Professional you can Trust -Mark Mofid

June 19, 2018

Medical doctors have been doing an excellent job in the recent times. These individuals have been investing their time and resources so that they can introduce a technology that is going to save more lives and cure dangerous diseases that have made life difficult for some people. Although there are many doctors in the world, […]

Cosmetic Surgeon Jennifer Walden Works to Create the Best You

March 6, 2018

Cosmetic surgeon Jennifer Walden is a Texas native, practicing in Austin, and providing her patients with the same level of confidence that she has in her own skills. Female cosmetic surgeons are rare, but Walden does not see that as a negative, rather, she relies on that knowledge to bring her more clients and to […]

Cosmetic Surgery Pricing

August 3, 2017

Dr. Jennifer Walden and her esteemed team of professionals provide you with the best cosmetic and reconstructive surgery practices in the field. There is no one better than Dr. Jennifer Walden. Many cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons are paid a large amount of money, and surgeons in general are certainly no paupers. Why is this and […]

Dr. Jennifer Walden Returns To Her Texas Roots

January 20, 2016

The number of awards and honors available for medical professionals to enjoy seems to expand each year, but the need to know who are the best and most respected in a particular state has never been greater. Awards are provided by medical groups and local consumer organizations to make sure the top surgeons in the […]

The Busy Life of Dr. Jennifer Walden

October 27, 2015

Dr. Jennifer Walden was recently named as one of the top beauty surgeons in the United States by Harper’s Bazaar magazine. This is just one of the many honors that have been bestowed on the doctor in recent years. She was voted as a Texas Super Doctor, an exclusive group of physicians and surgeons that […]

Just who is Dr. Jennifer Walden?

July 21, 2015

The life of Dr. Jennifer Walden begun in Austin Texas. Her father was a well-known dentist and her mother was a surgical nurse. She attended the local Anderson high School and later joined Texas University where she graduated with a degree in biology. It was this degree that would pave the way for her fabulous […]