Dr Mark Holterman : A celebration of technical innovation and medical excellence

March 6, 2018

The hands of time has to cover extended distances before we encounter personalities that display measured excellence in their field of endeavor. Dr Mark Holterman is one of such personalities whose achievements are evidently visible because of the undeniable milestones that he has imprinted in the field of medicine.


A graduate of Yale University, where he obtained a BA in Biology in 1980 as well as a PHD in medicine and immunology from the University of Virginia, Dr Mark Holterman is a very involved supporter of the American Diabetes Association and serves as the pediatrics professor at the College of Medicine at the University Of Illinois. He has invested his time to push the boundaries of regenerative medicine and explore possibilities in the area of stem cell research. Dr Mark Holterman wants to change the study of treatment methods, paying special attention to its effectiveness as well as safety.


In addition to his academic and scholarly achievements, Dr Mark Holterman has achieved myriads of awards in the medical field, a testament to the quality of his expertise. Some of such awards include Patients Choice Award, One Time Doctor and America’s top Doctor awards to mention but a few (Reporterexpert).


Dr Mark Holterman has recorded twenty nine years in the practice of medicine. He is well known in the area of Neonatology, Biliary Atresia and liver transplantation, as these were landmark establishments in his medical journey. He has acted as the director of surgery at the University of Washington from 1993 to 1995 and worked as a professor at the University of Illinois from 1997 to 2010.


For a man laden with these accolades, it’s no surprise that Dr Mark Holterman owns Miriam Global Health, a company he founded and is currently the CEO and Chief Medical Officer. The vision and focus of his company is in the area of regenerative medicine and the continuous advancement of technological innovations in the area of pediatric surgery. The progress made with researches carried out by his company is very beneficial to children.


Universities and medical bodies all over the world have received of Dr Mark Holterman’s lectures and he continues to write medical journals and educational materials for medical websites.


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