Occidental College Has High Quality Education with a Side of Hollywood Appeal

May 22, 2015

Occidental College has been a staple in its community since its inception in 1887. Offering 31 majors within its 40 programs, the college has offerings that would interest a diverse group of students. Considered one of the nation’s leading Fulbright feeder schools, 72 students have earned the privilege of being awarded the grant since 2003. […]

Corinthian Colleges Soon to Be Out of Business

April 28, 2015

Corinthian Colleges Soon to Be Out of Business Going out of business is not a new thing for many corporations and companies worldwide. Corinthian Colleges is soon going to find itself in this disposition. On Sunday, Corinthian Colleges made the stunning announcement that it would be ending its operations, which would mean closing all 28 […]