Dr. Dov Rand and Bioidentical Hormones

March 27, 2018

Dr. Dov Rand is a rehabilitation doctor, psychiatrist, and doctor of physical medicine. He received his schooling at the Albert Einstein Medical Center, located in New York. Dr. Rand makes a point to only practice medicine and medical procedures that have been peer-reviewed. Dr. Dov Rand will not use means that have no medical journal backing.

In his work as an anti-aging professional, Dr. Dov Rand has studied bioidentical hormones. These are hormones that are created in compound pharmacies. These hormones are derived from natural sources, like yams or soybeans. These hormones are identical, on a molecular level, to the hormones naturally produced by the human body.

Because they are identical to the natural hormones in the body, bioidentical hormones are accepted without question by the systems of the body. Unlike synthetic hormones, the body does not view bioidentical hormones as a foreign substance (https://www.newjerseybioidenticalhormonedoctors.com/new-jersey-bioidentical/healthy-aging-medical-centers/).

Synthetic hormones are altered at a molecular level, and are not natural, nor are they chemically     identical or compatible with the natural hormones in the human body. Because they are molecularly modified, these hormones are not natural to the body and are often rejected by the existing natural hormones in the body. When synthetic hormones are used, usually in an anti-aging process, a myriad of problems can occur, including the body’s complete rejection of these molecularly altered chemicals.

Because natural occurrences, such as natural hormone creation, is not patentable, big pharmaceutical groups are able to take advantage of patentable synthetic hormones, even though they might not work.

Bioidentical hormones, because they are derived from plants, are considered natural, and are there for unable to be patented. The patent is not an issue for bioidentical hormones and is one of the biggest things that separates them from synthetic hormones.

Dr. Dov Rand is board certified in functional medicine, regenerative medicine, and anti-aging medicine. He implements naturally derived bioidentical hormones in many of his treatments.


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