Glen Wakeman’s Rise to the Top

March 27, 2018

Every investor aims to have their business grow and generate high revenue to sustain their needs. Different individuals use different routes to achieve this satisfaction. Glen Wakeman began his journey by investing in his education. He is an alumnus of the University of Chicago, where he acquired his MBA ( Glen also has a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton, not to forget his Six Sigma Black Belt certified. Currently, he is the CEO and Co-Founder of LaunchPad Holdings.

Glen Wakeman says he began the company to help young business persons. He realized that many startups failed in their early years despite them having the best ideas. The leading reason that caused failure of the young investors is the failure to distinguish an idea and a plan. To rescue them, they thought it would be wise to make a plan with a simple software platform to simplify the job for them.

Glen Wakeman has a routine that he follows every day at work. He begins the day by counting all the previous day’s numbers. He then meets up with his partner, where they divide the duties between themselves based on what needs to be evaluated that day. They later research to know what their competitors are up to, to know what they are up against and avoid being ambushed. They also research on their customers’ trend. They end the day by taking margarita, tea or coffee depending on how their day was.

Glen’s journey to the top has not been a walk in the park. He has had his tough moments, but through them, he has learned valuable lessons that have helped him even in his great moments. When he was still in college, he needed to raise funds for his college fee. It was during summer, and the only job that was available was cleaning washrooms of an auto parts factory. He says that the washrooms were greasy, dirty and disgusting. It is the worst job he has ever done in his life. However, it is through this job that he raised the money to go to college and propel him to where he is today (Dailyforexreport).

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