Billboard Shows Reality of Domestic Violence

March 10, 2015

  Domestic violence is a silent problem in many homes. The victim suffers quietly while many others turn a blind eye to the obvious abuse. Now, according to the story on Do It In Public, a billboard is forcing people to take notice and inspiring them to stand up against violence against women. In conjunction with […]

Laurene Powell Jobs Shares Social Innovation Ideas

In a March 4 on-stage discussion at Stanford, the widow of Apple founder Steve Jobs and sixth richest woman in the world, Laurene Powell Jobs, voiced her thoughts on a range of issues. She spoke of ways to encourage more social innovation, saying that there need to be more chances at financial success for entrepreneurs […]

Wild Lynx May Be Coming Back To Britain

March 9, 2015

The Big Cats Have Not Been Seen In Britain In Over 1,300 Years The Lynx is a magical cat. In certain parts of the world, the Lynx is called a bobcat. The cat’s long limbs, tufted ears and short tail make it look like it could be a big house cat, but that’s a very […]

A Group Improves Their Neighborhood By Joining Together

March 6, 2015

You can pick where you live, your home, but the one thing that is always out of out hands is our neighbors. One community decided that they wanted a say in what business were located by them so they pooled their money and bought two previously vacant buildings zoned for commercial use. The entire area […]

Cop Helps a Citizen in Need

March 5, 2015

James Taylor is a student at the Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, Arkansas where he is a sophomore studying pre-pharmacy. He is also a dedicated McDonalds employee who does not have a car. No matter what the weather is, Taylor makes the four mile walk from his apartment to the restaurant’s location. According to the […]

Swedish Sports Team Reunited with Dog They Adopted

February 17, 2015

I love this story! The Daily Mail has one of the most uplifting stories that I have read today. Last November a Swedish extreme sports team were in Ecuador competing in an extreme sports race known as the Adventure Racing World Championship. The team had to hike, climb, and kayak their way throughout 430 miles […]

Get the Best Wine Only From Antique Wine Company

February 16, 2015

The antique wine company is the leading when it comes to producing fine wines. In fact, it is recognized as an expert when it comes to excellent wine production. It does not only specialize in wines but spirits as well. The company’s history traces its way back to 25 years ago when Stephen Williams founded […]