Francisco Domenech: An Attorney With Determination

July 30, 2018

Francisco Domenech is no stranger to the democratic party in Puerto Rico and the United States. Domenech,born in 1978, grew up around Ocala, Florida. Francisco understood that education was important at an early age. While attending Blessed Trinity Catholic School, Domenech decided to become a lawyer. After graduating from Forest High School, Francisco enrolled at the University of Puerto Rico and completed his law degree.

Francisco Domenech is proud to have helped Hillary Clinton where he served on the National Finance Committee in 2016. While working for Clinton, Francisco was able to understand the United States congressional parties even more than while studying academics. Domenech has continued to practice law in the Puerto Rico Supreme Court. Francisco learned the political government statues by serving as the Director of the Office of Legislative Services of Puerto Rico. Read more about Francisco Domenech on Crunchbase.

Currently, Francisco Domenech is Managing Partner at Politank. Domenech makes sure that all colleagues are aware of any changes in legislation across the board. Because of his education and determination, Domenech teams up with physicians that are members of the Surgeons Association as well. In 2018, the team stands strong in their beliefs to dissolve taxes on health services. At some moments in his career, Francisco Domenech protests in front of the United States capitol building. The protests are addressing his rights as a democratic party member.

Because of impressing Hillary Clinton, Francisco works with the Clinton Foundation and the Hispanic Heritage Foundation. Both charities provide support in areas to stress the importance of improving health and wellness for all people. From supporting job training, and social security protection, the charities take pride in helping to develop people in other avenues. In the future, Domenech hopes to start his own charity to continue the process of helping children and victims of war and poverty globally. Visit:


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