Investment Tips from Chris Linkas

March 3, 2018

If one wants to be an investor, he ought to be a learner. Not just in books, but in real life happenings taking place or about to take place. Even those events that are past can provide valuable intelligence. Learning as an investor should be objective and tested well and not just based on generalizations, routine or ideological bias. An investor who takes time to query the economy, market, stocks or research opinions is on the right track towards making valuable investments.

Professional experts and investors know anything can make grave mistakes based on their thinking, but their excellent data in the market is enough. However, the market is more significant than anyone and can change without their consideration. We have seen investment firms doubling up on losing investments. Investment managers should also not think they are smart than the market and make wholesale bets on some sectors.

Chris Linkas who is the European head of Credit, has had a good time since 2003 by avoiding some of this mistakes. Although having been the head of 20-persons European Credit Group, he does not count himself as knowing all or smarter but has always considered what the market is saying and what prospects are worth investing.

For investors, it is essential to know that higher earning do not necessarily reflect high stock margins. This is because some investors trade to win a contract or a corporate even before moving on to the next trade.

Another point to note is that there is never a safe investment even if they are preferred shares. They can still change and take a dip. Chris Linkas and his team have taken time to invest in UK-Euro region by taking opportunities available in United Kingdom, Switzerland, Greece, among others (Companiesintheuk). The main areas of focus are leases, renewables, shipping, commercial real estate, and backed investments.

Another significant investment trick is rumors of possible takeovers, most of which never even happen. As an investor, one should never give up on a stock just because it has under-performed. Some of these stocks come up and surprise those who ignored them. Whether corporate loans and securities, non-performing loans, or performing asset-backed investments, Chris Linkas and his team have shown, any stock can rise from its losing ground and recover.


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