Gregory James Aziz Shapes the Rail Road Car Freight Industry

June 1, 2018

If you are into railroad freight and car manufacturing services, then Gregory James Aziz should be a relatively familiar name. He has shaped his career around this industry by investing his time and resources to developing proper client relations. As such, he is admired by many as he uses his expertise to please his clients in all ways he can. While Gregory James Aziz has succeeded in his career, it is evident that he did not just wake up to the success. Here is a look at his life, career, struggles, and dedication to making it in life;


His Career


James Gregory Aziz hails from Ontario, the place he also grew up in. Born in 1949, Aziz attended the Ridley College followed by the University of Western Ontario where he honed his skills and expertise in economics. After school, he began his entrepreneurial journey around 1971. For starters, he joined the family business. Affiliated Foods supplied fresh farm produce to various suppliers within and without the borders. In about ten to fifteen years, he grew the firm’s portfolio of services into an international food supplier that supplied food within different boundaries including Europe, Central America, and South America.


About Delving into Business


After working for Affiliated Foods for a few years, James Aziz thought to himself that he needed to explore different working options. Business was his first choice. Therefore, at the peak of his career, he decided to try banking as the first option. Because he was a good statistician as well, this option worked well for him. For starters, he was in a position to talk clients into applying for credit. Then, he managed to build secure and stable work relations throughout his career. It was during one of his many business deals around the banking sector that he came across a team of company owners. This time, he rubbed shoulders with the owners of National Steel Car. Read This Article to learn more.


Buying National Steel Car


Correspondingly, Greg James Aziz thought of investing in the company. In 1994, he summed it up by purchasing the controlling shares. He would later assume the top leadership position and lead the company by streamlining all its operations. Moreover, he dedicated his time to ensuring that clients receive the best services possible. With his vision to transform the railroad freight industry, he has managed to expand the firm’s portfolio and cater to different clients depending on their various needs. As of now, National Steel Car is a certified manufacturer involved in the creation of freight road cars.

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