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March 20, 2017

About Highland Capital

Since its inception in 1993, Highland Capital Management has defied odds to become an internationally acclaimed alternative investments firm. In addition to being listed on NASDAQ, the institution is SEC accredited; thus it can offer to counsel to stakeholders. Its head offices are in Dallas, Texas. The blog detail is here.

The franchise provides an array of credit options such as hedge funds, separate accounts and long-only funds, and much more. Highland Capital Management is a leading global alternative investment solutions provider. They have an all-encompassing assortment of customers including; public retirement schemes, administrations, rich folks, and so on. In addition to alternative investments, the corporation offers equities.

The firm is committed to improving areas within its vicinity. To demonstrate its concern, the company provides financial support as well as expert advice to communities’ in its operating environs. Highland Capital and its associates have donated significant amounts of money towards charity over the last ten years.

Vastly Prosperous Year

The success experienced by the firm in 2016 is solely ascribed to the company’s proficiency in the issuance of credits. This is according to Gregory Michael, a top brass executive at the business, who is in charge of the small-cap stock fund. Their competence enabled them to land lucrative deals with oil transportation companies when petroleum prices plunged.

The best thing about the deals was that none of them affected dividend rates. The volume of petroleum, rather than the price of crude, influenced the flow of funds. The investment in the oil sector was highly successful, bringing in a significant percentage of the profit.

Anticipated Health Care Revival

As opposed to other industries which were excellent, the health industry’s performance was wanting, recording a sharp decline. Despite these shortcomings, Gregory expressed hope in the health industry. According to him, there was still a myriad of business openings in the sector. One such example was the alarming number of people that were addicted to opioids. He stated that pharmaceutic companies should tap into this niche by producing mildly addictive substitutes for opiates. He further added that there was a ready market for the remedy.

Five Star Performance

The Small Cap Equity was bought a few years ago. Due to its exemplary performance, Morningstar gave the fund a five-star rating.

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