Jason Hope supports SENS anti-aging research group

March 6, 2018

SENS is a biotechnology research group in the United States. It is a group that is looking at ways in which they can eliminate the diseases that affect old people in the community. SENS Research group is dedicated to this mission such that they hold a conference every year to discuss the emerging issues in the field. The head of the group Aubrey de Grey always reminds the attendees of the conference how the cause that they are pushing for is important for humanity.

It is important that they come with drugs that can reduce the effects of aging in human beings. Many experts attend this conference to talk to other experts on ways they can use the information they have to develop something that will lead to innovations of drugs that can slow down the rate of aging and kept the body in good shape. Some of the diseases that are targeted for treatment include cancer, Parkinson’s diseases, and molecular damage.

During the conference, the organization involved also discuss some of the problems facing biotechnology and how they can improve the industries that accept biotechnology research. SENS is leading in the industry by setting up laboratories that can be used for research with the help of philanthropist who would like to assist in compensating the old age diseases. Jason hope is one of the philanthropists who has assisted the SENS greatly. He has given them over $500,000 which is to be used in research.

Jason Hope is vocal about technology and is hoping that the efforts of this group can lead to some good results. Already the group is making considerable efforts to come up with a drug that will reduce the negative effects of aging. Jason Hope closely follows the performance of the research group and has been encouraging them as their conduct their research.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a philanthropist from Scottsdale, Arizona. He is among the people who love technology with a passion. His specialty is in studying the technology trends and informing people about the impact they will create.

Jason Hope has a technology blog where he writes information regarding his predictions. Many people follow him as a credible source of what is likely to happen soon. Jason Hope is also known for being a vocal about the topic of the Internet of Things. This is going to a huge technological advancement that will significantly change the world.

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