Drew Madden, The Emblem Of Tech Healthcare Services.

October 31, 2017

Information technology diffuses well with an inquisitive mind. Such is Drew Madden, an IT entrepreneur who has invested in healthcare in research and practicing tech. Healthcare technology has lead to the development of electronically data mined clinical procedures that can quickly track a patient’s profile. In partnership with University of Chicago, UC San Francisco, and Stanford Medicine, machine learning is now possible.

Ideally, machine learning entails the ability to accurately tell a medical condition beforehand, whether or not a patient needs to be taken in. The duration of hospital stay and treatment options suitable for that person normally individualized. This will eliminate misinterpretation of medical condition or misdiagnosis. Interestingly, Machine learning can point to risk diseases such as heart failure, pneumonia before even the symptoms manifest.

Google Brain researchers are tirelessly working to avail all data and aid its distribution. They put much emphasis on sharing information with the hospital, exchange to filter out and aid invention. If machine learning takes a foot, there will be standardization of medical events in patients with similar characteristics. Google is however under the HIPAA privacy policies and also in Level 7 FHIR Health standards.

About Drew Madden

He was born Nordic Drew Madden but is commonly known as Drew Madden. Mr. Madden is IT entrepreneur focusing his energies on healthcare. He is the president of Nordic Consulting Partners since 2010. He has grown the company to a workforce of over 725 employees and garnered 150 client partners. Mr. Madden has moved revenues from $1,000,000 to $130,000,000


Drew Madden is an alumnus of Iowa University College of Engineering majoring in the medical engineering system. He obtained a B.S.E degree honorably. He began practicing at Cerner Corporation, and then joined Optuminsight a subsidiary of United Healthcare. Drew Madden has also worked an EpicCare and Willow consultant and business developer.

Generally, he is enthusiastic about the electronic medical record and optimizes use and procedures using technology in healthcare provision. In 2012 and 2014, Drew Madden’s value contribution in healthcare IT made him be consecutively named in the#one ranking for implementation of services. He also has the KLAS Awards for consulting excellence.

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