Eric Pulier Makes Education Better For All Kids

June 13, 2016

Eric Pulier has been making education better for all kids with his innovations, and he has been advocating to get those innovations in classrooms around America. He has seen the problems that kids face many times, and he wanted to have a way to give everyone the kind of education and experience they need. There are a lot of kids who have had a very hard time, and they have seen their fortunes change with help from Eric Pulier.

His innovations and advocacy are very important because they address kids who never get what they need when they are in school. These same kids have to be given a chance to change their lives, but they cannot change their lives at all without help from assistive technology and connections to other kids. Pulier started People Doing Things so that he could advocate for technology that would help the disabled and other groups that are in need.

There are a lot of adults who also got help from this program because it gave them a chance to receive services in their communities. These adults were able to function better in society, and they were able to get jobs or keep their jobs because of what they got from the program. The advocacy continued with help from Eric when he started Starbright World, and that was a network that let kids talk to each other over a secure network. All these kids had terminal or chronic illnesses, and they were able to talk to other kids just like them.

Every kid and adult deserves to feel normal when they have disabilities or other problems. The kids and adults need new technology that Eric Pulier has been working on for years, and these same people have been given improved technology over the years. It is much easier for someone to get through school with better technology, and it is much easier to hold a job when the work is done the right way. Eric Pulier makes sure that all people get what they need that makes their life easier and more fulfilling.

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