College Students Struggle with Anxiety

June 1, 2015

College students are often under a lot of pressure. Studying, writing papers, and taking tests have to balance all the social drama that college life brings. As such, it should not come as a surprise that anxiety is the most common mental health woe students face. Yet, once this little fact is revealed, many people are surprised. They would assume depression is the most common.

In truth, a lot of students do suffer from some form of depression. Their numbers, however, are dwarfed by those who are suffering from anxiety. Not everyone feels glum, sad, or depressed. Mostly everyone in college feels anxious at some point.

College students also do not do themselves any favors when engaging in some of their lifestyle choices. Drinking a lot of coffee and energy drinks means they are going to ingest a significant amount of caffeine. Caffeine is not exactly going to reduce the amount of anxiety a person feels.

No matter why a person feels anxiety, they are going to find their life disrupted by it. As a result, campus mental health therapists can sometimes find their offices overwhelmed by students looking for help. Andy Wirth suggests this can be very problematic for mental health services because there are only so many staff members available to help students.

This is not to suggest those feeling anxious or depressed should not seek help. A proper evaluation could help ensure someone struggling with a condition is able to truly find the treatment he/she needs. Maybe then college and life will become more enjoyable.

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