Graham Edwards’s Rise to Chairman of Telereal Trillium

May 27, 2018

The website Insider Media Limited recently reported that Graham Edwards will step up to become the next chairman of Telereal Trillium. This company is based out of London. Telereal Trillium has forged several partnerships with companies such as BT, Aviva, the DVLA and Royal Mail. Graham Edwards has held his previous position of CEO since the company was founded in 2001.


This management change will also lead to more shake ups at Telereal Trillium going forward. Russell Gurnhill will take over as CEO, Adam Dakin becomes managing director, Graeme Hunter will handle any and all property matters as group property director, while Michael Hackenbroch handles the finances as the group finance director. Graham Edwards says the department changes have been planned for a long time. As a whole, The team remains united with a high collective experience among the members. The position as UK’s largest property portfolios will definitely only strengthen with these staff changes.


Graham Edwards has a long history in the industry. His previous experience includes fund manager at the Merrill Lynch Investment Management. In addition to his current Telereal Trillium position, Graham Edwards is also CEO of British water company Castle Water. Graham Edwards has been working at Telereal Trillium for such a long time, that he was there when the company was simply called Telereal. He currently sits on several committees such as One Voice Europe and Portland Trust. Graham Edwards also has interests outside of his main job. He has explored mining, software development, and real estate on his spare time. Each of these interests, organizations, and jobs has enhanced Graham Edwards’s skill set and helped him in achieving longer term goal. The contributions Graham Edwards has made with Telereal Trillium can not be underestimated. His rise to Chairman will only increase the influence Graham Edwards has on Telereal Trillium.

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