Education Secretary Betsy Devos

August 22, 2018

Most people don’t realize that Betsy Devos has been fighting multiple battles in her time as US Education Secretary. She has polarized America on the issue of educational reform. She believes that most people who criticize the programs don’t really understand what it is that she is trying to do, which is something much different than what is portrayed on media.


For one, she believes that educational choice is the best way to help students. Educational choice is the option for students to select where they want to go to school. Otherwise, if they are zoned for failing schools, the students must attend those schools. This is a program that makes students less excited about going to school and therefore more prone to perform badly. She believes that educational choice provides new opportunities to make students feel better about their education.


Educational choice has been incredible in some areas of the country. For example, Florida has fully accepted the program and now has the most educational choice options. Students all over the state can choose to go to a magnet program, virtual school, homeschooling program, private school, or charter school. Florida also has the only tuition-based scholarship program that allows students to get vouchers to go to private schools. This is where public school teachers have an issue as they believe public funding will be going towards these vouchers.


However, Devos says that philanthropy has paid for much of these programs, including donations from her own foundation. She also has donors on her side like Bill Gates of Microsoft, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, and Sam Walton of Walmart. These philanthropists have raised millions of dollars to support educational choice programs.


Devos believes that the programs will eventually become more popular. Right now she is focused on school safety, as she has been appointed by President Trump to improve upon school safety. Does that mean teachers with guns? Betsy hopes not. She wants to see a future where students can go to school not afraid of any gun being on campus, and she is working with legislators to make campuses safe for all students and teachers.


The new regulations and policies for school safety are already in effect for the 2018 to 2019 school year. It will be interesting to see if any improvements have been made.


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