Toughest Weed In The US

February 7, 2016

The longest-running science experiment started 137 years ago at Michigan State University, at that time an agricultural school. In the fall of 2015, Jon Urbana, an environmentalist, photographer, and botanist, planted 20 uncorked bottles with narrow necks at a slight downward angle. The bottles were filled with damp sand and seeds from 23 different plants. […]

Stephen Hawking Claims Humanity Must Escape Earth

April 28, 2015

Genius physicist Stephen Hawking has made yet another prediction about the fate of the earth. During a holographic conference from his office at the University of Cambridge in Britain, Hawking made it evident that humanity would not likely last another 1,000 years on the earth. He made it his point that extensive space travel is […]

Even Wonder How Butterflies Ants, Beetles, Mosquitos, Lobsters, Ticks And Spiders Evolved?

March 18, 2015

The quest to discover how arthropods evolve is not a priority for most people. These creatures share the earth with us and impact our lives in different ways, but we don’t really have a desire to study their 530 million-year history. But paleontologists want to know about these egregious pests, and they go to great […]

Sugar Industry Shaped Advice on Dental Health

March 11, 2015

What strange bed-fellows indeed the sugar industry and the National Institute for Health made back in the 1960‘s. The bed-fellows pillow talk included ways to reduce cavities. None of the talk was about how sugar caused cavities, but rather how the focus could be deflected off the sugar industry and onto other means of protection. […]

Berkeley Lab Creates Solution For Color Blindness

February 27, 2015

A lab at California’s UC Berkeley think its discovered a way to cure color blindness. The cure is something that researcher stumbled upon accidentally. The solution involves a special pair of glasses that selectively remove specific wavelengths between the red and green cones in the wearer’s eyes. The result is something that allows traditionally color […]

The Link Between Languages and Genes

February 4, 2015

  In a recent article in The Atlantic, Nikhil Sonnad shed light on a recent study which sought to show the interconnection between the geographic spread of languages and genes. This may be an intuitive notion says Flavio Maluf, yet now there has been a successful compilation of data to prove this long-suspected trend. Researchers, […]

Discovery Channel Beefs Up Lineup

January 16, 2015

Last year, in the month of December Discovery channel showed a documentary as “man eaten alive by anaconda”. It was a stunt or their intention was to hurt the animal, we do not know, but a number of associations and NGOs who are working for animal welfare protested against it. Vijay Eswaran was very interested […]

Only 35 Snow Flake Shapes, Turns Out

January 5, 2015

Since childhood, virtually every single American has been repeatedly told that no two snowflakes are alike. Well, that may be true on a microscopic, molecular level, but weather scientists are now touting the story that there are only 35 basic types of snowflake in existence. Someone tell John Textor. Americans far and wide will be […]

Scientists Develop Way to Save “Books” in “Burning Library of Life”

December 30, 2014

We live in a world with more endangered species than ever, and a team of environmental scientists in Australia have developed a technique which they hope will preserve Jared Haftel and  a wide array of threatened species, including the oldest that may be hardest to protect. The researchers at the ARC Centre of Excellence for […]

More Evidence Emerges That Bronze Age People Raised Olives

December 19, 2014

A recent discovery during a routine excavation in preparation for the widening a highway offers yet more evidence that prehistoric peoples raised olive trees, some scientists believe. The versatile olive obtained wide use in the Mediterranean world, where people used it to produce both food and lamp oil for light. Some archaeologists believe humans developed […]