Bruce Levenson Caught up in Lawsuit Involving AHBE and AIG

December 16, 2016

Bruce Levenson’s name came back into the headlines this year after the AHBE LLC filed a lawsuit against AIG. Levenson was mentioned since he was a former controlling partner of the AHBE. The litigation filed by the former owners of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball team involved the AIG’s breach of contract regarding the settlement claims initiated by Danny Ferry, the former general manager of AHBE.

AHBE filed the litigation in the Superior Court of Fulton County on September 13, 2016. The lawsuit was not only termed as an insurance bad faith but also a civil action for breach of contract. AHBE claimed that AIG covered it for various losses associated with employment practices, including, but not limited to various acts of workplace torts and wrongful termination. An undisclosed buyout agreement reached by the Hawks ownership and Ferry ended their relationship, which commenced in 2012. Subsequently, the approval for buying the Hawks came two days later after Ferry had left AHBE.

Bruce Levenson

Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson is a man whose reputation is entangled with the National Basketball Association. This is because of previously serving as a co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks LLC, which was formerly renowned as the Atlanta Spirit LLC. The Atlanta Hawks LLC owned the Atlanta Hawks Basketball team as well as the operating rights of the Philips Arena. Levenson is also known in the business scene as the co-founder of the United Communications Group ( as well as the founding board member and a member of the board of directors for TechTarget.

In his early years, Bruce  Levenson served in many different capacities such as an adviser for BIA Digital Partners. More importantly, he served a member of the board of directors for Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association. Aside from business and basketball, he is an altruistic individual with a proven track record of involvement in many charity initiatives. He is a renowned supporter of the Jewish causes such as the Jewish Youth Philanthropy Institute and Birthright Israel


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