Ronald Fowlkes: Customer turned Co-Owner

April 13, 2018

Ronald Fowlkes is more than familiar with the essential need for reliable tactical gear having served in the Marine Corps from a young age and later as a member of the SWAT team for the St. Louis Police Department. Now as the Director of Business Development and Co-Owner of FirstSpear, his years of experience in […]

OSI Group: Brief Information on Events

March 7, 2018

This will give information on a company called OSI Group and two events they have recently been involved in. The first one is on how they acquired a company called “Flagship Europe”. The company is famous for their supply of frozen poultry, pies, and products of sous vide. Also, Flagship Europe had moved up its […]

Swiss Startup Factory Continues to Thrive Under Mike Baur’s Leadership

August 31, 2017

About Mike Baur   Mike Baur is a former finance professional and entrepreneur. He is the current Managing Partner of the Swiss Startup Factory, a leading Swiss ICT startup accelerator founded in 2014 in Zurich, Switzerland. It offers capital funding to thriving digital entrepreneurs in Switzerland. Besides working capital, SSUF provides business incubation services. Its […]

Hussain Sajwani: Founder and Owner of Damac Properties

March 8, 2017

Hussain, a successful businessman from the United Arab Emirates, is a happy father, husband and a man of great skills. How he managed to make friends in high places including the president of United States Donald Trump is still a wonder to many. He is also well equipped with good networking and communication skills, which […]

Hussain Sajwani: A Big Hearted Entrepreneur

March 4, 2017

Hussain Sajwani, founder of the residential luxury real estate developer DAMAC Properties is not only a genius entrepreneur, but he also has a big heart and wants to take care of those in need. His business prowess has allowed him to become one of the most celebrated billionaires in Dubai and, in fact, the world […]

Kyle Bass Has Information From A Central Banker

October 26, 2016

  Kyle Bass has a lot of information from the people who in the deep parts of the financial world, but he does not always have information that he can take action on. Kyle Bass makes sure that the information he gives sounds good, and he also wants people to think that it is a […]

Securus Technologies Uncovers GTL Dishonest Practices

August 5, 2016

Securus Technologies is a renowned firm that provides leading civil and criminal justice services to institutions within the correctional industry. This company is Dallas based and serves over 3450 law enforcement institutions in North America thus providing quality services and products for a capacity of approximately 12 million inmates. Securus Technologies offers a wide range of primary services which include information management, inmate self-service, biometric analysis, inspection of services, public investigation of products and services among others. These services are provided with an end term goal of making the whole world a better place to live. Recently, Securus Technologies announced its intentions to shaming Global Tel Link (GTL) for its involvement in fraudulent activities. This information will be revealed in publications, proof and discoveries made by Securus Technologies. This firm has taken a step of courage to unveil the wrongdoings of GTL to avoid ruining the whole image and reputation of firms within the inmate correctional industry. Fraudulent Activities by Global Tel Link The first article to be released by Securus focuses on illegal activities and integrity breaches of GTL following the services it provided to Louisiana Department of Corrections. According to a report from the PSC of Louisiana, it was evident that Global Tel Link programmed its telephone clocks to add about 15 to 36 seconds for each call made through the GTL phones. Despite GTL and PSC setting standards on the calling rates, GTL focused on its own interest by overchargingthe inmates which was highly unethical. Additionally, the call costs were highly inflated due to an addition of extra charges which was inacceptable. Through double billing, GTL went ahead to make customers pay twice for the telephone services. Unfortunately, all these malpractices were done intentionally by the firm with an aim to overcharge taxpayers. The chief executive officer of Securus Technologies, Mr. Richard Smith believes that all firms should prioritize on fulfilling the interests of clients rather than exploiting them. Stay up to date with Securus on Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Solo Capital’s Sanjay Shah Shows It Is Always Possible To Embark On A New Chapter In Life

June 19, 2016

At the time of the 2008 economic slowdown Sanjay Shah seemed to be a man who had everything after spending a number of years working on the highly competitive financial markets of London. Shah had been working for some of the world’s most respected financial companies as a broker and heading up different departments within […]

Keith Mann Investing in Education

June 13, 2016

Keith Mann is a successful businessman who loves to help others. During the course of his career, he has helped thousands of people with their education. He recently announced that he is donating over $20,000 to school in New York. This is important news because there are so many schools struggling with financial requirements. Over […]

Tabar Joins Schulte Roth to Advise Hedge Funds

June 9, 2016

Sam Tabar, who previously led the Asia-Pacific region of Merrill Lynch, joined Schulte Roth in mid-October as an attorney with a specialty towards hedge funds. He aims to work with the law firm’s existing clients while simultaneously gaining more relationships with Asia-based managers in hopes of gathering more clients. Tabar is quoted saying on Twitter […]