Brazil Needs To Kick Start The Economy By Completing Infrastructure Projects According To Felipe Montoro Jens

October 4, 2017

Brazil’s economy is finally making a comeback after battling a devastating recession for more than two years. Former President Dilma Rousseff put more than 1,500 federal construction projects on the table while she was in office, but most of them never materialized. When Michel Temer took over as president, after Congress told Rousseff she couldn’t handle the job, he immediately went to work and said he would complete some of those projects while he was in office. Those projects include water, highways, sanitation, and urbanization projects. Temer also told Brazilians that he would continue to honor the 2004 Public-Private Partnerships Act (PPPs).

Temer also wants to support the privatization programs set up by the National Economic and Social Development Bank (BNDES). The Telecommunication industry was the first sector to fall under the control of private agents, according to Felipe Montoro Jens. Felipe Montoro Jens is a controller, planner, and treasurer of finance divisions in Brazil, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.

Felipe Montoro Jens is a capable executive. He oversees several important management projects as well as financial planning programs and treasury projects. He has a business degree from Fundao Getito Vargas (FGV) and a postgraduate degree in international management. Jens also serves on the board of directors for several Brazilian companies.

Mr. Jens is a skilled public speaker. He is a well-known figure on the speaking circuit and that includes his speech at the World Economic Forum. Jens was able to paint a verbal picture of the issues that impact economic growth in Brazil and other Latin American countries. Felipe Montoro Jens is an infrastructure specialist, so his opinion regarding partnership plans with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development is helping the current Brazilian government eliminate waste, and get some of the pending infrastructure projects finished.

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