Career for Wes Edens

June 15, 2018

Many people want to improve their financial position. Working with a financial planner is a proven way to have more success with financial planning. One of the most difficult decisions in this process is choosing a financial planning company to work with. Fortress Investment Group has served clients diligently over the past few years. The company has a solid track record of providing superior customer service in the industry.Wes Edens has worked with the company for many years. As a founder member of Fortress Investment Group, he has a passion for providing investment returns superior to the overall market. Wes tends to recommend investment options that are different from typical investment advisors.

Early Career

Wes Edens started his career in the investment advisory industry many years ago. Since that time, he has always provided excellent customer service to customers. He does not want to be like typical investment professionals who only try to earn a high commission. Many great investment advisors recommend products with high fees and low returns. Instead of taking the typical approach, Wes Edens sits down with each client to assess their financial goals. He wants to make sure that his clients are planning for retirement in the most efficient way possible. Some people are not saving enough money each month and cannot retire when they want.


Wes Edens recommends gold for his investment clients. Few people invest in gold, but the commodity is an excellent way to prevent the negative impact of inflation over time.Gold increases in value during recessions. Anyone who wants to protect themselves against economic issues should invest in this commodity. Wes also recommends that his clients reduce debt as much as possible. Reducing debt is more straightforward than many people realize. By making a budget with his clients, Wes teaches people how to plan for the future.

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