End Citizens United Standing Strong Behind Mid-Term Candidates

May 27, 2018

End Citizens United is stepping up its efforts to support candidates that are willing to get behind their pet project of reform campaign finance policies now that less than six months remain before the mid-term elections.

ECU was founded in 2010 after what they consider a disastrous ruling on the part of the Supreme Court pertaining to a case involving Citizens United and is dedicated to eventually seeing the decision overturned.

End Citizens United provides supports to candidates for political office that have demonstrated a willingness to say no to “dark money” and for voting to enact measures that will stop this dark money from controlling the political process in America. A dozen or so of these candidates will be competing for seats in the upcoming mid-terms and a few of them are seeking to unseat Republican incumbents.

The Supreme Court decision that started the conflict was the case of Citizens United v. the Federal Election Committee. The decision in the case opened the door for unlimited amounts of money to be funneled to candidates with no requirement to disclose the identity of the donor. This, in the opinion of End Citizens United, causes a candidate to become more accountable to wealthy special interest lobbyists that they are to the American people.

The prevalence of this seemingly unlimited amount of money available to candidates willing to do the bidding of wealthy organizations is afforded an extreme advantage over candidates who are willing to ignore the cash infusions into their campaign coffers. It is the mission of End Citizens United to provide funds for these disadvantaged candidates by grassroots fundraising activities.

ECU as has grown into a powerful force in the political power game during its eight years it has been in existence. ECU candidates are greatly benefitted by the connections to grassroots supporters of the organization that are located in their home states and receives funding from the over 400,000 donors of small money that support the ECU cause. The average donation of ECU donors is $14 and this means the organization could very likely result in End Citizens United raising more than $35 million to aid candidates in the mid-term elections.

The following is a list of candidates that are receiving full support from ECU:

• Beto O’Rourke

• Randy Bryce

• Jacky Rosen

• Elissa Slotkin

• Brendan Kelly

• Andy Kim

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