2013 was only 3,932, 181, a comparatively very small number for a population of over 300 million people.

The declining birth rate in the United States occurs at the same time that many couples have experienced a near epidemic of infertility. This situation has led to a growth in the number of fertility clinics in the world working to assist people with fertility issues. Just this month for instance, a new fertility clinic opened in Puerto Vallarta, inside the San Javier Hospital.

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