Professional you can Trust -Mark Mofid

June 19, 2018

Medical doctors have been doing an excellent job in the recent times. These individuals have been investing their time and resources so that they can introduce a technology that is going to save more lives and cure dangerous diseases that have made life difficult for some people. Although there are many doctors in the world, […]

InnovaCare Health: Providing Quality Medical Care

August 10, 2017

It’s easy to say that healthcare companies don’t care about their patients or common people just can’t afford quality medical care. That’s taking the easy way out, and that helps no one. People need quality medical care and companies need to focus more on their patients.InnovaCare Health is a company that understands both sides of […]

Preventive Care Is Life Line Screenings Specialty

July 8, 2017

Over 2 million people die every year due to chronic diseases. Some of these diseases can be prevented if the conditions were properly monitored. Modern medicine has come a long way and while death and diseases will continue, these tools can make the quality of life better and keep people in the know on their […]

Women at the top; Maggie Gill’s Story

January 26, 2017

Margret Gill is the CEO and president of Memorial Health. She was hired as a Vice president of the managed care section in 20004 and worked her way through the ranks to the current position. She was promoted to the position of chief operations officer in 2005. Six years later, her successful track record in […]