Greg Secker Shares His Wealth of Inspiration

July 1, 2017

Greg Secker in his recent interview with CEOCFO Magazine revealed his energetic approach to life. He considers himself a ‘why not’ kind of guy which illustrates his willingness to try new things. This is best shown in his business endeavors in which he brings an entrepreneur’s mindset and a can-do attitude. Secker also relates his circuitous route to the finance realm after he’d begun by studying agriculture and food sciences while in college.

It turns out, that his strong interest in computers and his ability to code in older languages led him to a fortuitous encounter at a job fair. The representative for Thomas Cook Financial Services shared a similar interest and with that in common Secker had the inside track to a job with the company. He eventually helped them build their Virtual Trading Desk and in the process learned from the floor traders some of their most successful strategies. He was responsible for coding these strategies and learned them backwards and forwards.

This led him to successfully launch his own brokerage account and in the process, he turned £5,000 into £60,000. Once he’d secured his own personal fortune, he turned his sights to help others when he listened to inspirational speakers. He combined motivational messages with a tangible tool to help others beyond just feeling good about themselves. He’s an accomplished motivational speaker and currently has appeared more than 6,000 times before a podium and an audience.

The Greg Secker Foundation is the philanthropy arm of his varied interests. The Youth Leadership Summit was an early focus with an emphasis on proactively impacting the lives of young people. Its focus was on life skills and planning one’s future. They also touched on health, wealth, relationships, leadership, and entrepreneurship. One hot button philanthropic endeavor is the Foundation’s work in the typhoon-ravaged Philippines. They are helping rebuild an entire town with homes able to withstand any future storms. They are also helping them by providing green energy for electricity and farms for food. In the future, they aim to further their educational opportunities.

Greg Secker has many interests beginning with his career as a master trader. With tremendous success in this, he’s also become a well-known philanthropist. Greg’s a savvy entrepreneur and is in great demand as an international speaker. With these four areas of endeavor, Greg Secker continues his extraordinary life of success and service.

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