End Citizens United’s Sees Money as a Political Enemy

October 31, 2017

End Citizens United, a political action company, believes that there is conclusive evidence that a Russian company, closely connected to the Russian government, bought ads during the 2016 election for president to influence the outcome of the election.

End Citizens United (ECU) thinks that special investigator Robert Mueller, who has been investigating whether there was collusion between Russia and the Donald Trunp campaign, will be successful in his investigation. ECU is not confident that future interference by foreign entities will be stopped.

ECU”s view is that right-leaning politicians and their associates have interfering in campaigns for years. These politicians have allowed a huge amount of money to spend on candidates by donors who want these politicians to do what they want. ECU feels the current campaign finance systems is rigged.

According to ECU, the recent news that Russia bought ads on Facebook shows that America’s elections are not very strong. They think that America is not prepared to face this campaign finance issue. Foreign interference is not the only thing that America has to worry about. ECU thinks that megacorporations can use finance campaigns in a way to get the politicians do what they want.

ECU thinks that the Russia only had to spend $100,000 on Facebook and believes that in the future, foreign entities will continue to try to influence American politics. They could spend as much as they wanted to and law enforcement agencies will be there to stop them as it is not a priority for these agencies.

End Citizens was created to stop the effects of the Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court of the United States. The decision said that companies are the same as people and that money is an expression of their free speech. It made far easier for companies to fund campaigns because the government cannot regulate it as they would want to. Money is protected speech so you can’t put limits on it.

ECU wants to negate the effect of money on politics and make sure that local or foreign entities will not overly influence what politicians do. They want to reform the current political system. They want to make it better on the state and federal levels.

End United Citizens does endorse certain politicians. Recently, they endorsed 17 candidates for races in the House of Representatives in DC. Some of them are Nannette Barragan, Scott Peters, Elizabeth Esty, Anthony Brown and Josh Gottheimer. For the US Senate, it has endorsed Kyrsten Sinema for the race in Arizona. If you want to get rid of money in politics, it would help to vote for these people. To learn more about us: http://endcitizensunited.org/ click here.

If you want to contact them, you can find them on Facebook and Linkedin.

ECU wants money out of politics and everything it does is a reflection of that goal.

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