Cosmetic Surgeon Jennifer Walden Works to Create the Best You

March 6, 2018

Cosmetic surgeon Jennifer Walden is a Texas native, practicing in Austin, and providing her patients with the same level of confidence that she has in her own skills. Female cosmetic surgeons are rare, but Walden does not see that as a negative, rather, she relies on that knowledge to bring her more clients and to serve them better. In the several years since Walden began practicing, she has found that providing an open ear, understanding, and non-judgemental attitude towards each and every patient, things that should always be there between a doctor and patient, is what makes her so popular and brings referrals to her door.

Walden bases her philosophy on attaining and maintaining a natural aesthetic, to assist women in regaining their self confidence in order to remain comfortable in their own skin. She notes that many of her patients have expressed that they feel most comfortable and able to convey what they are in need of to a female doctor, especially one that has been through the same physical changes post child-bearing. Each and every patient is evaluated, monitored, and treated in a way that assures Walden and other health providers that the surgery requested is in their best interest.

Walden is confident that her experience and unique ability to empathise with certain patients makes her a great choice for anyone interested in cosmetic surgery. Austin has welcomed her back, and so far the market for the types of services she is able to provide has been well supplied. As it stands, Walden plans on building her practice in Texas and continuing to help women achieve their best selves.

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