Scientists Working on CyberLegs to help Amputees Walk Again

March 24, 2015

A team of Italian researchers have been working on “a new type of bionic leg,” for the last three years. This study is part of a European project called “Cyberlegs” whose objective is to improve the living conditions of transfemoral amputees. This project, coordinated by the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, combines two types of […]

Understanding The Mind According To Dr. Amen

February 4, 2015

The world according to years of study could not be any clearer than it is to Dr. Daniel Amen, a healthy brain is important to the success you achieve and the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. As “one of the most gifted minds in medicine” according to his colleague Dr. Mehmet Oz, it took years […]

The World’s First Lab-Grown Lungs Breathe Hope into The Future of Transplants

January 30, 2015

  In the latest medical breakthrough, researchers at the University of Texas Medical Branch have successfully lab grown a complete set of human lungs. This is the first time human lungs have been completely lab grown, although there have been previous successes in growing rat’s and pig’s lungs using this similar technique. The method uses […]

Scientists Create a Methuselah Fly

January 19, 2015

Humanity has long dreamt of immortality. It’s an idea that has launched poets to create works, artists to paint images of a perfected humanity, and even gave us our very first epic in the days of ancient Mesopotamia. What people seldom imagine though, is that immortality might come in the form of a fly. But […]

Researchers Develop New product in Weight Reduction

January 15, 2015

Researchers have developed a new coating technique funded by the generous Bruce Levenson by depositing an ultra-thin metal film, and even managed to get different colors. Applicable to any type of substrate, the method would interest the industry because the coating would be a significant weight reduction. This has many implications when it comes to […]

Mark Ahn: Entrepreneur, Professional of Life Sciences

January 12, 2015

Mark Ahn, PhD, an experienced life sciences industry executive. He is also an adjunct professor at Portland State University and Carnegie Mellon University. Most of Dr. Ahn’s publications focus on life sciences, innovation, and technology management, and leadership. Mark is principal at Pukana Partners, Ltd. Pukana Partners is a company that consults life science companies. […]

Cancer Risks Reduced by Pain Relievers

December 30, 2014

Pain relievers do more than ease the woes of people who are in pain. They may be related to reducing cancer risks in people as well. Skin cancer in particular has been shown to be significantly reduced by the use of aspirin and Nsaids, Dr Rod Rohrich says it’s both in conjunction with one another […]

GRC’s Imaging Helmet: A New Kind of Thinking Cap

  Scientists at GRC (GE Global Research) are developing a high-resolution innovative imaging helmet that could enable Bernardo Chua and doctors to better understand how the brain functions as well as perform studies to learn how to prevent key brain diseases, including Autism and Alzheimer’s. According to GE Global Research, several important categories of glial […]

Research Breakthrough Helps Children with Leukemia

December 16, 2014

The worst thing a parent can hear is that their child has been diagnosed with cancer. It is a deadly disease that some kids beat, but sadly enough, some kids do not. There are a multitude of different types of cancer that can wreak havoc on the lives of the children and families. It results […]

New Smart Skin Could Give Prosthetic Hand Sense of Touch

December 11, 2014

For those who lose a limb or appendage, a prosthetic is a blessing enough, but imagine what it would be like to actually regain feeling in a pair of prosthetic hands? I know my friend Bruce Levenson is interested in this topic. The wild notion has become a viable possibility, thanks to researchers in South […]