May 27, 2018

Founded by Ruth and Jack Erickson in 1938, this accounts receivable company has taken root in the United States of America, and the wheels turning it is the aim and principle of giving their customers ethical and honest service, and the road leading to an improved financial denouement for its customers and clients.


But through three family generations is that really all that drives it?


The Core

Like the core on the earth holding it together as it spins, so are the central values of IC Systems, which not only contribute to the company’s office culture but also drives how it conducts business.


The first principle of IC Systems is treating people with respect, putting integrity in the forefront, working on Performance and delivery of results, encouraging the taking of pride in its work and nurturing innovation.


Working as an engine oil to the company and employees are the Core Values Award which is gifted to an exemplary performance by employees who hold up the traits.



Servicing this juggernaut are audits, thorough documentation, and methodical training. This is involved in the Compliance Risk Management System, which involves the Director of Internal Audit who reports to the Audit Committee, after a routine audit of processes and policies.


Nationally licensed

It is licensed across all the 50 states of America and territories in the country. This opens access to patients who live far from the original area of service or another state. This is a sign of competence as they are able to collect accounts for their clients, unlike those companies who are not licensed across the nation and thus are not able to deliver.


Corporate social Responsibility

IC Systems gives back to the community and the world at large and does so uniquely. it organizes yearly campaigns donating time, money and services. Piloting its in-house charity programs and volunteering is its Employee Charitable Help Organization (ECHO), in which employees volunteer and give hours to the community and organizing the charitable efforts of the organization. it also has the highest employee rate in its locality.


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