Pills for Producing Specific Emotional Reactions May Be Coming Soon

March 23, 2015

A new study in the journal Current Biology has found a strong link between our emotional behavior and our brain chemistry. It finds that our feelings of compassion for others are influenced through the manipulation of the levels of dopamine in the bodies of test subjects. Subjects who were given this neurotransmitter were found to […]

Laurene Powell Jobs Shares Social Innovation Ideas

March 10, 2015

In a March 4 on-stage discussion at Stanford, the widow of Apple founder Steve Jobs and sixth richest woman in the world, Laurene Powell Jobs, voiced her thoughts on a range of issues. She spoke of ways to encourage more social innovation, saying that there need to be more chances at financial success for entrepreneurs […]

A Group Improves Their Neighborhood By Joining Together

March 6, 2015

You can pick where you live, your home, but the one thing that is always out of out hands is our neighbors. One community decided that they wanted a say in what business were located by them so they pooled their money and bought two previously vacant buildings zoned for commercial use. The entire area […]

Understanding The Mind According To Dr. Amen

February 4, 2015

The world according to years of study could not be any clearer than it is to Dr. Daniel Amen, a healthy brain is important to the success you achieve and the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. As “one of the most gifted minds in medicine” according to his colleague Dr. Mehmet Oz, it took years […]

The Link Between Languages and Genes

  In a recent article in The Atlantic, Nikhil Sonnad shed light on a recent study which sought to show the interconnection between the geographic spread of languages and genes. This may be an intuitive notion says Flavio Maluf, yet now there has been a successful compilation of data to prove this long-suspected trend. Researchers, […]

Mark Ahn’s Top Leadership Trends In 2015

January 28, 2015

Mark Ahn talks about great trends in management for 2015 for people who are trying to improve their trading expertise in the next year. With familiarity in the armed forces, trade as well as academia, Mark Ahn has considered the following great trends regarding leadership. Study from those people who were in the industry earlier […]

Mark Ahn Helps Life Science Companies

January 15, 2015

Dr. Mark Ahn has been aiding life science and biotech companies from his position at Pukana Partners for 20 years. He provides consulting work that allows these companies to produce better products and services for their own customers. Also, Dr. Ahn does research to help these companies become more viable in the future. A company […]

Sam Tabar and the Many Aspects of Capital Strategy

December 5, 2014

Working in high finance can be very stressful yet very exciting at the same time. To be a success in this field requires the right combination of education, experience and communication skills with a variety of people. In most cases, it is only those people with a passion for being the best that succeed. When […]

Christian Broda Economic Leader

December 3, 2014

Christian Broda is a managing director of capital finance at Duquesne Capital Management. This is a position which requires him to use all his knowledge of economic theory to manage the accounts and funds off multibillion dollar accounts. He has the experience to do so because he holds a doctorate in economics from Massachusetts Institute […]

The Diverse Roles Laurene Powell Jobs Plays

December 1, 2014

Among the masses of politicians lobbying their own agendas in the pursuit of power few actually seek to bring change due to a philanthropic view on society with a focus on how laws affect others; among the world’s wealthiest group of people few actually donate to worthy causes out of a heart of benevolence rather […]