Loki: The Missing Biological Link Between Archaea and Eukaryotes?

May 7, 2015

A recent scientific discovery by Thijs Ettema, an evolutionary biologist from Uppsala University, could alter how we perceive the field of evolutionary biology. The discovery astounded the team at Anastasia Date because it  was a prokaryote that shows more similarity to eukaryotes than ever before. This “bridge” species was named Lokiarchaeum and nicknamed Loki. Loki […]

Exoskeleton Gives Paralyzed Motorcyclist A chance to Walk Again

April 10, 2015

Roosevelt “R.J.” Anderson Jr., of Chicago, was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident back in 2012. The accident left him paralyzed from the chest down. He was confined to a wheelchair until someone told him about a new experiment that was going on at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. It is called ReWalk robotic exoskeleton. ReWalk […]

Pastor is Able to See Again Thanks to Bionic Eye

April 2, 2015

Thanks to the bionic eye, Pastor James Kelm of Deluth, Minnesota is finally able to see his wife, Kimberly, of seven years. Christian Broda tells us the pastor has suffered from Retinitis Pigmatosa all of his life; his eyesight gradually deteriorated. He was clear-sighted when he was a teenager and was able to drive a […]