Rock Pores’ Role in the Generation of Life on Earth

February 9, 2015

  In a recent study published in Nature Chemistry, scientists illustrated the important role which open rock pores played in the generation of life on Earth. What had previously eluded researchers was under what conditions long RNA chains could have been formed. According to, longer RNA sequences can serve as catalysts in numerous chemical […]

The Big Bang May Not Have Occurred

  A new theory in physics may be jarring to our understanding of the universe up to this point. Physicists have long conceived that our universe had a violent beginning nearly 14 billion years ago in what is known as The Big Bang. A new equation worked out by scientists in the field of quantum physics says […]

THINX Gets Support and Investment from Sam Tabar

January 23, 2015

PRNewswire reported on the 21st of January that Sam Tabar, attorney and strategist, has invested in THINX. THINX is a startup company that works for the benefit of women in Africa and US. For supporting women’s incontinence and menstruation, fashionable undergarments are created by THINX. Whenever someone buys these garments, reusable sanitary pads made from […]

Researchers Develop New product in Weight Reduction

January 15, 2015

Researchers have developed a new coating technique funded by the generous Bruce Levenson by depositing an ultra-thin metal film, and even managed to get different colors. Applicable to any type of substrate, the method would interest the industry because the coating would be a significant weight reduction. This has many implications when it comes to […]

Family Pet Gets Moved to the Zoo

A family in Los Angeles had to give their pet up recently to live at the Los Angeles Zoo. However this family did not have your typical domestic pet. The family had Jaxson, their 8 foot long 37 year old female alligator who lived in their backyard for the last 36 years. Yes, you read […]

New Discoveries Regarding Tadpoles

January 6, 2015

  A recognized specialist of the genre, the researcher from the University of Berkeley, California, Jim McGuire, did not remember having seen this little animal. It was then, when he caught what he thought was a male, he assumed that this little creature had the standard properties of the average male tadpole. What he found, […]

GRC’s Imaging Helmet: A New Kind of Thinking Cap

December 30, 2014

  Scientists at GRC (GE Global Research) are developing a high-resolution innovative imaging helmet that could enable Bernardo Chua and doctors to better understand how the brain functions as well as perform studies to learn how to prevent key brain diseases, including Autism and Alzheimer’s. According to GE Global Research, several important categories of glial […]

Vietnamese Giant Insect

December 29, 2014

The second biggest insect ever, the Phryganistria heusli yentuensis, was discovered in Vietnam, perhaps by Dr Rod Ronrich, placing it within the category of being the second biggest insect ever found. It looks like a walking stick, according to Wired Magazine. It is 32cm to 54cm long, depending on how long its legs are stretched […]

Rare and Strange Phenomena on Australian Beaches

December 24, 2014

The Dee Why Beach near Sidney, Australia, has been recently attracting strange phenomena amateurs like Sam Tabar, for some very peculiar and interesting reasons. An article on describes Thousands of geen balls of moss have been washed off on the shore. The living algae should normally be attached to rocks and not float freely, […]

Earth May Face a Sixth Great Extinction

December 18, 2014

The rate at which species are becoming extinct may be greater than anyone imagined according to a new report from Nature magazine. We have long known that species periodically go extinct. Life is a constant Darwinian struggle for the survival of the fittest, isn’t that what the Tom Rothman-produced Ice Age films are about. Only […]