Hussain Sajwani: Founder and Owner of Damac Properties

March 8, 2017

Hussain, a successful businessman from the United Arab Emirates, is a happy father, husband and a man of great skills. How he managed to make friends in high places including the president of United States Donald Trump is still a wonder to many. He is also well equipped with good networking and communication skills, which have seen him achieve the success that he has today. Graduating from the University of Washington, Sajwani like many fresh graduates got employed at GASCO as a contracts manager and worked there shortly before moving to further take another job with Abu Dhabi National Oil Company as a subsidiary. It is during this time that his burning desire to venture into business made him start his first business in catering, which saw him make good friends including the U.S military while he offered his catering services.

Up the Ladder
Hussain founded Damac Properties in the year 2002 and set its headquarters in Dubai. This company provides construction, engineering, architecture as well as real estate services. Sajwani’s success is attributed to his vast knowledge in marketing, sales, property development, finance as well as the legal procedures that are involved in his line of business. Today, Damac is a leading brand in the real estate market, and employs over 2000 employees.

In Business with Big People Too
Damac teamed up with Donald Trump before he became the president in the year 2013 to develop two golf courses that would go by the name Trump as a brand. This business deal has seen the two business partners grow together in both business and personal matters. President Trump praised Mr. Sajwani’s determination and friendship during one of his speeches in Florida.

Community Service
Giving back to the society comes out naturally for this self-made billionaire. Sajwani has the world’s attention due to his enormous success as well as powerful connections. He is an active supporter of the less privileged children since to him, the future generation needs to be supported. The Damac Property financed the clothing campaign, an initiative that was aimed at keeping children who had no clothes warm. This was in support of Ramadhan’s spirit of giving.

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